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Warning: This is a rant.

What’s up with people telling you what to worship and how to worship? Yes, religion is a set of guidelines that you follow if you feel like you can believe in them. But it all comes down to you. You get to choose what belief suits you the most. Whether it’s right or wrong is up to the being you’re worshipping, and it really isn’t anyone’s business but yours. If I choose to believe that God does not exist, you don’t have the right to call me an infidel because the word infidel is what I would call you if I was as narrow-minded as you are. People who are infidels to you could be the elite worshippers of what I believe in, no? And who exactly are you to judge my most personal beliefs?

You know, spiritually, I had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve been to the point where I was sure of everything and to the point that I doubted everything. Both to the extremes. Right now, I’m very thankful for my spiritual advancement. I do have a long way to go, but what I’ve come up with so far is scared to me. I hate it when people think they can come and “set things right” or “give me advice” to get me on the “right path.” Seriously? If I could say it any plainer, piss off.

I’ve had people come and tell me not to read certain books because they would shake my beliefs. And how the hell do you know what my beliefs are?! Did you read the book yourself before you decided that? That doesn’t really work in your favor either way. Oh, and do NOT tell me how to pray. Do NOT tell me that I can’t have a conversation with God. Do NOT tell me that I’m doing it all wrong. If you’re so sure, you should be stable enough to concentrate on worshipping righteously and not “shaking” other people’s beliefs. So, NO thank you. I don’t care if you think God doesn’t hear me talking to Him and that the only way to communicate with God is to stick to the physical prayers. I don’t care if you think I’m a hypocrite because I pray and listen to music. And I really don’t care if you think I’m an infidel because you’re not the one to judge. Would the God you believe in so much like how you’re judging everyone and telling them that they’ll go to hell?

Why can’t people separate spirituality from everything else? I do understand that religion is pretty much everywhere, that is, if you believe in it. I get it. But do you really have to gasp at naked bodies when studying Art? Do you really have to refuse to teach Deconstruction to your class just because it goes against your own personal beliefs? Do you really have to point out that people who believe in something different that what you believe in are going to hell? No one cares what you think. Why? Because everyone perceives spirituality differently! Religion is one thing and Art is another. What you study does not have to be what you believe in. How boring would it be if everything was set to fit the framework of your beliefs. You can’t widen your horizon of thought or broaden your knowledge. Well, now that I think of it.. That explains to me why you’re so narrow-minded.

We can all believe in your ideal world where everyone believes in one God and worships Him/Her, whichever you prefer. But don’t you think other people are entitled to their own ideal world? Do you think that the idea is the exact same one? It’ll never be. I can walk into a room full of people of the same sect who were taught religion the exact same way, and if I tell them to draw a picture of God (blasphemy, isn’t it?!), no two would turn out the same. They wouldn’t match because it’s PERSONAL. It’s a relationship we build and mold to our OWN way of living. I pray differently than my mom. Which one of us is right? Would you know? Would you even allow yourself to know? Seems to be like you’re crossing over to “forbidden knowledge” *GASP*.

So, please.. Save your crap. Keep it to yourself. Use it for your own process of achieving spiritual perfection.


37 Responses to “Mushrooms”

  1. “You get to choose what belief suits you the most.” That is too blasphemous to suggest to most of the people in our part of the world. If you suggest the slightest variation of the Islam they grew up with, the Islam they were drilled not to question you get assaulted left and right (although most offer themselves a healthy amount of leniacy for their convenience). I never understood why spirituality is a public affair, why is there a need to save everyone? Does it stem for their own insecurity about their belief system? I don’t know. I know it’s fucking ridiculous for people calling you a hypocrite when you don’t follow the norm (or what they’re used to), yet they pick and choose what’s appropriate for them. Now I have no problem with picking and choosing, I do that. What really irks me is that these people in question have the audacity to tell me I’m wrong. Fuck them.

    Great post. Hell, I’m even a fan of mushrooms…yum.

  2. brokesaudi
    I don’t care if it’s balsphemous as long as it’s the truth. Like you said, people do pick and choose to the convenience of their lifestyles. And I do think that the need to save everyone stems from the insecurity of their own beliefs because if they’re so sure, they should be satisfied with themselves without having to be sure it’s right by experimenting on others.

