"What are you all about?" -C.

A: Why do you think a lot?
Amethyst: I don’t know.
A: Nothing is for no reason.
Amethyst: I know.
A: So, why do you think so much?
Amethyst: It’s normal to think about things that concern you or people you love and care about, and there always has to be someone going through something.
A: Right.
Amethyst: This book is funny.
A: Radaina 3ala the book?!
Amethyst: Wallah! 7ada ytha7ek!
A: Drop the book and look at me.
Amethyst: Okay?
A: You need to get a grip.
Amethyst: I know. I will when I get back.
A: No, you need to get a grip now, before you lose it completely.
Amethyst: I know.
A: Red lights like that, can’t count, a3sab, excessive thinking, sleepless nights, not eating.. Get a grip.
Amethyst: Inshallah:)
A: No fake smiles. Not with me, anyway.
Amethyst: Okay
A: What the hell is going on with you?
Amethyst: Nothing. I just feel misplaced. Like I’m in the wrong time and place?
A: No, elaborate..
Amethyst: I don’t feel like it. You want food?

Lesson learned: No matter what, people who read you can do it all the way. You can’t fake it. You got them used to knowing everything about you. And when you decide to withdraw, it scares them. And it also scares you.


No more school from 8-4

Finals will be over on the 5th!

I need a massage.

I already miss my jam3a buddies;(

Fishbowl is funny;p

I really miss J;*

I.Need.Sleep. Pills?


26 Responses to “"What are you all about?" -C.”

  1. 1 HQ

    whos a?
    where are you guys sitting?

  2. 2 Amethyst

    My magician:)

    Our library..

  3. 3 ├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤

    sleep well and try to focus in ur finals, and STOP THINKING ALOT, its not healthy ;p

  4. 4 Ruby Woo

    tara sleeping pills are bad! They’re quite addictive and once you start using them, you get way too dependant on them.

  5. 5 FourMe

    Don’t go down the sleeping pills road..

  6. 6 Sou

    I miss you too. 😦 Although I’d like to think I escalated from “jam3a buddy” status to “fantastic person I can’t live without” status. :p

    Oh, and don’t you even think of taking sleeping pills! I’ll hunt you down!

  7. 7 A Journal Entry

    i need a sleeping pill righ now! =(

  8. 8 Um Mit3ib

    jarbay “simply sleep” wa7da ibwa7da;p

  9. 9 Dandoon

    that is so true:)

    fishbowl mal sarah mlynowski? if it is, i agree, it is a funny book;)

  10. 10 KTDP

    schools out for summer !!!!!! {insert guitar riff here}

    pills work …..

  11. 11 do0da

    you keep on thinkin this much u might end up needing to have ur head checked too, but dont worry i can wait so that we do it together :p

    On a more serious note, u should try actually talking to A

  12. 12 Amethyst

    It’s not healthy?:)

    Ruby Woo
    I know.

    But wouldn’t you consider them if you haven’t been able to sleep for days?

    I’m already there, but I’m not addicted. They get taken away;p

    Hehe, you have! But I call you all my jam3a buddies;p

    Umm.. but finals are soon;\

    A Journal Entry
    I know how that feels!

    Um Mit3ib
    Will do!;p


    Yeah, I’m not even done yet;p


    I know! Love them;\

    Good. Be patient. I might just end up needing it more than you do;p

    I can’t for so many reasons:)

  13. 13 The Archer

    Miss you too 😦 La7tha, I am one of your buddies, right? :/

    God.. I cannot agree more with “A”. Listen to “A”. “A” knows best! lol.. I sound weird :p~

    Aham shay al7een derastich.. so, drop everything now and pick them up when you’re done.

    You’re putting your body through an awful lot here.. it’s not healthy at all. And don’t say “I can’t help it” cos you can. Everybody can. You might not know yourself like you think you do.

    No pills. Trust me. You don’t need them. Would killing off all the people that are causing you these sleepless nights help? If yes, just say the word and I’m there.

    And just tell him already that he’s one of the reasons you think too much. Now.


  14. 14 Amethyst

    The Archer
    You’re more than just one of my buddies;*

    A doesn’t know a thing at the moment:)

    Uuuhh.. Since when has studying been an issue for me?

    I’m not. What am I putting it through?

    The demented you has to show up somewhere;)

    I did. One of the reasons. But what about the rest of them?


  15. 15 do0da

    if you cant 5ala9 goleely o ana agoola 😛

    I’m no magician bes il learn to juggle if that will help :p

    ive been in A’s place quite alot and its not a pretty place at a time like this. If you can’t tell him everything, tell him all u can and see how that goes.

    Oh and A comes off as a good friend so i challenge ur multiple cant reasons and restate ur need to talk :p

  16. 16 Amethyst

    You wish I’d tell you!

    Whether you juggle or not, it won’t get you anywhere near A’s magic;p

    Not possible. I can either spill everything or keep it all to myself. And I’m clearly going for the latter whether you challenge my can’t reasons or not!

  17. 17 F.

    I love A!


  18. 18 Amethyst

    I love A, too. More than I show.

    I hope not:)

  19. 19 Harlow

    A lesh wayid dash/a ib a5laqich?

  20. 20 Hamitaf La b

    Panadol night does wonders…

    And thinking too much ain’t good my friend…. sometimes just think about nothing… thinking a lot hurts like crazy (emotionally, mentally and physically!)… so try to just take a breather 🙂

  21. 21 rawr

    is a someone in your head? if so, thats really smart! Not to mention a bit creepy.
    Loved that last bit, so true.

    Hope whatever your getting through will solve itself out, your not alone…

  22. 22 Balqees

    ohhhhh ya5i wallah i got addicted to massages wallah :S

    mama says its not good but i don’t care ahm shay i feel good 😛

  23. 23 jesterat314

    ‘I miss J’
    J wouldn’t be Jester by any chance (sorry i had to try anyway :P)
    I hope these conversations continue with A.. i want to know more..

  24. 24 Amethyst

    Because I let A into my life. If it weren’t for A, I wouldn’t be me:)

    Hamitaf La B
    I know..

    I meditate in between;p

    No, A isn’t imaginary:)

    I hope it works out for everyone..

    Yeah, I don’t care either as long as I get my hour of bliss;p

    Hehe, you wish;p

    They will. Don’t worry. You’ll know more than you want to know:)

  25. 25 haj

    i miss u more wallah ;* … It feels like forever!!!

    Im concerned babe, I feel like i dunno what ur going through. We needa talk;*

  26. 26 Amethyst

    I know;*

    I said I’d e-mail you, but I can’t seem to get to it. I will soon. I promise;*

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