Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomicCyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I joined the Blackberry craze, and… I’m addicted;\

She walked in through the door, the heat of her body clashing with the coolness of the house. She took off her shoes and let her bare feet slap against the tiles. It felt good. She walked around the house, thinking to herself what things would be like had she not made the decisions she’d made. Then, she thanked God that she did.

Her ex-room felt empty. Little of the things she loves remained. The big red teddy bear is still there. A couple of pictures on the mirror. A framed picture in the arms of the teddy bear. Her reading chair. The half empty wardrobes. Everything felt less familiar with time. Even the bed.

When she slept in it, she felt like she was missing something. The green of the walls and the patterned curtains weren’t supposed to be there. She woke up feeling disoriented. Where is she? And more importantly, where is he?

She realized that the house was just a house. It wasn’t home anymore, but it felt good to walk around in it.


16 Responses to “Dieting?”

  1. anything special?

  2. I am considering getting a blackberry, recommend it?

  3. Ma6goog
    Like what? Care to narrow it down s’il vous plait?

    Big Pearls
    Yes! Recommend it w n9!

    And where the hell have you been?! Miss you loads!;**

  4. been in a bad place..I am back now..missed u too:*

  5. Big Pearls
    I hope you’re alright! Welcome back;*

    P.S. If you need anything, I’m here:)

  6. not liking the fact that you post once in a blue moon!!

    aren’t those little BB’s addictive such little sluts aren’t they :p

  7. the whole blog world is dieting !

  8. I breath her pace the floor
    Fading air into her lungs
    I feel her shrinking self
    Avoiding the vanishing stage.
    I feel her miserable self
    get lost where she once belonged

  9. 9 Manutdfanatic

    This reminds me of myself. Far too much, really!

    Lovely to see a post of this nature up again. ;*

  10. FourMe
    Inshallah, I’ll be posting more.

    The biggest little sluts there is!;p

    I’m starting tomorrow;(



    Yeah, it’s been a while. N. took away my talents;p

  11. 11 N.

    Home is always home, just not the current home ;*

  12. N.
    Sadly, it’s just a house. It doesn’t feel like home anymore.

    Home is the red couch;*

  13. 13 N.

    Yes it is :**

  14. 14 Manutdfanatic

    Hehe, it hasn’t been all that long for me, so it’s actually all the more… interesting. ;p

    Home, is where the heart is. It all makes sense, yes? 😉

  15. 15 F.

    I find that quite sad…Although I know where you’re coming from…itjust scares me to think that I might one day feel that way about home…

  16. N.

    It does, it does!

    Scared is okay. Trust me:)

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