    Thanks, hehe 🙂

  3. Ever religious person has an extreme ego! they always believe they are right and you should be on their side and one of them. they should know that at the end there is a 50/50 chance of me being right or them being right so no need to waste time and energy in something you could possibly be wrong at. just like you said, you oughtta keep your beliefs between you and your God.

    and about drawing God, i have a 4 yer old cousin who did that once. he drew colorful line and when i asked what was it he said “that’s God, tall like a mountain and big like a cow”

    LOL i thought that was cute and funny 😛

  4. Noufa
    Even people who aren’t religious seem to love to advocate their beliefs. It’s mayhem.

    Hehe, I’ll keep those anecdotes to myself 😛

  5. but the religious ones are more outspoken about it and violent too!


  6. Noufa
    Believe me, the not so religious ones will annoy the shit out of you!

  7. Nice post,
    you know I was like that last year, I used to get angry at people like that, now I just rub it off.
    They’ll never change, I’ll never follow their “right” path…
    I write to god on paper 🙂
    My family doesn’t believe that’s praying

  8. 3ad 5osh timing u bring all this up just when are government are trying their best to force us to believe and act the way they see fit and all they have to do is throw in a few mentions of god and islam and viola u have ppl agreeing thats how its supposed to be. Oh and remember we’re not allowed to question the man with a beard for the man with a beard always knws best.

    il refrain from commenting any further cuz for once im not in the mood for an all out battle ala the fairytale wars.

  9. do0da, there’s nothing wrong with our government 😛 Allah i5aleeha lina. There are certain people however that need some brain-formatting (and to shave). amethystos, people have been struggling similarly ever since the world began and faith implemented as fact. Vent, rant, hell even break tables and chairs if you wish but it will never change. Just thank your creator that all they’re doing is annoying the hell out of you and not strapping you to a bark and setting you on fire, or nailing you to it and beating you to death. There are worse things that fundamentalist can do than frustrate you with their inflated self-righteous ego. Il7igran iga66e3 il me9ran.

  10. silent observer
    Thanks. It usually doesn’t get to me, but it’s being overdone. Probably because of the season;\

    That’s called brainwashing 😛

    Hehe, it would be interesting though. It’s a free world here on Poshlust 😉

    Nada Faris
    It could change. You never know. I understand the extremes that have previously existed, but no matter how immune you think you are to their aggrivating ways, it has to piss you off when it’s too much!

  11. why discuss ur beliefs with anyone a9lan
    if its private its private
    why waste ur breath?

    i have to disagree on one this.. if i were a professor and theres something i dont believe in i wont teach it
    simply because kaifi
    i wont judge someone for believing in it or wanting to learn it
    but im not going to help in the process


    hope u calmed down after this rant

  12. Courageous, intelligent and very direct. I certainly wouldn’t argue with you both because you sound scary and because you sound perfectly correct. You are amazing.

  13. rabich dary ib niyitich

    sh3alaich minhom?

  14. OMG
    7ta an yghrooooooooooooooni
    yf3ooli ‘9a’36ei

    i hate hate hate hate HATE them

    3la balhom” i’m so good blah blah ”
    ake u goodness ans shove up ur ***

    effffff yghrooni :S

  15. well written amethyst..don’t give up ur beliefs.

  16. Eshda3wa
    I don’t discuss my beliefs with anyone; therefore, I don’t expect people to come up to me and impose their beliefs on me. That was my point.

    Actually, when you decide not to teach students something that is necessary in their syllabus just because you don’t believe in it, they suffer greatly in later courses. So, I feel like it’s your duty to teach everything regardless of what you believe in. Like I said, what you teach/study has got nothing to do with your religion, and those students are there to learn.

    I did 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

    Saja, ana ma3alay menhum, bas a7ger la meta? Masekhouha! Kel youm w eltali 6ale3li a7ad ygouli shloun tesm3een aghani bel 10 elawakher? w shloun tegrain ketab kufar?

    I know. The thing is, you usually ignore and respect their point of view for so long that when you’re pressured you’d want to slap and scream at them all.

    big pearls
    Thanks, I won’t 😉

  17. Very well written 🙂

  18. Amu

  19. sa7 ilsanich :s imagine to have to live with that every time u go to a family gathering :@ :@

  20. You’re so cute when you rant. I second Nada (no, I’m not kissing your ass, Lord) il7egran yega6e3 el me9ran.

  21. Enchantuer
    Seems like we walk down the same path 😉

    Lol, really?

    Yeah, yeah..

