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“I harbor your negativity” is one of my friends’ nick. There really are people who harbor your negativity, and at times, they even get rid of it for you. It got me thinking about the people who do that for me. When I’m upset, confused, doubtful, or feeling negative, there are these people who I tend to go for. Whether I chat, call, or see them, they tend to make things better without really making things better. I just stop thinking about whatever it is that’s bothering me, and when it eventually comes back to mind, my perspective will have changed because they changed my mood. Does that makes sense?

It does to me. I’m going through a very stressful phase. I have problems with friends. I have lots to do for school. I have too much to do on the social scale. My body is doing weird things. I just don’t know how to relieve myself. Thankfully, I have people who make my negativity disappear. Some of them aren’t even all that close. You know who you are. Thanks.
HAJS, Aj, and A, you’ve been great;*

I’m loving her music!


21 Responses to “WHAT?!”

  1. 1 haj

    Baby you know im here for you whenever ur in need ;**

    I like her. Who is she? Whats her name?

  2. 2 Amethyst



    Listen to “Down On My Knees”

  3. 3 Big Pearls

    Look at the bright side..always..

  4. 4 manutdfanatic

    Stressful phase? Tell me about it.

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    And always I try..


  6. 6 G and L

    yeah i know wat you mean. I had a friend like that once until he was the source of negativity. It sucks when a person changes and turns against u..worst feeling in the world :/

  7. 7 suspic

    I want one of those.

  8. 8 kella met2a5er

    “I’m going through a very stressful phase. I have problems with friends. I have lots to do for school. I have too much to do on the social scale”….ok kil hatha fahamna!!

    Bas “My body is doing weird things”….LoL, ma fahamt, hehe..shako!!

    Are you pregnant!! or!!!??? hehe

    La inshallah all will be good, bas ta3awethy min elshea6an o dont think alot, just take it easy =)

    you will be fine inshallah..no body woth all that tara =)

  9. 9 eshda3wa

    ur lucky u got ppl like that around u

  10. 10 FourMe

    I need a whole country to channel my negativity and probably they won’t be enough, talk about a continent.

    It’s a blessing to have such people around you.

  11. 11 Moniker

    I know what you mean.
    The people that make me feel the best are never really the “close” ones. They’re always randomers.

    Love the video. =D

  12. 12 do0da

    i guess even shrinks need ppl to talk to 😛

  13. 13 F.

    It’s a phase…it’ll be over before you know it :*

  14. 14 Ge6awEe

    btw.. wat does pushlust mean?

  15. 15 Amethyst

    G and L
    Yeah, I can imagine;\

    You need a therapist;p

    Kella Met2a5er
    Lol! I have a rash from stress 3ala goulat the dr. That’s weird for me;p


    Yeah, especially when I’m single with no kids;p


    You should create your own people;p


    You guess right;p

    I know. I had fun today. My parents were practically begging me to go;p

    You looked lovely, btw;*

    Check out my first post:)

  16. 16 Ge6awEe

    *poshlust.. 3’al6a ma6ba3eya

  17. 17 Vixen

    Allah y5alekum 7ag ba3ath inshallah : )

  18. 18 Amethyst


    Again, check out my very first post.

    Allah ysalmech;*

  19. 19 Bulletii

    allah la yefaregkom inshallah. i was going thru the same phase my whole life until i found my 2 bestfriends ever.

  20. 20 Aj

    Cheers darling!!

  21. 21 Amethyst

    Inshallah you have them around forever:)

    Right back at ya;)

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