Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I confess. I’ve been back from the honeymoon/Austria since Friday night. I just couldn’t get myself to post. I think it’s the fact that I only have a few days of nothing to do before school, and I really want to do nothing. And you guessed it: too lazy to post pictures. Bite me.

My make up shopping is not getting any better. Although I’m using everything I buy, I still feel a tad guilty when I see how much I have. Anyways, pushing the guilt aside, anyone know of a neat way to organize my make up? A big divided box? A shelved cabinet? Something nice that can fit on my dresser and not conquer it all? Please and thank you?

Feminism is not about hating men. Or proving that we’re better. Feminists don’t have to be lesbians. They can if they want to, but it’s not a must. I’m seriously tired of people misunderstanding Feminism. It’s about women appreciating themselves. And being acceptable of being independent. It’s about a lot of things. If you’re one of those people who misconstrued it, read yourselves some Feminist theory!

I’m feeling a bit strange lately. Don’t even try and say that it’s PMS because it’s not. I don’t think I have talent in handling a lot of emotional ups and downs. I tend to space out and lose myself in a very vivid imagination. One that I might have only recently discovered. But I’m leaving for the Dubai Literature Festival in several hours. That should allow me to meditate through this phase and see what it’s all about. Right?


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  1. 1 G

    Welcome back and el7imdilla that you had fun ^^ Now for the make up I thing Shelf are better so that you can arrange them by type, color, or whatever you want πŸ˜›
    Also its better if a shelf that has separators, one or two can go up to your design.

    Enjoy your next trip and have fun, Oh go to emirates Mall its huge and amazing it has a lot of stuff “Makeup” πŸ˜›

  2. what !!!

    u got married

    too young!

    yala good luck and 7amdelal 3asalamaa

  3. 7emdelaaa 3asalaama;***

  4. feminism reminds me of lovely argument i had here :p i dont think you have the energy to mediate a round two so il keep it at that πŸ˜›

    o and 7imdila 3asalama

  5. An excess of make up? Tell me about it. At least you’re using all that you buy. I don’t. ;/
    Go for an artsy shelved cabinet; you could get it fixed someplace around your dresser. Boxes generally don’t bode well for make up.

    About feeling strange; once you’ve identified the cause(s) of it, it’ll make a world of difference, trust me.

    Have fun at the Literature Festival. Who knows, we might just run into each other. πŸ˜‰

  6. What I use for my makeup is a plastic divider. I got it bil sidfa from Mbarikiya. Me and my friends were just strolling around when I came across it. It fits most of my stuff, cuz it has a place for lipsticks that also seperates them. It has a place for brushes, a place for powders, and tiny drawers for other things. Anyway, so it’s not too big to put on your dresser yet it manages to fit everything!

    I hope they still sell them, if you want I can send you a picture of it.

  7. How was the Dubai Lit. Festival? Any good? I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon.

  8. hiiiiii amythest ..

    been so long! mashallah a lot happened ..
    alf mabrook on ur marriage i wish u all the happiness inshalah and success in everything!

    i also wish who ever he is .. that he knows how special his wife is πŸ™‚

    7imdela 3l salama.

  9. 9 Fajr

    Welcome back πŸ™‚
    And have a fun and safe trip to Dubai…

    Make-up-wise…I think I have something like Ruby Woo’s…but I’m sure I don’t have as much make up as you. πŸ˜›

  10. G

    Thing is though, I need a place to hang the shelves. I don’t have that. I’ve conquered Nasser’s ex-bedroom enough. Trust me.

    We went to Emirates Mall. I spent half the time in Border and Harvey Nichols.

    I got married in October:)

    Thank you, Allah ysalmek

    Allah ysalmech;*

    I always have the energy when it comes to Feminism;p

    Allah ysalmek πŸ™‚

    Ruby Woo
    That’s a very convincing description. Send the picture to Please and thank you;*

    Broke Saudi
    It was great. Very organized. Will post about it soon.

    I did, thanks:)

    Hello! Allah ybarek feech.

    He is N. Check him out on my blogroll. I’m sure he knows how special I am πŸ˜‰

    Allah ysalmech:)

    Thank you very much for your kind wishes;*

    Thanks. Dubai was great.

    Send me a pic? Pwease?

    That’s only because you haven’t been dragged to make up stores by me;p

  11. Manutdfanatic
    Your comment was held up in spam;\

    I wonder where I can find something like that.

    I enjoyed it. Maybe we did?