  22. Spirituality is such a personal thing… those who preach it and claim they are the utmost spiritual ones… how can we believe/trust that they are being honest when spirtiuality is not something that can be measured in anyway….
    Im not saying that ppl shouldn’t talk about it completely and it shouldn’t be brought up… but ppl should not impose their ideas and force ppl to believe in what ever they believe in…
    eh its past bedtime bes el mawthoo3 jidan shayeq 😉

  23. Thanx for sharing awwal, I’m behind you 16430% :p … no seriously, I totally do agree with you…
    no one is allowed to tell you how to live your life, it’s YOUR LIFE!!!

    I don’t think enna el 7igran ega66i3 el m9ran applys when people start to interfere with your freedom and your personal life and believes… I know it’s harder for girls around here, but it has to stop at some point!

    I believe that it’s getting better, I believe in this generation… It promises a lot…
    Most of us now are more open towards accepting what used to be considered a taboo becuz it simply contradicted what our fathers believed in… We are the future, aren’t we?

  24. oh totally forgot bout this, have u seen a man from earth? Its a very very very good movie thats related to religion and all. Its fiction ofc so mala da3i ppl get offended by his suggestions 😛 , bes its the type of movie ull never see sold or aired in an arab country. Its a very low budget movie thats being carried by a very strong and well written script.

    I knw im still waiting on u to give me the feedback on into the wild bes i think this movie should jump to the top of list :r

    to further encourage u to watch it here’s a link to the torrent


  25. You’re absolutely right.
    Although we all believe in the same God…We each have a different way of approaching Him.
    Levels and ways of spirituality differs for each of us.

  26. Hamitaf La B
    I agree.

    Hehe, Poshlust is open 24/7. Thanks 🙂

    Love the percentage 😛

    Exactly my point!

    Yes, we are. And I agree 🙂

    Thanks for the most positive comment yet;p

    Lol, I’ll make sure I watch it then 😛

    I’ll give you reviews on both movies when I watch them. I’m kind of busy at the moment fa la et7en;p

    Cheers 😀

  27. 27 V!Ce...

    Religion is by Choice… even God doesn’t force you onto anything (whether being a Muslim or not). true you are Obligated to do certain things, but even then you are given the choices of when, how and where to do it..

    Beliefs and spiritual guidlines that are between you and whatever God it is you Follow.

  28. Moos, whatever .. you know what? I’ll a7ger you .. you know why? huh .. well, think about it!

  29. V!Ce


  30. i applaud you for this post..i cant agree more..religion is faith, and no one ever has the right to decide what you should believe in or how..hold on to your beliefs, and those who argues are the ones mostly in doubt

  31. diddlina

  32. I disagree on so many points.

    1- If someone’s doesn’t believe in God I as a muslim have every right to call them an infidel because God Himself calls them infidels in the Qur’an. irrasool PBUH sent letters to foreign and much much more powerful infidel nations before he died saying quite simply “aslim, taslam” meaning “surrender to God and you’ll be safe”. which means he was threatening Kings of superpowers with death if they don’t submit to Allah. (gotta love the audacity of it).

    2- There is only 1 path that will lead you to heaven. not many. not to each his own at all. that’s why Allah calls it “eseraa6 ilmostaqeem”. the straight path which we ask God to show to us in each and every salaat (sorat ilfat7a). and irrasool talks about it in one 7adeeth as he drew 1 straight line in the sand, and drew many lines going sideways, saying that on each of the other paths there’s a shai6an calling people to follow it, and it leads to hell. a catholic priest can be the most pious of men, yet if he rejects Islam and dies like so, nothing can save him from hell. because God says so plainly in the Qur’an again “laqad kafar alatheena qaloo inna Allah hoa almasee7 ibn maryam”. and irrasool PBUH says also:
    حدثني ‏ ‏يونس بن عبد الأعلى ‏ ‏أخبرنا ‏ ‏ابن وهب ‏ ‏قال وأخبرني ‏ ‏عمرو ‏ ‏أن ‏ ‏أبا يونس ‏ ‏حدثه عن ‏ ‏أبي هريرة ‏
    ‏عن رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏أنه قال والذي نفس ‏ ‏محمد ‏ ‏بيده ‏ ‏لا يسمع بي أحد من هذه الأمة يهودي ولا نصراني ثم يموت ولم يؤمن بالذي أرسلت به إلا كان من أصحاب النار ‏
    that’s in sa7ee7 muslim.
    translation: “I swear by the One who’s my soul is in His hand, if a Jew or Christian hears of me, and then dies without believing in what I was sent with, then he’ll be one of the people of Hell.”

