ღThe Details

102 Things About Amethyst

This post is inspired by The Don

1. I can walk and brush my teeth simultaneously.
2. I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing if I could.
3. I’m named after my grandmother, whom I’ve never met.
4. I’m a good listener.
5. I recently found out that I’m not indifferent towards stalkers.. They freak me out!
6. I don’t believe in love at first sight.
7. I always forget where I parked the car.
8. I’m trying to stop swearing.
9. I don’t think talking about religion is fruitful.
10. I feel like reading has made me a better person.
11. I have a heart although it’s not so obvious.
12. Vincent van Gogh’s work clears my head.
13. This number always triggers a train of thought in my mind starting with why some people believe it’s unlucky.
14. I would head over to Australia any day.
15. I work well under stress.
16. It shows on my facial expressions when I’m faking it, and that’s why I decided I shouldn’t waste energy trying to be nice when I don’t feel like it.
17. Paulo Coelho’s work makes me experience lots of things all at once.
18. My copy of Maruqez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude was borrowed in 11th grade and is now in Dubai.
19. I waited two months to get the book mentioned in 18.
20. I do my best not to be judgmental.
21. I like talking to strangers who I probably won’t see again.
22. I wanted this to be my second post.
23. I found out Stella means star because of Stella McCartney. Surprise.
24. The first blog I ever read is Kila Ma6goog’s 6akh 6ekh (The Princess).
25. I pity people who can hate.
26. A nerd, in my point of view, is someone who likes to study. That makes me not a nerd.
27. I hardly watch TV.
28. I hate having nothing to do although I complain about being busy.
29. I stopped reading/watching the news.
30. I’m the only girl (not in the world, in my family. I have two (not three, just two) brothers. Point explained;p
31. I can forgive, but I can’t forget.
32. Reading allows me to escape reality.
33. Al Pacino became my favorite, most amazing actor after I watched The Devil’s Advocate (which is one of my favorite movies).
34. I have a Primary & Secondary Care (CPR/First Aid/AED) certificate.
35. On my Primary & Secondary Care card, it says that my birthday is Jan 2nd.
36. I’m not obsessed with music. I listen to what I feel like listening to whenever I feel like it.
37. I live my life normally while fasting, and I wish everyone did just that.
38. I love the beach.
39. Being late makes me mad at myself for being careless, no matter what the reason.
40. I correct spelling and grammar mistakes in take away menus.
41. My feet eat at the shoes I’m wearing. They never last long.
42. Funerals change me in a strange way.
43. I’m not scared of death.
44. Butterflies are my favorite species to look at. Humans included.
45. I have a box full of memories that I open and go through when I need a reality check.
46. I love learning new words.
47. My favorite word at the moment is chiasmus. Thanks to Dr. B!
48. I have a coffee addiction which is causing me to look like I’m pissed in the morning because I’m fasting. I have to drive without my morning dose of caffeine as well. Horror.
49. I’m a perfectionist.
50. I have no problem with naked human beings unless they are engaged in stuff that should be kept private.
51. I get tiny red spots around my eyes (especially on my eyelids) after I cry of hurt/wrath. I can’t believe I’m halfway through this.
52. While editing something, sentence fragments make me crazy.
53. Fragonard’s paintings make me laugh.
54. I get worried easily.
55. I have an incurable food obsession because our house provides unlimited amounts of good food at all times.
56. Someone actually proposed to me once.
57. I believe that change can happen overnight if not in a few seconds.
58. I don’t always agree with second chances.
59. Each individual in my family has a different way of thinking.
60. My parents and brothers don’t read. My mom read a few books in her life. I feel like they are missing out on a lot.
61. I’m satisfied (if not more) with my appearance.
62. I don’t drive well wearing a skirt.
63. I enjoy driving to class in the early morning. Another reason I love having class at 8am.
64. A year at KU has taught me more than the four years I’ve spent in high school.
65. I sing in the shower.
66. I don’t like giving my phone number to people I don’t know well.
67. One of my favorite days is “The Na7sha” day back in high school.
68. I was the editor of the school newspaper back in the day.
69. The only thing that involves numbers which I enjoy is Sudoku.
70. I’ve been told I look like Jennifer Garner. That does not have an ounce of truth in it.
71. I don’t look like Natalie Portman either.
72. Right now, I’m singing Chris Daughtry’s “Breakdown.”
73. I don’t like snow.
74. HAJS are one of the biggest blessings in my life.
75. George Bernard Shaw and Colin Farrell are two Irish men I admire for two different reasons.
76. My mood is always reflected by what I wear.
77. I have an extremely ticklish waist.
78. Lots of people mistake my blank expression for a pissed off one.
79. I never want to tweeze my eyebrows.
80. I love sticking to basic clothes. Jeans and white shirt. Jeans and black shirt. Etc.
81. Poshlust is my newfound love.
82. My uncle is my muse.
83. I know the words to “I Woke Up In Love This Morning” and “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family.
84. I went to school in Australia for three and a half months.
85. Gaucho Grill is heaven on earth for me.
86. I’m opinionated. I shock myself when I’m wrong.
87. I come up with my best ideas in the shower or in bed before I sleep.
88. Dancing liberates me.
89. Showers make me feel better no matter how I feel before them.
90. I had a strange childhood.
91. I still watch Tom & Jerry and laugh.
92. Kramer in Seinfeld is someone I would like to have in my life. I like his hair.
93. The first nekta (joke) I’ve ever heard in my life is: 2 ger3an yet`haweshoun 3ala meshe6 (2 baldies fighting over a comb). I found it funny at the time.
94. Marriage is a mystery to me.
95. I have a “reading” chair. It’s green. It also comes with a matching footrest.
96. Two is my favorite number. It comes up a lot in my life.
97. I always wonder why Satan is also referred to as Lucifer, but I never found out.
98. My interest in other religions started in 1999. I met the first atheist to enter my life that summer.
99. My name is always spelled wrong in my passport.
100. I don’t like the wet towels they give passengers on the plane.
101. I have hazel eyes. They can smile.
102. This list revealed me to myself.