  12. 12 Manutdfanatic

    Lol, did it? That’s a first. ;p

    I got mine as a gift from Damascus, a lovely while ago.

    It was great, wasn’t it? I didn’t have much time to spend there, and I was more or less following my overly dominating cousin around, but it was fun. And yes, maybe we did. πŸ˜‰

  13. Manutdfanatic
    I know;\


    It was! You shouldn’t let people dominate you at these events!

  14. Really beautiful posting!!!

  15. 15 KTDP

    dubai can afford more festivals ?


    oh and feminism is an attitude …. nothing to do with sexual orientation …..agreed …..

  16. 16 Abdullah

    – love the 1st and second sketches.

    – you came from your honeymoon and your apologizing for not posting ? girl, have fun and enjoy your life.

    – Try Jawthan for the make dividers, went their with my sis once, she found some interesting stuff.

    – Feminism, is seen that way only because women seem to close the door on themselves and express hate/love/compassion/anger/ups/downs with themselves. No men. Personally, i never saw it that way, feminists being lesbians. never.

    – Prayer, self focus, writing what you feel down does the trick and yes your right. πŸ˜‰

  17. KTDP
    Of course they can!

    Feminsim is a theory and a belief.

    I’m glad;p

    Hehe, I haven’t been posting much since I got engaged.

    Oh, there’s one bel 3daileya! Yay!

    Elaborate and I’ll comment on that;p

    Does it? I already did all three. The thing is it’s all pushed aside now because I’m back to hectic life.

  18. 18 Abdullah

    On which part ? the lesbians part ? or expressing them selves to other females, strictly ?

  19. hmm.. check out mac

    i would of luved to have attended that festival ;/ how about u post some pic.s?

  20. 20 vinniecorp

    cyanide and happiness still got it πŸ˜›
    Ya am sure am the one to help u w/ ur makeup problem… but I’ll leave that till later πŸ˜›
    Welcome back and don’t worry u’ll do well in school

  21. Abdullah
    This whole part:

    “Feminism, is seen that way only because women seem to close the door on themselves and express hate/love/compassion/anger/ups/downs with themselves. No men. Personally, i never saw it that way, feminists being lesbians. never.”

    Will do!

    I will. I know I keep saying that I will, but I will. Really.


    This is the post about the make up problem. Why later?


  22. 22 Abdullah

    well, one feminist used to think, back in college, that everything i say is degrading to her as a sex. the discusion was about women in military and all i sad was

    ” do you think its safe for them ? I am worried about them getting their life together, having babies or at least protecting them selves from the illiterate men over there ? ”

    notice the word ” worried ” meaning i care. She was so offended! so i confronted her immediately ,, why so pissed ?? what did i say ? (back then i used to care what others think) she replied with the worst attitude you can imagine ” we can handle our selves ok ? you act as if you know everything, Mr.know it all !” .. i chuckled ,, said why whats wrong (giving her another chance), she went ” you think cuz your stronger you can survive the military ?? we can take you out you know ?? all you do is sleep, eat and look at other women!”, i smiled and said “well since im presenting this topic today, i find your presence inappropriate here, please leave the class” .. the other girls cheered in approval.
    please note that i was a student back then. the doc thought i was right so she didnt even say a word.

    please dont tell me she was in a bad mood or ohh she is a girl and she has issues. enough of excuses! as if we, men, have no feelings at all.

    after the class was dismissed, she and other female colleagues of mine came to me and explained that this girl is a feminist. to an extreme. but “we explained that you wouldn’t mean any harm so she came to forgive you” . FORGIVE ME ?? what was my sin ? confronting the goddess of fugly ? lol .., i said some “wise” things to her. she got all emotional and went away crying or whatever.

    what i found out later ?

    – she had a close friend, and its not a guy, lets just say that.
    – she poured her emotions out to her female colleagues only.
    – she thinks im a guy to be married to, not to flirt with cuz im too nice ? what the hell ?!?!

    this is the only girl i didnt like (back then) we met later, maybe 2 years later ,, she was happy, content and said this to me ” i was mean to you .. you were nice to me, i’ll never forget you”

    i like her now LOL

  23. Abdullah
    She doesn’t have an excuse. She isn’t a feminist by the way. That’s not what Feminism means. Read up on it:)

  24. 24 Cat

    I miss u !


  25. Cat
    Miss you more!;**

  26. 26 Nived

    hahaha.. read through lot of your posts..are you for real πŸ™‚ .?

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