Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

[WARNING] This is strictly a Sou post. If you’re crazy enough to not like her, stay away!

Sou drew three sushis and stuck them on the back of the door of our hang out place. I die for sushi. The hubsand doesn’t eat sushi. See where ‘m going?

On our first day in Dubai, I made sure to see Sou, and we practically jumped each other. Then this happens:

Hotel person: Is she one of your family?

Me: No, she’s my best friend.

Hotel person: So, how long have you not seen each other?

Me: One month!

Hotel person: One year?

Me: No, one month!

Hotel person: Oh, I thought one year. She was so excited.

On another Sou note… Me, myself, and N. were conversing a while ago:

Me: I told Sou (her real name) the taxi jokes;p

N.: Was she born here?

Me: Yeah

N.: Is that her first name?

Me: ;O What do you mean?

N.: It’s her real name?

Me: Yeah, it’s her real first name!

N.: I thought it was a nickname!

Me: Then what’s Sou and what’s S********?!

N.: A nickname for the  nickname?

Me: Okay, I have to call her right now!

We had a good laugh. To think that N. would know my best friend’s real name after a year of knowing she exists and getting reminded that she does every single day more than once.

I’m swamped with work. Going back to reading to write a response.


27 Responses to “W.A.S.A.B.I”

  1. 1 N.

    We still didn’t hear the verify that information! =p

  2. N.
    That her mother gave her a nickname without considering that it would be her real name?;p

  3. 3 Sou

    HAHAHA! I remember the Dubai thing! Seriously, a month’s along time when it comes to you and I, n’est pas?! It was only natural we created a mini scene in the lobby. 🙂

    As for N. thinking my real name was actually my nickname, that was the highlight of my evening! Hahaha! Oh, and we should totally have those laughter-inducing phone calls more often! HILARIOUS! :*

  4. 4 Sou

    Oh, and I asked my mother, my real name is indeed my real name. So there, it’s verified! 😀

  5. Sou
    C’est vrai, ma cherie! Hehe, I know!

    I know! You should’ve seen my face! My mouth literally hung open. Then I cracked up, of course. Will do;*

    Hehe, I love your mom!

  6. a7la shay ligafat the hotel person 😛

  7. 7 Moos

    *putting on an English accent*
    Who is this Sou you are talking about? Do I know her? :p

    *goes back to his own accent*
    Allah e5aleekom 6ag ba3a’6 🙂

  8. do0da
    Ee, I was trying to be pleasant, but I failed to do so;p

    *putting on an English accent*
    I’m afraid you don’t;p

    *goes back to normal speech mode*
    6ag ba3ath? Do we hit each other? I think we do..

  9. 9 Sou

    Haha, we do. “Darb el habeeb zay akl el raisins.” Isn’t that how the saying goes? 😀

  10. Sou
    That’s exactly how the saying goes! 😛

  11. 11 Moos

    I meant 7ag!!! 7ag ba3a’6!! LOOOOOL!
    I misspelled it! aham shay you said “we do” ba3ad… LOL!

  12. Moos
    We know! But we played along with your badliya because we’re cool like that.

  13. 14 Sou

    We so are. 😀

  14. Sou
    We are, which is why we have to go shopping.

  15. 16 Purgatory

    I am still laughing at the sausage cartoon 🙂

  16. ThePurg
    Lol, I’m glad!;p

  17. 18 F.

    Wasabi the other day was nice…we should do it again.

    Allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3ath.. ;*

  18. 19 3baid

    Hehe, that’s so sweet 🙂

  19. I don’t like sushi

  20. F.
    We will when I’m done being broke;p


    It’s Sou;p

    Disturbed Stranger
    It needs good company.

  21. girlfriends ROCK

  22. eshda3wa
    They do!

  23. 24 Manutdfanatic

    Sou seems very much like somebody I know! 😉

  24. Manutdfanatic
    Everyone should have a Sou in their life!

  25. I hope you’d be friends forever, guys 🙂

  26. OpeRon

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