    3- I don’t get this “spiritual perfection” thing, God simply asks that we follow his command, and the command of his prophet. whether we like them or not, it’s not up to us. ilmuslim humbly says “same3na wa a6a3na”, then tries to struggle and understand later. anything less is ego before God. All you or I or anyone have to do is to “authenticate” the source. make sure that God DID actually command this, that irrasool DID actually command that. and this is done by authenticating the chain by which the Qur’an and a7adeeth reached us, make sure they’re solid and narated by pious and reliable people. and after that we can’t say “no, my mind doesn’t accept that. it’s too backward. it doesn’t fit the modern world.”

    we’re simply trying to get to heaven, and avoid hell. nothing more.

    To get to heaven you’ll have to:
    1- believe that there’s only 1 God. and that Mohammad is his messenger.
    (means that everything he says is true and has to be obeyed, and.. and.. and..)
    2- pray 5 times a day in the times and way that Mohammad PBUH showed us.
    3- give zakat to poor people.
    4- fast Rmuthan.
    5- do a 7ajj – is possible.

    and I swear to you, by the holiest of holy names of Allah. neither you nor me nor anyone else will set a foot in heaven if we don’t do the above things as a minimum.

    it really saddens me how everyone simply agrees and pats you on the back on this post, and none of them even had the good friendship to you to tell you otherwise.

    It’s a struggle for survival, NOT a popularity contest. 😦

    and I’m NOT holier than thou.. heck I myself only started praying 3 years ago, and I’m 35!

    Allah yhadeena ajma3een ya Rab.

  33. Falantan
    1. Exactly, God himself called them infidels, but you’re not God. If everyone thinks they’re holy enough to go around calling people infidels, it would be chaos. No one knows for sure who is an infidel and who isn’t whether Muslim or not. I don’t know what people do in their own privacy. A person can appear to be a perfect Muslim while abusing alcohol, drugs, his wife and kids, and what have you in his own privacy. He might be more of an infidel than a man who listens to music and flirts.

    2. I never said that each of us can make our own path to heaven. I said that we don’t know which of the paths is right. Sure, you and I can believe that there is one path, but what is it? It’s not as clear as you make it seem. If someone comes up to me and explains in extreme detail the path to heaven with enough evidence to convince me, I can go by it, but I also know that someone else could give me a detailed explanation of different path with enough evidence from the quran and sunna as well. And where I’m not sure, I’d rather keep my mouth shut that tell people what’s right.

    3. Spiritual perfection to each person is different. To you, it could be following God’s command successfully. I agree with the five pillars, but what if someone disagrees with part of one thing? It isn’t our right to call them infidels and what not. Kaifhum. It might get them to go to hell, or it might not. No one knows for sure unless it is obviously stated in quran or sunna.

    You are talking about Islam only. There are people out there who believe in other religions. And it just isn’t right for us to go and impose our beliefs on them in the ways mentioned in the post. I, for one, hate it when people come and talk to me about what to read, as an example. I also hate it when people order me to stop listening to music. They don’t have the right to call me an infidel just because I do so. That’s just not the way to do it. Give me an ayyah or a hadeeth, talk me through it politely, and I get to decide whether or not I’m up to it.

    Just to assure you, I go with the five pillars. I make sure they are close to my heart and guide my life in some way. But just because I do so, it doesn’t mean that I can go around pointing out people who don’t.

    This isn’t a popularity contest. It’s not a struggle for survival either. Like I said many times before, posts are my space, comments are yours. People are free to agree or disagree. This is merely their opinion.

    Ameen 🙂

  34. 1- I don’t go around calling people by name as kofaar. that IS chaos yes. But, I do say as God says that whoever says that “Jesus is God” is kaafer. and if he dies saying that he will be a permanent resident in hell. that is Not an unknown. that is known because Allah made it known to us belqur’an. (that’s just an example). We can’t confirm heaven or hell to anyone, neither living nor dead, except people who Allah confirmed for us belqur’an, like Abu-Lahab, and the 10 sa7aaba who were told they will go to heaven for example. But we can (and should) say what beliefs and deeds lead to heaven, and which lead to hell.

