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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

First for N.’s tag.


Here are the rules:

Go to “”, hit “Random Article” (or just click the following link) 
The first random Wikipedia article is “The name of your Artist/Band”.

Go to “”, then click on “Random quotations” (or just click the following link) 
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the “Title of your first album”.

Go to, click on “Explore”, then click on “The last seven days” (or just click the following link) 
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Crop the image to a square format. Use Photoshop or similar programs to put the text together in any way you like.

I tag; Sou, F., Do0da, and Angel

Now, the Dubai Literature Festival.

It was so much fun! I bought a suitcase to fill up with books. I don’t feel like writing much after the tag, so just one salfa and the pictures. So, I attended six lectures, all of which were super interesting. My favorite has to be the “Women Writing from the Arab World” although the host was an idiot. Hani Nakshabandi! Shame on him! He wouldn’t let the women speak. He wouldn’t let them answer questions. He kept commenting on how they were attacking the male race when they didn’t even mention the word man! So when I decide to comment, he decides to shut me up. It went something like this:

Amethyst: Kel wa7ed ygoul qe9eta, elrajul ygoul qe9eta w elmar2a etgoul qe9at`ha. Fa 3ashan chethi lazem naf9el bain adab w adab.

Hani Nakshabandi: Na36i a7ad tani fur9a ena yetkalam.

Amethyst: Bas fi ba3ad, buga shayain.

Hani Nakshabandi: 3a6i a7ad tani fur9a ma3a elmicrophone.

Amethyst: Fi ba3ad. Mu kel adab elnesa2 adab 7azeen..

And then he was like, you’re not supposed to comment on my comments, you’re supposed to ask questions. Seriously? Kaify! CHAIFY!

But what made me really happy was that a grey-haired intellectual male stood up for me, and the evil Hani couldn’t say a word about handing over the mic to someone else even though he kept on going for longer than I did;p

Pictures? Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, mu bkaifkum!


19 Responses to “Coitus.Infelicitous”

  1. 1 Paul

    What a cool meme. I want to listen to your album. I think it would be soft and sensual Jazz music. And good on you at the Festival. The world is slowly changing thanks to people like you.

  2. 2 F.

    Loved the comic strips today 😛

    I love that tag. Done it on Facebook…but I’ll do one for the blog too.
    Yours looks good by the way.

  3. Paul
    You should do the tag! It could be! 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

    Hehe, I’m glad. I bring joy to you people. I should get paid or cooked for or something.


  4. 4 Sou

    Oi! You didn’t write about how the woman at the hotel thought we hadn’t seen one another in years! Shame on you, Amethyst! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Chaify!

    And for anyone who doesn’t believe she bought a suitcase just to put her books in, I was there with her when she did! So HA! That’s proof enough. :p

  5. Sou
    Next time;)

    And it was not red or pink, it was Juicy Pink!;p

  6. 6 Sou

    It bloody heck was! Hahaha!

  7. Sou

  8. 8 Moos

    Did a couple of covers on facebook, and gonna post them on my blog soon…
    As for Dubai, I’m going on the 8th 🙂 till the 16th

  9. Moos
    Make sure you go to Cirque de Soleil’s Alegria. They say it’s great!

  10. Ligaytay ily ib yitfara’3 7ag tag feeha editing 😛

    [sarcasm] typical woman, needing a man to fight her fights [/sarcasm]
    I should get paid or cooked for or something.

    this should be a a no go always go for cooked for 😛 and preferably something sweet 😛

  11. do0da
    The Queen has ordered you! How dare thou? How infelicitous!

    Haha, bath7aklek shway 3ashan ajamlek (just because I like you);p

    Cooked for it is! 😛

  12. what books did u buy ?!

  13. eshda3wa
    I’ll be updating My Library soon, but here’s some:
    The White Tiger
    Wild Swans
    The Black Book
    Angela’s Ashes
    Purple Hibiscus

  14. 14 Manutfanatic

    Angela’s Ashes is a personal all-time favourite. 🙂

  15. 15 Manutdfanatic

    Oopsy, spelt my screen name wrong there.

    Oh and, if I may, ‘Angela’s Ashes’ is a personal all-time favourite.

    There! ;p

  16. Manutfanatic

    Will give you feedback when I read it!

  17. 17 Sou

    Tara atheiteena! Where’s part 2? Yallah, post about the rest of the trip!

  18. 18 PaLoMiNo

    7ayaty i’m Glad U had fun :* yalla balshay reading ur books ;p

  19. Sou
    No posting about the rest of the trip;p

    Thank you!;*

    I am! I’m reading The White Tiger now, and it’s hilariously demented!

    Chenech ghe6astay?

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