17 Responses to “ღThe Details”

  1. 1 11:11

    i took time to read this and i pictured Natalie Portman speaking.

  2. 11

  3. 3 i

    7. I always forget where I parked the car.

    same problem here

  4. i
    I had a dream last night/this morning about not being able to find my car;p

  5. 5 i

    LOOOL!! then u gotta be careful ;p

  6. 6 i

    ohhh ur studying english literature.. my god how can u stand shakespeare and his crap! dont tell me u like him ;p

  7. i
    Hehe, I don’t drive much;p

    I do like him. I went to The Globe during my trip 🙂

  8. 21, 27, 31, 37, and 63

    i share those with u very much indeed..

    and i have realized that ur philosophical, am i right?

  9. lone.rangeress.63

    In my head, maybe 😉

  10. Don’t you hate it when you get new ideas before sleep w ba3dain malich 5elg to write them down!! :p

  11. Moos
    Hehe, hell yeah!

  12. And amazingly you are in Kuwait. I know three amazing artists in Kuwait, why is there so many wonderful intelligent and gifted women there? Hello,

  13. Paul
    Welcome. Hehe, why amazingly? Since I started studying English Literature at KU, I’ve met so many gifted people, I’m not amazed that they exist in big numbers anymore. I’m always amazed by their talent though.

  14. 14 jenayen

    Niiice,, you know i’m so like u with this point ” I get worried easily. ” <<I hate that about me!

    anywayz,, Its superly nice to know about u .. 😉
    i DARE you to write a 100 More! :pP~

  15. Jenayen
    I don’t hate it. I just seriously want to tone it down 😛

    I was actually thinkinh about that, hehe. I’ll take on that dare 😉

  16. 21..

    Why! It makes my heart break that I won’t see them again especially if they’re so nice 😦

  17. Neon Halo
    It shouldn’t. Think about it.

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