“Take it and go”*


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I thought I’d be able to post after the wedding, but my mom had to be her usual self and make the reception on Tuesday. Yes, after tomorrow. Any girl bloggers interested? I’m serious. If you are, I’ll send you an e-mail invitation.

The wedding was amazing. I don’t know whether or not I should bore you with the details, but it was great. I loved everything, especially my non-white dress (Yeah, kaify!).  I’m glad I stuck to my decisions on how it would be. Girls, really, if you want your wedding to be what you want it to be, don’t surrender to pressure from your family and friends.

My friends are.. different. From humping cars to believing for a second that cows drink milk, they never fail to make me laugh.

Out for our usual lunch, Sou and Archer order the same burger.

Archer: Why is your pickle bigger than mine?

Sou, E, and Amethyst blink twice and laugh. Archer is flaming red.

Girls, if you’re sick of men, here’s a movie recomendation: The Women. Not one inch of man is shown in that movie. I loved it! There’s a lot of fashion, a little bit of art, and an army of women. Just what we need in the patriarchal society we live in. I wish I was the first to think of a movie without men.

*From Russel Peters’ Red, White and Brown. It’s hilarous!


25 Responses to ““Take it and go”*”


    we had A LOT of fun
    seriously it was the craziest wedding with the craziest group of guests (i.e: US :p)

    congrats hun :* all the best to u and ur hubby 😉
    say hi to him
    and sorry for the craziness :p

    NO actually not sorry :p we had fun and U had fun 2 😀 where would you find a bride who tears and laughs her head out at the same time?! :p

    miss u and love u :*

  2. Mabrook babe glad you enjoyed it :**

    I’ll have to watch that movie asap! :p

  3. 3 Fajr

    You’re dress was beautiful…I had a lot of fun too, it was great.
    The Women is a remake of an older movie with the same title…The old one looks good too.

  4. 4 HAJ

    The wedding was SO much fun!!! I’ve never seen you as happy as you are now and seeing you like that means the world to me. I love you so much ;*

    Glad you enjoyed Russell Peters ;p … LOOOOOZ IS LOOOOZ!!!!

  5. Angel
    I’m glad you guys had fun. That’s the whole point! Because I’m as crazy as you are 😉

    Thank you, will do;*

    Yeah, I don’t think I was a very conventional bride;p

    Miss you and love you more;*

    Allah ybarek feech, thanks;*

    You do!

    Thank you! I’m really glad you had fun. 🙂

    It is?! I guess I’ll have to watch the old one as well. I hope it doesn’t have any men in it either;p

    It was! 7ayaty, I hope one day you’re as happy as I am, or even more!;*

    I love you so much more;*

    Hehe, “Absolutely Loos is Loos!” 😛

  6. 6 cinamania

    ok this is off topic:P
    Muffy was interviewed on tv today,,she was so great:D did u see her?:P

    and mabroooooooooooooook the wedding, wish it was easy not to give in to the conventions tho, i admire ur courage:) wat color was it our dear modern bride, if u dont mind me asking?;)

  7. somebody gonna get a hurrrrt ?!!?!?

    (hreeeeeeel baaaaaaa’aaaaad)


  8. Googled the movie. As an aftermath, my must-watch list is now longer by one. 😉

    abe ayeee ;p

    alf mabrooook :******

    lazim ashoof that movie!!!!

  10. Well in the end its fantastic ^^
    and everyone enjoyed it 🙂
    Again Congrats

    Oh oh and Happy New year 😀

  11. cinamania
    No, I wasn’t told :@

    Allah ybarek feech. Actually, it was very easy, just keep thinking that the wedding is for you and not the guests. It was a gold champagne color. 🙂

    I suggest you watch Red, White, and Brown 😉

    Great! 😀

    You’re invited 😉

    Allah ybarek feech!

    Every woman should!

    Thank you, same to you 🙂

  12. Mabrook 🙂
    الله يوفقكم ويسعدكم

    I know Muffy! are you related or friends?

  13. Ra-1
    Allah ybarek feech 🙂

    Friends. One of her sisters is like my sister.

  14. 14 Nawara

    i had so much fun.

  15. Her sister H is a close friend of my sis, I might see you in parties sometime 🙂

  16. Do you think checking Mrs. will take some getting used to? Oh, and congrats!

  17. Nawara
    Who are you?

    H is my best friend! Maybe 🙂

    Broke Saudi
    Yes! I still tell people not to call me Madame;\


  18. I had a blast at the wedding! Mabrouk 3alaich entai oo N. (See what I just did there? I did the whole, “Check out my cool badliya-filled Kuwaiti” manoeuvre.)

    You know, I can’t find the picture of the pickles I took that day during lunch. (BAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAA!)

  19. 19 cooookies

    hehe allah etamim 3alaikum, glad to hear u had fun kilha laaila bil 3umir e7eroone ile esawoon khaba oo 7alat`hum 7ala wakher shay kila 7ag ilnass wlbent doesnt have ne fun ITS ME WEEDING :@ 3esht ildoor ;$

    Happy new year;p

  20. Sou
    Allah ybarek feech! I noticed;p

    You can’t? 😦

    Allah ysalmech, I know! 3eeshay eldoor!

    Same to you;p

  21. Non, je ne peux pas. 😦

  22. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    u got maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarried 5laaaaaaaaaaa9

    au can bore me with ur wedding details 3adi 😛

    i’m so happy for u :D:D

  23. Sou

    Yeah, khalas:P

    Hehe, I’m trying to ask Angel, F., Sou, and V!Ce to each write a little bit and I can post their take on the wedding.

    Thank you!;*

  24. 😀
    i’ll try to write my part, notice that it’s hard to put that day in words :p
    here it goes 😉

    the wedding was lovely, cute.
    the bride BEAUTIFUL and stunning, and a little crazy in a good way :p
    the music was good, how good? well, let’s just say they had to drag me to my chair :p (no they didn’t really do i t 😉
    the friends, a bunch of everything you can think of, classy, crazy, cute, wild, girly, definitely high on something :p, wild, add some tears and “WOOOHOOOOO AMETHYST WE LOVE YOU YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ” when the bride walked in :p so u can guess why i said the bride was a little crazy in a good way :p u can’t? well mo lazim O-o
    all in all it was a lot of fun and a beautiful wedding 🙂

    and sorry i missed your reception hun, i wished i could make it :*

    miss u

  25. Angel
    Thanks mucho, will definitely post this. And I miss you more;*

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