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Alive and well. El7emdillah.

It’s been crazy. My wedding party is in December, and we’re all trying to get things to be perfect.

What’s done:

the dress

the veil

the shoes

the shabka

What needs to be done:

The hair and make up people

The people who will turn the house into a cream and gold masterpiece

My hair accessory

The DJ

Excerpts from my mind..

She looks our of her car window. She’s in a pensive mood. Her mood is elevated by the music she is listening to. Classical music with a twist. “Concerto With Love.” She smiles. She basks in the light of the memory. Parked outside her house, she recalls how upset and helpless she used to feel after a bad day. After a day of unexpected turns of events. Of bad news. Of blinking back tears. But it’s different now. Everything is.

Her face blanched at what she was told. The words were so harsh that they slapped her in the face. How dare they? She was white and pure. Chaste. A victim of irrationality. Why her of all people? What was happening with her? She lost herself in her worry. Soon, she was drowning in the negativity of it all. And him.. His unrested face. Losing sleep over a mere assumption. What could she do to help? Nothing.. Again, helpless. Again, it’s people she cares about. Again.


13 Responses to “Crossing”

  1. 1 N.

    a bird at 400 mph? I’m surprised it didn’t vaporize. I’ll DJ, sort of hit two birds with one stone.. no pun intended on the bird ;l

  2. What’s the song that’s going to be the highlight of the night?

  3. 3 Aurous

    That’s alot of work!!
    but I think you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚

  4. Goodluck with the wedding…What did he assume?

  5. Best of luck babe with it all.. wish you a fabulous day to come :*

  6. oh mi god amethyst !!

    i didnt know !!

    yalahwe how did i miss that post

    mabroooooook 7abeebteee mabrooooooook!!!

    oh mi god oh mi god

    *holds ur hand jumps up and down*

    7abeebti inshallah the rest of ur life hana ya rab

    congrats to u n ur hub

    much love

    7ade im happy for uuuu :*************

  7. Been keeping yourself busy πŸ™‚

    I might come around to campus Wednesday. See you then ;*

  8. N.
    I don’t want you to DJ, 7bbi.. I want you to be around;p

    I have no idea. Any suggestions?

    I am! πŸ™‚


    He assumed a fallacy. It’s shithead mentality.

    Thank you!;*

    Hehe, 3adi!

    Thank you so much!

    Allah ybarek feech!

    *Grins stupidly*

    I will be there. You be there!;*

  9. awwww! mabrooooook dear ;*
    gooood luck ;>

  10. ashwa the important stuff are checked =)

  11. Squirreliya
    Allah ybarek feech, thanks!;*

    journal entry
    I know!

  12. 7abeeeeeeeeeeebti Good Luck πŸ™‚

    for ur make up wala ashoof layla il 3ardy kilman ymd7ha?! bas madry i never tried her make up…

  13. PaLoMiNo

    I’m calling Mneera ilFaray tomorrow πŸ™‚

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