Slumdog Millionaire


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I have great friends. They use me being married as an excuse for everything. Whether you want examples or not…

Amethyst: I’m not going to class tomorrow. 7adi ta3bana.

N: 3adi, 3adi! You’re married.


Amethyst: 7adi ga3ed akharef! I keep forgetting stuff. It’s annoying!

H: You’re married.


Amethyst: I’m really busy, can’t make it.

S: Yeah, because you’re married.

Amethyst: Actually, it’s school..

S: Yeah, but you’re also married.

So, it’s finals season again. I hate the finals period. It’s like we have a break, but we don’t. All I’m doing is sleeping in and watching movies. I can’t even write a post. I just want this semester to be over and spend time completely alone with the hubsand. Yes, I said hubsand. The hubsand.


I’m terrified of getting pregnant.

I want to lose more weight.

People at KU are getting more rude by the day.

I miss my jam3a buddies.

Arabic classes are ruining my life.

How crap is it to really run in heels? From the parking up to the third floor? Just to submit a paper on time? And then watch as a classmate walks on 10 minutes late and places his paper on the professor’s desk in a very nonchalant manner?

The weather is too cold for me. I don’t like it one bit.

I could go on forever because I feel stoned.


28 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaire”

  1. 1 N.

    I think its the weather and nothing to do really thats getting you the most, don’t worry soon enshalla it’ll all be over :*

  2. i just read a post 3an the movie thats ur title

    so ill take it as a recommendation from u to watch it

    oo goodluck with ur exams !

  3. N.
    That and the fact that after all of this, it’s our alone time 7bbi;*

    Watch it!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. damn I thought it was another Burn sketch :/
    you had me all exited there for a minute :p

  5. oh go on the pill you should be safe for a while.. and running in heels is a bitch!

  6. 6 do0da

    maybe if i get married i can use that as an excuse to not post :r

    and dont complain about the cold :p cold is good ! the colder the better ! :r

    o ma7ad galich wear heels to class 😛

  7. The second one is a good graphic representation for Chinese whispers

  8. FourMe
    Lol, I know! I thought that too when I saw it!

    I can’t go on the pill;\

    Lol, shqasdek?

    Hey! I LOVE Summer! Love the heat!

    I felt like it! Chaify! Grr!

    Seriously? Noooo! You must be kidding!

  9. 9 G

    LOOOL ok, married is not an excuse, people always use it as one.
    Shame on them 😛

    Most people in KU are rude but not all of them. I guess the new Generation will be worse because a lot of parents spoil their children. Though I wish it becomes the opposite, inshalla.

    again GL on the finals. ^^

  10. Good luck with the finals 🙂

  11. 11 cooookies

    hehe im begining to luv ur friends ;*

    Gooodluck bilfinals ..

    Hehe husband 😛 it has a ring to it doesn’t it ?:P

    the weather.. dont get me started .. it cant make up its mind staqfrallah !

  12. You didn’t quote me. Ma7ebich.

    Also, I totally had a heart attack when he walked in late and plopped the damn paper on her desk. I almost had a cardiac arrest flying up the flights of stairs!! Heck, I collapsed right in front of the bloody door! I still can’t believe she didn’t karate chop him in the face for handing it in late.

  13. 13 do0da

    qa9di that way i have a ‘solid’ excuse :p

    o summer heat is only good if there’s a beach involved, or when you’re ina place with a more reasonable summer sun, ours is too evil :p
    Plus footie is better in the cold. :r

  14. Lol we had to hand in papers too XD And I was elected to tell her some people might come late to hand it in because all the roads were blocked for the conference.

  15. …. not a very nice position. I practically whimpered “don’t shoot the messenger…”

  16. “You’re married” is supposed to be my excuse for you not posting as often as you used to…
    C’est pas ca?

    I miss you. When you go on your break you’re going to have to find a slot for your old jam3a buddies amidst the husband/wife time. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase!

    Oh and I’m terrified of pregnancy too. Except I don’t have to worry about it still.

    Good luck.

  17. lol you’re married!! what is there a married syndrome excusing people from being on time and feeling ok? hehehe

    is it cold in kuwait? everyone seems to be saying its getting hot again!

  18. G
    I know it’s not! 7ada shame on them;p

    Maybe so.. Hmm.. Does that get me out of the dilemma of having kids?


    Thank you!

    Everyone should love them!

    Husband doesn’t, but hubsand does;p

    I want Summer!;\

    You use it way too much for me to remember one single time.

    And I know! I expected her to say something! But she didn’t.. Hmph;\

    Ana maqhoora lil7een cuz I ran in heels!

    It’s not an excuse!

    Heat is always better than the cold, regardless..

    Nada Faris
    Piss on that election! I wouldn’t do that! I’d just say “Eat *what the Japanese call kuso*”


    I have no idea. I don’t want to use it as an excuse, but it seems to work all the time;p

    It’s called in the morning and at night and hot in between 😛

  19. F.

    I will be posting more. It’s finals season;p

    I miss you more! And I would love to, but… I’m leaving for my honeymoon on the 31st;$

    I worry everyday. It sucks;\

    Thank you, much needed!

  20. lol @ “bcoz ur married”
    heheh wallah 5oosh 3ithir!
    i say use it!

  21. Are you afraid of getting pregnant because it’s too soon and you don’t want to or because of the thought of having a baby growing inside you although you want one?

  22. i wanna get married so i can use that excuse 😛

    FUN FUN !!!!

    i can ge out of anything 😛

  23. journal entry
    I use it when I need to;p

    Ruby Woo
    Both and add to that list that I might be a sucky mother;\

    Lol, yeah.. But you can’t get out of the social obligations that come with being married;p

  24. wasn’t it a great movie or what? ;p

    and good luck with ur finals.

  25. ZoN
    More than great!

    Thanks 🙂

  26. 26 Manutdfanatic

    If you haven’t watched it already, you should definitely see The Namesake!

  27. 27 Manutdfanatic

    Equilibrium and The Prestige, as well.


  28. Manutdfanatic
    Will do:)

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