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Ma Vie en Rose

An innocent seven year old boy wants to marry his male classmate. I said innocent. The innocent seven year old boy wants to be a girl. He plays with dolls and wears dresses. His parents are ashamed. They confuse the boy even more. They take him to a psychologist. He is kicked out of school. Their neighbors despise them. His parents don’t accept it. His classmates beat him up. He isn’t invited to his neighbor’s party. He is happy when he is allowed to wear a skirt. He is slapped by his mother. Poor Ludovic. That innocent seven year old boy.

So, what would you do?


27 Responses to “Bridezilla”

  1. try being Straight?

  2. 2 G

    Hmmmm. This is hard but the boy is totally confused >< well then if he wants to be a girl so be it technology does that 😛

  3. I’ld challenge the school legally, demand they exercise their responsibility to give him a safe place to learn and remind them that discriminating on the basis of sexuality is immoral. I’ld talk to the parents and remind them that this happens a lot and he might grow out of it or might not, but either way he’s still their son. And so on.

  4. um-mit3ib
    You’re seven. You don’t know what being straight is.

    Hehe, he’s seven. Maybe when he’s older.

    I like that.

  5. Go to a doctor, its probably a hormonal problem or something.

  6. 6 cooookies

    seek medical advise .. if it turns out he’s a guy well .. then he needs help .. ALOT of help .. wetha he’s a gurl .. he madre she needs help ;s hmph !!!! know whtat ?! that he /she seven year old needs help PERIOD 😛

  7. Rawr
    A hormonal problem in being gay?

    Why does he need help?

  8. 8 cooookies

    well if he turns out to have some hormonal problems or whatever that proove he’s a she then he can go thru surgery n actually be a gurl in the RIGHT way .. if hes ok but he just feels like a gurl then he needs to see a therapist..

  9. I would do nothing..if thats how Gods created him, who are we to try and change it.

    Just as long as he’s happy..thats all that matters. Its your kid for gods sake..youre gonna love your children no matter what they do/feel like.

    He might grow out of it..he might not…but punishing him for something he doesnt understand is despicable..not only as human beings and adults but especially as parents.

    I saw that film for my french class a couple years back…its absolutely beautiful and it really does get you thinking…wonderful post =)

  10. cooookies
    He feels okay, and they do take him to a therapist:)

    You should watch the movie.


    I’m glad someone has watched this movie.

    Good thing you mentioned punishing the boy for something he doesn’t understand because that’s what hurt me most about the way his parents treated him. The father’s anger and the mother’s slapping and blaming were really bad.


  11. hes 7
    he shouldnt know wht being gay is 😛

  12. heey! missed ya!

    look i dont believe in being gay. God doesnt play with people. It is factual that boys become gay because they are bored with no goals or they were sexually molested or harrassed.

  13. LOL wtf eulalia? How the hell is that factual?

  14. um-mit3ib
    Exactly. He doesn’t. He thinks it’s normal until he’s shunned for it.

    Hey you! Mn wain 6ela3tay?! I miss you, too!

    How is it factual? The boy is seven with no history of sexual molestation or harrassment. He’s young and innocent.

    Broke Saudi
    It’s not factual:)

    What’s your take on it?

  15. mashaf el 3gaal.. law shafah he’d definitely want to be straight…

  16. Coconut

  17. Nothing. This is the age when children are swimming in imagination, and oozing with creativity…why fuck with that? But I’m on the fence with the school thing, especielly in our part of the it would be hopeless talking to the administration, maybe i’ll go the home schooling route.But that will kill all interaction, which would suck. But yeah, who cares if the kid gives into to his imagination by playing dress up. He’s a kid, kids love to play with imagination, gay or straight.

  18. 18 purelyorchid

    oh god that really is a hard question… but he’s SEVEN! madre I don’t have an answer to that

  19. i dont know

    i really truly cannot answer

  20. I’d go see a doctor…

  21. 21 Anonymous

    Tough question but it depends ya3ni is it a phase or a long-term thing? Madri I honestly can’t answer that seeing that I’ve never been put in that situation before ;0

  22. Tough question but it depends ya3ni is it a phase or a long-term thing? Madri I honestly can’t answer that seeing that I’ve never been put in that situation before ;0

  23. Broke Saudi
    I like that approach, but I don’t know what I’d go with yet 🙂

    It’s okay. I don’t either.

    I understand.

    They tried that in the movie.

    Anonymous/Ruby Woo;p
    You don’t know if it’s a phase or not. That’s why it’s hypothetical.

  24. nothing to say and nothing to do.. he’s bound to find a path eventually, but not just yet..

    allah yahdy inshala..

  25. Lone Rangeress

  26. I’m trying to get the red creatures in the cartoon picture! But I have no idea what they call them in English? Help :S

  27. Neon Halo
    They’re called nesting dolls 🙂

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