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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I was just attacked by two strange women, but they were FAST! And it beat going to the salon in my state of mind. Now, T can’t comment on certain girl issues that need to be taken care of regularly. I wish men would just understand that it’s not easy being a woman! Argh!

I’m still thinking about Swair’s tag on quirky addictions and Sou’s post on my best memory. Hmmm…

D, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you to bits and pieces, and I had great fun at the outing. My parents were begging me to go (3ala bu ena stress relief), but I truly had a good time.

HAJS met my Jam3a Buddies, and I’m so glad this finally happened;D

I’m going to take a shower in a bit (therapy), and I’m hoping it’s simply going to transform me from Queen B back to Amethyst because I want it to! Let’s see how that goes…

18 Responses to “PASTA!”

  1. 1 haj

    I LOVED ur jam3a buddies!!!! Such a fun, outgoing, spontaneous crowd :D:D .. I will DEFINITLY come back again … ra7 imiloon minee lool

    How did the shower go?

  2. 2 Amethyst

    They loved you, too;D

    I didn’t shower yet, ba3ad shway;p

    I love that you guys loved each other:)

  3. 3 Purgatory

    Explain attacked by two women :P?

  4. 4 F.

    Basib ya jima3a I don’t care!
    Yakil tibin T hatha…9ij mo kafu!



    Haj…it was so nice to finally meet you…you have to come again!

    Amethyst your comics aren’t showing anymore, shisalfa?

  5. 5 do0da

    i want pasta =/

  6. 6 Aj

    Yeah!! we loved u ppl :P,, In fact!!

    How are you haj ;)?
    how are you San ;)?
    how are you hus ;)?
    Ho are you Ameth :P?

    COme agaaaaaaain!! “i sound like Mc Donald’s waiters :P”

  7. 7 suspic

    How on earth did you turn this around and blame men for your biological nature?


    Do you women go to seminars that teac h you this?

    I want a damn hippie telling me I’m a phenomenal man! =O

  8. 8 FourMe

    If only men could go through what we go through then they can bitch about certain girl issues!

    I want pasta too and its 5am :/

  9. 9 Amethyst

    Lol, I’ll leave that to your imagination;p

    Sebay! Bas he can’t comment anymore;)

    Madry, ashoof shesalfa lama ou9al baitna cuz ana bel lab;p

    Me 2! ;\

    A! WTH?!

    Yeah, check the post entitled Tigger Band-Aid;p

    Men simply AREN’T phenomenal! STOP TRYING TO STEAL OUR GLORY!

    Yeah, mani saba, it’s 8am;p

    Me 2! Shakli I’m going to get pasta during the break!

  10. 10 Bombay Bombshell

    If only men KNEW exactly what we go through !
    Elmishkela they dont really appreciate how hard it is ! OR painful fi 7alat mukhtalifa:p Trust me I know, I have three brothers who all think us women/females Di3al 😛
    O la2…
    They think laser is PAINLESS.

    ..oh how I wish I could make them.. muahahhaha

  11. 11 Big Pearls

    ur post just inspired me..baroo7 aketh a shower therapy;)

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Bombay Bombshell
    Your their sister, you’re allowed to spit on them;p

    Big Pearls
    It works!

  13. 13 Kaileena

    Play Sudoku!

  14. 14 Amethyst

    I do that wayed;p

  15. 15 Bulletii

    amethyst entay maskeena eshfehom il naas 3alaich! ;@

    w abi pasta!!!

  16. 16 Amethyst


    Lil7een ma kalait pasta!

  17. 17 do0da

    7ARA :r i just had my pasta 😛 it was good

  18. 18 Amethyst

    You’re officially a traitor. I’m having mine soon though;p

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