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You know when you have a break for so long, that all the days seem to be the same whether you have an occasion or not? Almost everything is blurred. I can’t remember which day I did certain things. Blekh. That’s probably the reason why I want school. Yesterday didn’t feel like 3eid at all. So yeah.. 3eidkum embarak and all that jazz. Anyways, I’m exhausted and busy. Don’t bug me if I don’t post much.


25 Responses to “Search”

  1. 3eedich mbarak hun ;**

    i so know what you mean, it’s hard for me to remember what day it is! i cant wait till next week ^^

  2. Vixen
    Ayamech sa3eeda;*

    Ugh, I know!

  3. 7abeebti ayaaamch sa3eeeda ;***

    I Can’t promise u ena I wont bug u etha 6awltay 3alyna!!! 7abeebti ma ngdar 3ala fraagch ;**

    Good Luck @ school ;*

  4. 4 ZoN

    malah da3i etzefenaa 😦

    good luck with ur studies 😀

  5. PaLoMiNo


    Mu ga3ed azef;p

    Thanks, lil7een ma bedaw!

  6. 3eedech imbarak dear:)

  7. Ayamich sa3eeda. I usually miss school when the holiday gets too long, but during the semester you really just want a break.

  8. 3eedih mbarak 🙂

    I want school to start too but I don’t want to study ;p

  9. 9 Me

    what a bitch! you’ve got attitude now! me likey!!
    (la la la .. kidding)
    i’ll see u at school bacher .. i’ll hug the life out of you (i know it doesnt sound like english but fuck u, kaifi) :* luff u

  10. kil 3am wintay ib khair !

  11. Big Pearls
    Ayamech sa3eeda;*


    Ayamech sa3eeda 🙂

    I don’t mind;p

    I’ve always had attitude;p

    Hehe, love you more;*

    Wenta bkhair 🙂

  12. 12 Jester

    ayamch sa3eeda 🙂
    Want to play kuwaiti roulette?

  13. how can u WANT school -_-

    i havent been in school for a while now and i do miss having something in the morning bes trust me il never WANT school 😛 i want a job thou.. then il hate it for stealing my sleep :r

    oo and u can count on me to bug u if ur post drought gets serious 😛

  14. 14 RAWR

    oO ente b9e77a o salama! 🙂
    And yeaaahhh! I know how that feels like, allah y3een..

  15. Jester
    And how would that work? 😛

    I just do! Yah!

    Hehe, I’m so not surprised 😉

    Lol, great!

    Allah kareem 🙂

  16. 3eedich embarak dear.. walaw enha mit2a5ra!

  17. Ah, I woke up too early and I went through a pile of explosm.. =O

    So did the baby phase go away with school starting? I wonder if men have that. Perhaps a wife phase?

  18. 18 F.

    I know what oyu mean…
    It doesn’tseem like it’s going to stop anytime soon for me…

    But I’m trying. Honestly I am, to be more active, productive…etc. I even tried painting…I’ll post about it soon.
    ;* Love you.

  19. al7en eshlonich weya el dawam?

  20. 3ala ay asas dont bug u???
    bug u w nis ! 😛

  21. Journal Entry
    Ayamech sa3eeda:)

    Lol, yeah, I do that sometimes 😛

    I think for men it’s the wife phase..

    You can be more productive by coming to school to see us everyday 😛

    Love you more;*

    Busy as hell! I’m happily exhausted 🙂

    Agoulech ba3dain 3ala ay asas 😉

  22. Ayamich Sa3eeda

  23. 23 arch96madi

    i love you:*

  24. 24 purelyorchid

    well if you decide to not post for too long… I’m going to have to bug you;p

  25. Amu

    I love you more!;*

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Soon I’ll explain it all!

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