"Wain elnakhwa?" -C.


Here’s why I love kids…

Little K: Laish labsa qalb el7ub? (Why are you wearing a heart?)
Amethyst: Le2ani a7ebik;* (Because I love you;*)
Little K: 7ata ana a7ebes;* (I love you, too;*)
M: Fi dodo meni! (You’re hurt there!)
Amethyst: Adri *Pouts* (I know)
M kisses the bruise: Al7een etrou7 eldudu:) (It’ll go now)
Amethyst: Chan yrou7 eltheeb w ygoul 7ag elkharoof, “Ra7 akleeek!” (Then the wolf went to the sheep and said, “I’m going to eat you!”)
Little K makes claws out of his hands: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr!
K: Saway chedi wayh elsmecha elfish. (Do the fish face)
Amethyst sucks her cheeks in and does the fish face..
K: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Meta etrou7een elba7ar? (When will you go to the sea?)
Amethyst watching Horton Hears a Who with Little K, M, and K.
Little K: Shoofay, al7een et6ee7 3alaih elshyara! Wa3alaya.. *puts hand on cheek* (Look, now the tree will fall on him! Poor guy..)

For everyone who is wondering who A is, A is for real. A exists. A is the person who made me who I am now. If it weren’t for A, I’d probably be suicidal. Some of the readers know who A is, and for those who don’t.. You don’t have to. It’s okay if A is a mystery to you. And so:
Amethyst: How come you never cry?
A: How come you always cry?
Amethyst: I don’t cry. How come you never cry?
A: There’s no point in crying. I cry on the inside.
Amethyst: There is.. You let things out. You can’t keep everything inside.
A: I thought you didn’t cry.
Amethyst: I don’t.
What freaks you out about yourself?

29 Responses to “"Wain elnakhwa?" -C.”

  1. 1 FourMe

    I have a feeling A is your brother.. but I could be wrong..

    Ohh and someone should tell that little fashionista in the pic that the bag is a tad too big for her :p even though she’s on the right track.. salim galbhaa just wana kick her around..

  2. 2 do0da

    do u really want me to get into what freaks me out πŸ˜› ? im willing to write it out but knwing me it’l prolly be long

    oo and i love kids, the naughty ones more than the rest

  3. 3 PaLoMiNo

    yaaaaaaaay cute ;*

    ur tagged!

  4. 4 HQ

    i looove kids ;*!

  5. 5 Sou

    What freaks me out? How I seem to have bi-polar-esque qualties. Bouncing off the wall one moment, then staring into space the next isn’t exactly something I should be zaghrating about.

  6. 6 A Journal Entry

    7ayaaaaty il jan6a 2/3 her size!
    etshawig esmilla 3alaiha =)

  7. 7 The Archer

    LOL! 7adkum CUTE! *Pinches Amethyst’s Cheeks*

    Allah y5aleelich “A” inshallah golay ameen πŸ˜€

  8. 8 Amethyst

    A is not my brother. My brothers aren’t that wise.

    Hehe, she was dragging it around the whole night because it macthes her outfit;p

    Yes, I do. I especially want you to write out what freaks you out.. about yourself;p

    Hehe, same here;p

    I already did that tag, tagged by Balqees as well;p


    Actually, it is. I love you all the more for that!;*

    A Journal Entry
    Hehe, yeah;p

    Allah y7afeth’ha:)

    The Archer
    Lol! *Slaps Archer’s hands away*


  9. 9 do0da

    what freaks me out:

    > i care for the well being of friends + strangers more than i do for the well being of myself
    > Ppl dont need to earn my trust, they just risk losing it
    > I knw i cant survive without music
    > I dont wana lose my weirdness i like it
    > I'm brutally honest, doesnt always go well with ppl
    > I used to be recklessly carefree when it came to doing dangerous things but now im a tiny bit more reserved ( just a tiny bit ) cause i promised a friend id be around til shes 60 ( just bout 4 more decades to go )
    > Ppl keep asking me to promise them to never change
    > im way to optimistic for my own good
    > i sincerely enjoy having conversations with myself
    > I wish i was 5 yrs old forever ( no joke )
    > I cant wait to be old and senile, this way theres a reason for my being so weird and no1 can tell shit theyll just say o hes old and senile :p
    > i hate it when ppl tell me 3uqbal 100 sina i dont wana live that long 60s good enuf for me
    > no1s gona stop me from tryin 2 play football when im 60+ !

