Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I know I haven’t been posting much. I’m busy with my husband. It hasn’t sunk in yet. And because I love him to bits and pieces, I’d rather spend time with him than write a post;p

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The next time you feel you can’t appreciate the food that is put down in front of you, remember this:


36 Responses to “N;*”

  1. great, happy for you!

    i have mentioned something about poverty in my post as well. 😛

  2. I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 😀 I cannot stress that enough.

    Missed your posts.. but akeed you husband is much more important 😀

    Have fun, take care, and stay safe 😉 3asallah ya7fi’9kom we5aleekom 7ag ba3a’9 😀

    bal’3ay salamy to your husband please 😀 He’s one lucky guy 🙂

  3. i hate to be a jerk, really i do bs you’re so young isn’t this “too” early?! this is too personal for me to comment on but still..don’t skip phases, y’know? you gotta go through steps and…shit?

    good luck thou. 🙂

  4. 4 plastic

    ok now i believe

  5. feeling happy for you…3asa allah yedom il ma7aba..

    min laga a7babah nesa a97abah:p

  6. me luff you and your hubsand :-***

  7. 7ayaty I’m so happy for you 🙂
    alf alf mabrook 3aroostna 🙂

  8. Those cartoons are wonderful and you sound so happy. What a lovely post.

  9. 9 Anonymous

    Amethyst: Congrats! You are the best and you deserve the best.
    Noufa: Your comment is really meaningless and unnecessary.

  10. 10 Haj

    Glad ur having an amazing time with the hubby!

    Workin on ur CD 😉 … should be ready soon! lol!

  11. this post has a happy vibe that rivals that of Brett Dennen’s Blessed 😛

    I welcome the sun
    The clouds and rain
    The wind that sweeps the sky clean and lets the sun shine again
    This is the most magnificent life has ever been
    Here is heaven and earth and the brilliant sky inbetween

    Blessed is this life and i’m going to celebrate being alive

    low adri marriage would have such an effect on u i wouldve 7anait 3alaich to get hitched minziman 😛

  12. Happy to see you happy 🙂

  13. ZoN

    Well done 🙂

    Thank you! Same goes for you 🙂

    He is 😉

    Ma ga9art, you9al 😀

    It’s not too early at all. I used to be anti-marriage this early (and anti-marriage all the way at times), but he’s different. If you knew how it happened, you would change your mind 😉

    Hehe, great!;p

    big pearls
    Allah ysalmech, saja;p

    And I love you;*


    Allah ybarek feech;*

    I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been in fact 🙂

    Thanks, very kind of you!


    Lol, great 😉

    Lol, sheft shloun;p

  14. Amu

  15. 15 purelyorchid

    Inshalla your always happy and having a great time sweets;**

  16. Allah ywafigkom 🙂

  17. 17 iRise

    I’ve only been gone for a month… and now I’m back and you are married?! MABROOK!!! I wish you the best…

  18. hehe cute stuff 🙂 alf mbrook btw!!

  19. OMG I can’t believe how I missed the connection.
    Mabroooooook alf alf alf alf mabrook.

    and I DO confirm, he IS a very good guy. and we’ll take good care of him for you inshalla.

    I gave him a long list of do’s and don’ts the other day poor guy needed a notepad lol

    anyway, you guys are so busted and Allah y5afethkom o y5aleekom 3on 7g ba3ath inshalla.

  20. cuuuute


    *wants to poke you*

    3asa allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3ath!

  21. Glad you’re having a great time together. 🙂

    Missing you always.

    By the way, it just hit me that you are now a “3aroos” cute 😛 LOL “3arooooooooooooos” 😛 weird word….

  22. purelyorchid


    It was bound to happen with him 🙂

    Allah ybarek feech, thanks;*

    Thanks 🙂

    Hehe, sheft shloun?;p

    Allah ybarek feek, ma ga9art 🙂

    He’s great, deer balkum 3alaih tara mali ghaira.

    Hehe, he’ll be fine. Give him more, he can handle it 😛

    Allah ysalmek w ybareklek beli 3endik inshallah 🙂

    Hehe, thanks;*

    Allah ysalmech!

    Hehe, who would’ve guessed?

    Missing you more;*

    Hehe, very weird! 😛

  23. 23 G

    Wish you all the best ^^

  24. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    babe F the blog and stay with ur hubby
    u will be missed i’ll tell u that
    well umm i already miss u coz mn zman 3nk
    but still *trying not to cry*
    ur married
    u have no more time for me
    although u know i need u * crying*
    come back 😦

    no no stay with ur hubby
    come bacj wen ur ready ….

    i can’t stay here anymore
    *runs away*

    anyhoo on the more serious side 😛
    babe have fun and i wish u all the luck
    and love ya 😀

  25. G

    Hehe, I won’t F the blog;p I’ll be here, don’t worry.


  26. 26 suspic

    I’m gonna break the gimmick and tell you that I’m happy for you two.

    Or perhaps I’m just saying that to hear the story? =O

  27. i’ve seriously been one too long!
    alf mabrok 7abibtii .. 3asa alah yhaneekum enshalah..
    did u get married to N. ??

  28. *gone

  29. suspic
    Well, either way thank you and you won’t get the story;p

    Hehe, allah ybarek feech 🙂


  30. MABRo0o0O)O0o0o0o0K 🙂
    Allah ehanneekom o yes3idkom we khalleekom le ba3ath inshaAllah :-*

    Yes yes, don’t let him think there’s any thing more important than him. Mine is already jealous of my blogging m3 enni I don’t spend that much time with my lap top :-/


    How come most commentators here know your hubby?

  31. MY GOD!!
    Congrats ya 2amar 🙂 allah y5alekum la ba3a’9

  32. Glitzy
    Allah ybarek feech;*

    Allah ysalmech, ma ga9artay 🙂

    My husband is a blogger as well, so no worries. And that answers your next question 😉

    Yes! Hehe, it happened on October 10th 😛


  33. u have the mrmf blessingf.

  34. Mrm
    I’m sure that’s worth a lot. Get back here, so we can see you!

  35. ooh i see he’s a blogger as well! thats so cute
    allah yetamim ;*

  36. Spur
    Yes, thank you! 🙂

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