    2- “I said that we don’t know which of the paths is right.” ana il7emdella I know which path will inshalla lead me to heaven, which is as I said explained belqur’an o sennat irrasool PBUH. and when someone comes to explain the right path to you, it becomes your responsibility infront of Allah to examine with great great care the validity of his claim, and study it thoroughly. whatever I’m saying is either right, or wrong, you have to find out to the best of your ability which. the best way isn’t to “ignore” it. because if it was right, Allah will ask you why didn’t you follow it.

    and if you know what’s right, it would be a betrayal of love and friendship to watch your loved ones not follow it and stay silent. If you watched your father or mother walk toward a room which you know has a hungry wolf in it, you’d never let them go there. even if they fought you with their fists to move you out of the way, you’d probably tie them down while you slowly and patiently try to convince them that if they go in there the wolf would eat them.

    ok the example’s a bit hoaky and dramatic, but it’s more so with people who have religious feelings. If they feel that your actions are driving you towards hell, and if they care enough for you, they’d never be able to stop themselves from preaching to you, because they don’t want you to suffer.

    It’s so easy to assume that they’re self-rightous and arrogant. but try to see it as an act of caring and love. because that’s all it is really.

    3- pointing out other people’s errors isn’t an act of sarcasm and malice. it needs to be done with care and with the intention of doing good. and you’re completely right about “talking politely and with proper research and proof from ilQur’an o issenna.”

    which doesn’t mean that sinners are “kaifhom”. la bel3aks mo kaifhom. Allah wants muslims to be agents of spreading Islam. amer belma3roof and nahi 3an ilmonkar. and ofcourse that displeases sinners. that is something to be VERY expected. but it doesn’t mean that “7orriya sha5siya” is a correct way of life. when a naked man walks in avenues, he hurts everyone’s eyes. and the limit of what’s right and wrong are not set by what the “modern time” believes it to be. it is simply set by Allah alone. liberalism doesn’t really say anything except that, “kil wa7ed kaifa, esawe illi yabe”. ok.. to what extent? according to the law? and where did the existing law come from? how do you create law based on liberalism? then they quickly add.. “as long as you don’t hurt others.” and that’s nonsense.. because anything we do can hurt others. be it killing people or simply talking about them can hurt their feelings (and maybe file “emotional-distress” lawsuits :P), if we get rich we can make others feel inferior and sad :P. where does it stop? All our “good” laws which no one contest came from God anyway. no killing, no stealing etc.

    And how is it not a struggle for survival when we know for certain that after we die we’ll go either to heaven or to hell? there’s no “between”. there’s no such thing as “live peacefully, don’t hurt anyone, don’t believe in anything, and you’ll just die of old age and disappear.” we won’t survive unless we come to God with clean, obedient and faithful hearts.

    having an opinion isn’t harmless. believing that “God doesn’t exist” is nothing but an opinion. a thought. yet it can put its owner in hell. ofcourse people are free to have their own opinions, but if you care enough about someone, you’d also care about what he/she thinks as well, and try as best you can to change it.

    wow.. please forgive that I wrote this much 🙂

  35. I don’t want to stray from my post because you seem to have misunderstood.

    1. I’m not against what is clearly written in the Quran and Sunna. I’m against people going around telling people what to do and calling them infidels if they don’t agree with them.

    2. Exactly. You know which path is right, and I know which path is right. But does that mean that everyone has to follow it? We could be following different paths. I don’t “ignore” any clarifications I’m given. I do search into them and follow them only if I’m convinced with the evidence.

    3. I know, but most people don’t care how they do it. They are obsessed with getting their point across whether it causes people to get angry or not.

    I, for one, don’t tell people to stop a certain sin unless I feel like I absolutely have to and that I don’t do it myself. And I disagree with you on this point. There are different sects of Islam. I can’t just impose mine on everyone. My halal and haram could be different from theirs.

    We are surviving whether we go to hell or not. It’s how we survive.

    I know people who believe that God doesn’t exist. I sat with them and talked to them. They have their own logic. It’s their right to believe whatever they want to leave. Yes, it hurts that someone I love might go to hell because of that, but if I can’t change it, I know they’ll always learn the hard way because there’s nothing more for me to do.

    It’s okay. You’re welcome here 🙂

  36. congrats on the marriage 🙂
    and very interesting post and discussion…
    after reading it all i see i understood what u wrote quite wrong

    i wont go there though ur a newly-wed
    Happy thoughts!

  37. pg
    Thanks! 🙂

    Hehe, I’m glad, but I prefer that you do go there. This is why it’s posted.

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