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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

As she sits on one side of her red couch, she looks down at the green t-shirt she is wearing. It didn’t belong to her before. She smiles. On the inside. Bliss.

It’s Busy Season again. Papers, finals, and screwed up registration. Pray that I get into the class so that I can graduate and not stay for the fall semester. Please and thank you.

How do I stop buying make up? I have so much new make up, it’s insane. Around four bottles of eyeliner (that’s excused since I wear it daily), eyeshadow, eye mousse, four containers of blush, kohl kohl kohl kohl kohl, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and guess what I recently bought? More eye mousse from Clarins (AMAZING!) and purple and blue eye pencils from Maybeline. And let’s not forget my favorite: everlasting red lipstick from Nouba. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO STOP.

I drag Sou with me though. Does that make it worse?

I feel weird being away from my family. It’s weird for them, too. My mom does this thing where she chooses a few hours in which to call me every few minutes. My younger brother lives in my room but sleeps in his. My older brother doesn’t stop talking to me from the house door to my room and back out the house door when I go to grab something. And my father.. is my father. He’s breaking my heart. I actually feel guilty. Like really guilty. I miss them. I feel really disoriented without them. And I feel really disoriented around them.

Oh, and just so that I remember this every time I come across this post. I got lost. In Doha. It was traumatic.

28 Responses to “Mestiza”

  1. 1 G

    Inshalla you get to your class and graduate inshalla.
    Well you are with your family ^^ Kuwait is a small country and everything is here inshalla everything works fine.

  2. aw babe you need time to adjust.. its way too early to feel comfortable with everything..

    p.s. a girl can never have TOO much make up!

  3. G
    Allah yesma3 menek!

    I am, but I miss being with them all the time.

    I’m sure it will work out fine with time πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I know.

    Really? Does that mean I can get a green eye pencil? And more of that heavenly Clarins eye mousse?

  4. 4 F.

    On first notion: Allaaaaaaaah!

    On second notion: Good luck.

    Third: That doesn’t sound like you at all…bas i saw the purple eyeliner on Sou…looked fab.

    Fourth: Aw! I guess you’ll all get used to it.

    And last but not least: LOL…you got lost in Doha.

  5. 5 N.

    Don’t feel too bad.. I’m sure the feeling you get when you see them is amplified making the experience of being with them so much more valuable, meaningful, and fulfilling enshalla.. :*

  6. F.

    Thanks. I need it!

    That would be my doing! My blessings spilling onto Sou’s face. You should see her in blue!



    I don’t feel bad. I feel different. πŸ™‚

    It is amplified, in good and bad ways though.


  7. I ❀ Doha.. My destination sometime very soon, enshalla!

    Speaking of lost, I got lost in Kuwait two weeks ago. However, that was actually fun. ;p

  8. When it comes to make-up, my loyalty goes to M.A.C and M.A.C only with the exeption of Lancome’s liquid eye liner!

  9. Manutdfanatic
    I meant the Doha in Kuwait. You will not love that one!

    You came to Kuwait without telling me?! :O

    Ruby Woo
    Lancome’s liquid eyeliner is great!

  10. That just shows a great family…I am sure with time you will adjust!

  11. Amu
    Hopefully πŸ™‚

  12. 12 cooookies

    Hmm .. I dont think u can ever have enough make up ! its make up !!! u dont have to wear it to buy it .. u just have o be a gurl ;P

    Goodluck with ur exams !

  13. Dragging me with you doesn’t make it worse for you since you’ve got a second opinion on what totally rocks on you. However, it’s worse for me because make up is so bloody expensive. Okay, so the blue eyeliner was dirt cheap, but still…my bank account is complaining. Khalas. :p Oh, oh, and I have to admit, I love the purple eyeliner. Love, love, love it. πŸ™‚ I love it so much I could marry it. Okay, not really – but you get the point.

  14. cooookies
    Really? I’m starting to think that I can actually get away with buying make up everyday;p


    Lol, it’s worth it! You look good!

    I want that! I couldn’t go to another place because of THE essay which I’m working on right now! Aaaarrrgghh!

  15. 15 do0da

    a bit late but grats on everything

    o good luck on papers finals and registeration thank god i dont have to go thru ne of that =P

    go figure i decide to stop by on the make up post :p

  16. do0da

    Hiff, at least I go through it for less than the usual period of time.

    Lol! You should stop by on every post, and you should post ya shagool!

  17. mabrook 3ala ur wedding!

  18. music, happiness, love
    Allah ybarek feech:)

  19. 19 do0da

    stopping by, il try

    posting 9a3ba shway :p

  20. do0da
    Lol, laish 9a3ba ballah?

  21. eeeee… gemna nalbis t-shirts mo malatna :p

    and don’t feel guilty for your family, nothing wrong happened. I know that they are very much happy for you, but they miss you… lol, 7elleeha 3ad!

  22. Moos
    Hehe, you jealous;p

    I know nothing wrong happened, but still.. You know?

    Lol, mani 7alat’ha, ehya brou7ha ten7al;p

  23. 23 do0da

    for me to post i actually need time to go read other ppls blogs which i dont have :r so 9a3ba shway :p

  24. do0da
    Lol, shako? You don’t have to read to post!

  25. 25 do0da

    lol its a mi7sin thing :p i just do

  26. 26 do0da

    mi7sin posted :r

  27. when u know how to stop buying make up tell me 😦

    i buy too much make up
    well mostly lip gloss
    but still i buy too mch makeup :S

    and inshallah u’ll adjust to ur married life and u’ll LOVE it
    and its ok to miss ur parents and family but inshallah all will be good babe πŸ˜€
    u’ll see : )

  28. do0da
    Lol, zain;p I’ll check it out now πŸ˜‰

    I gave up;\

    My make up is mostly eye make up πŸ˜‰

    I love it already, but the family is killing me.

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