"3ayem" -C.

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Amethyst: Alo?
A: Hala, shlounech?
Amethyst: I’m okay. How are you?
A: I’m good. Can you come over for lunch?
Amethyst: No, I have a final at two.
A: Right, I forgot.
Amethyst: Don’t forget for a change.
A: What?
Amethyst: I said, don’t forget for a change.
A: Hehe, iyey menich akthar.
Amethyst: Likewise.
A: Are you feeling any better?
Amethyst: Yeah, sort of..
A: Sort of?
Amethyst: Well, I’m okay enough to go take finals aren’t I?
A: That doesn’t count. You’re not doing it willingly.
Amethyst: It does to me. And I’m not exactly doing anything willingly at this point in my life.
A: *Sigh* You’re a handful.
Amethyst: Bite me.
A: You’re being ridiculous.
Amethyst: So are you!
A: What do you mean?!
Amethyst: You know e x a c t l y what I mean.
A: Can we not-
Amethyst: Yes, if we don’t-
A: Alright!
Amethyst: I love you.
A: I have to love you back.
Amethyst: But you’re doing it willingly.
A: Why wouldn’t I? You’re… almost perfect.
Amethyst: Haven’t I failed you yet?
A: I doubt you ever will.
Amethyst: Really?
A: Yes, really. I’m super sure and confident. You’re going to be something bigger than I am one day. Much bigger.
Amethyst: You know what I really want?
A: What?
Amethyst: I want to be someone else’s magician, like you are to me. That’s big enough.


48 Responses to “"3ayem" -C.”

  1. 1 Cookies

    Hehe that’s what i call clicking ! πŸ˜›

  2. 2 FourMe

    Can I borrow A for a while? I think I need him more than you :p Or we can share I don’t mind..

  3. 3 Amethyst

    You haven’t seen a thing yet;p

    I don’t share. I’m a selfish bitch when it comes to A;p

  4. 4 Ruby Woo

    Aww.. I want an A too!

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Ruby Woo
    Hehe, you ain’t gonna have mine!;p

  6. 6 kila ma6goog

    i am m not a!

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Hehe, and who said I’d rather have you than A?;p

  8. 8 White Wings

    i have to know who A is
    my curiosity is killing me πŸ™‚

  9. 9 Amethyst

    White Wings
    I’ll let you know when I see you:)

  10. 10 do0da

    trust me u wouldnt wana be some1 elses magician. Ur better off just having a Magician :p

    oo and comics are back =D

  11. 11 Amethyst

    I want to! Yah!;p

    Comics are back ma3a ena maleeq bas I wasn’t about to put up with your 7anna;p

  12. 12 do0da

    they have like over 100 comics πŸ˜› akeed fi good old ones πŸ˜›

    wala shino ur loyal readers mayistahloon u dig up good ones for them :r

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Fi akthar mn 1000 actually, but I like using the current ones. The old ones are less funny;\

    And you are my readers, but I’m the owner. See where I’m coming from?;p

  14. 14 FourMe

    What’s up with the dictatorship Amethyst!! No I demand you hand over A! You hear me Hand The BOY Over!

  15. 15 Amethyst

    It’s not dictatorship, it’s exclusiveness;p

    And A is NOT a “boy”;)

  16. 16 secretadmirer

    thats right. a is a…lady.


  17. 17 FourMe

    You’re one selfish little girl aren’t ya! Boy, Girl, It whatever the hell A is HAND “Him-Her-IT” OVER! Me waaant damn it ME WANT!

    Fine, FiNe, keep IT to yourself *Kicks Amethyst in the leg and leaves*


  18. 18 do0da

    1000 wa7da o tgoleen maku funny ones πŸ˜›

    7aram 3alaich !!

    and she denies her dictatorship πŸ˜›

  19. 19 zwena

    was this conv. bel sij in english ? πŸ˜›

  20. 20 KTDP

    sounds almost as well worded as a kevin smith movie . πŸ™‚

  21. 21 Um Mit3ib

    ana magician kilman πŸ˜›

    sa7 ?
    golay sa7 la athawer ib ur cousin ;p

  22. 22 Yawarakai

    i loved that!

  23. 23 Harlow

    Allah la yefaregkom.

  24. 24 Amethyst

    I’ll keep you guessing:)

    *Grins an evil grin*

    Ee madry tha7akt 3alaihum wayed fa they’re not funny anymore;p

    Hehe, fine! I’m proud to be the Queen of the World! Chethi zain?;p

    Yup, almost exactly as it’s written up there:)

    I’ll check his movies out.

    Um Mit3ib
    Thawray fi chood yred w ysane3 nafsa hni;p

    7abetech el3afya, I’m glad:)


  25. 25 F.

    I hooe your wish comes true, about becoming someone’s magician…

    That’s magical…

  26. 26 ..::Amu::..

    Names that start with A are always smart :p

  27. 27 Amethyst

    It is..


  28. 28 Amethyst

    Hehe, yeah since that includes the both of us;p

  29. 29 eshda3wa

    so sweet

  30. 30 A Journal Entry

    allah e5aleelich A =)

  31. 31 rawr

    ugh i need an A right now! Mashalla πŸ™‚ allah y5aleeh leki

  32. 32 Amethyst


    A Journal Entry
    Allah ysalmech:)

    A is a must have!


  33. 33 Balqees

    u 2 r somewt funny tra πŸ˜›
    but ur sweet

    allah y5leekom le ba3’9 =)

  34. 34 HQ

    so A is a girl?

  35. 35 Hamitaf La B

    Maybe you can be the magician’s beautiful assistant

    – here I am trying to be clever…. hehe… !

  36. 36 Amethyst

    Allah ysalmech:)

    Does it matter?

    Hamitaf La B
    Lol, I’d rather be another magician;p

  37. 37 enchanteurs

    AWWWWWW THAT WAS SWEEEEEEEETT!!!! :’) btw wayhich 5air 3alay ams! ;p love u ;***

  38. 38 Amethyst


    Yalla 3ayal bajablech kel ma y9eer 3endech upcoming results;p

  39. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo why are you moving!!!

  40. FourMe
    I like it better here. It’s neater and easier to manage.

  41. 41 Hussain

    so you finally convert .. i knew hathi a5retech ..
    -evil laughter-

  42. lw mahma itsawen mara7 a9adeg enich ib wordpress 😦

    ta3awadt 3alaich ib blogspot. awwwwwwwwwwh 😦

  43. hellooooo wordpress!

  44. Hussain

    I love the old Poshlust, too. But this rocks!

    Journal Entry
    Hello to you, too;)

  45. 45 N.

    Welcome… to the New World.. *cool exit*

  46. N.
    Hehe, thanks;)

  47. that has to be the most confusing phone call I ever read :p

  48. Crucine
    This is how it works;)

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