  10. 10 Um Mit3ib

    my feelings freak me out ;p

    w ya zeen el yaihal;p widy ayeeb darzan 3yal ;p

  11. 11 Amethyst

    We have a lot in common except for the weirdness and sticking around until I’m 60.

    Don’t be freaked out. You’re fine. I assure you;p

    Um Mit3ib

    Two are enough!

  12. 12 Ruby Woo

    What freaks me out about myself, is that I trust people way too quick and I end up bruised, yet I do it again and again and again. Oh and that I control my dreams most of the time!

    Mit’akda mo arnab (bunny) bitzaw3eenlich 12 yahel? Yuma yuma yuma!

  13. 13 do0da

    im flexible on the 60 thing :p

    i think a wife and kids might change that

    as for the weirdness ur just in denial πŸ˜›

  14. 14 kella met2a5er

    Mashallah ya7leilha, allah ye5aleeha lekom inshallah =)

    Kids, the greatest gift from God, el7emdilla.

  15. 15 Rawr

    It freaks me out how I can go from laughter to tears in a second
    how I manage to depress myself
    it freaks me out… that sometimes I question reality…

    A seems like a nice person, guess we all have people like that? or several? … hmm
    loved it, as always.

  16. 16 Eulalia

    the fact that the size of my nose fluctuates through out the day…i kid you not

  17. 17 ..::Amu::..

    so cute πŸ™‚

  18. 18 Purgatory

    I do not get freaked about myself.

  19. 19 Balqees

    M: Fi dodo meni! (You're hurt there!)
    Amethyst: Adri *Pouts* (I know)
    M kisses the bruise: Al7een etrou7 eldudu:) (It'll go now)<<< SO CUTE YA GALBOOOO MASHALLAH

    and i cry too i like cry actually, it does make me feel better, but i don't like crying infront of ppl, coz ma aby abyen eno i'm week, stupid i know but thats how i feel

    too much things freak me out, i gonna think and get back to on that

  20. 20 Amethyst

    Ruby Woo
    Okay, the dream thing is freaky!

    Hehe, I have a feeling they will!;p

    I’m not weird!

    Kella Met2a5er
    Allah ysalmek:)

    Very true!

    That first one is like Sou:)

    I question reality as well.. It’s okay;p

    I only have one of A. I’m glad you enjoyed it;)

    Okay, seriously?!;O


    You, of all people, should freak yourself out;p

    Hehe, I know!

    I don’t cry in front of people either:)

    Take your time. The post will be here waiting..

  21. 21 F.

    I think you and A are more alike than you actually know.

    It freaks me out that I’m not very decisive.

  22. 22 KTDP

    “what freaks you out about yourself ?”

    dunno really …. far too many to list without being a blog hog …..

  23. 23 Amethyst

    I know we’re alike. It makes me proud:)

    Hehe, that’ll pass!


    You’re welcome to be one:)

    Follow Do0da’s example;p

  24. 24 Purgatory

    Why, because I am beautiful?

  25. 25 Amethyst

    That and because you’re strange:)

  26. 26 N.

    lol @ wolf story! That reminds me of liar liar and jim carry’s “The claw!” :p

    What freaks me about myself sometimes, are my eccentric tendencies.

  27. 27 Amethyst


    Those just make you special;)

  28. im too much of a chicken ;p and i cry way too much ;p and mabrook 3al new wordpress !! ur on our side now!!!! ;p

  29. Enchantuer
    Lol! Never noticed that;p

    Yeah, allah ybarek feech. I’m loving it! πŸ˜‰

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