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The Transcendental Female*

She could not help but feel excited about reading something she can completely relate to. She wakes up early Friday morning to the page she opened her photocopied package to last night. She has always had a feminist in her, and that led her to believe that every female is born with that side. As a female grows, she either submits to the patriarchal society she lives in, or she nurtures the feminist within and takes on the challenge other women have started before her.
The introduction of the assigned reading triggers her already established annoyance for fairy tales. Since she turned four, her parents have been subjected to an interrogation after reading her such stories. Why does it always have to be the prince who picks the princess? Why can’t the princess save herself? Why isn’t there a monster instead of a witch? Her parents have soon given up and bought her books that were not fairy tales. Stories she can read alone without having to interrogate them, but she always found someone to ask. Her uncle has become the usual victim. Soon, he introduced her to the world of Hans Christian Andersen, where there is only a subliminal partially dangerous happily ever after.
As the reading gets more and more interesting, she realizes that she is merely reading beliefs she has previously attacked from all sides before defending in her somewhat opposing society. She has argued that marriage should not be a female’s ultimate social goal in countless gatherings. Women should know themselves and feel complete before allowing the presence of a man. She remembers all her friends who have been done wrong by men only to become a shame to the female race by exclaiming that they might not be able to find a man closer to perfect that the one that has made them feel worthless. It is true what her wiser female relatives say, all men are really just one man.
She agrees that gender discrimination spread through religion. After all, the most popular books are holy ones, and what do these advocate? The infamous Biblical story that blames Eve for the fall of humanity and the theory that Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs are only a couple. Furthermore, people do not question stories presented religiously; therefore, they believe them and blindly advocate them whether they are true or altered to suit male dominance.
Proud that she knows most of the names that are considered leading feminist activists, she is even more proud that these women unite in the idea that women should be equal to men, regardless of their background and lifestyle. She really believes that if that goal is accomplished, and it will take centuries, the world would be a better place. Women will learn to live a life that will contribute “to the world of reality and not to the world of men.”
She giggles at the idea that she is a “madwoman in the attic” to male chauvinists. What would all the sexist critics they have previously discussed in class think of this? It is a theory that disputes them all. Women to them are inferior to men, but in this theory, the script is definitely balanced if not flipped.
She smiles as she finishes the reading, realizing that feminists are wrongly perceived as haters of men. They do not hate men; they just despise those who think they have the right to take away their freedom of choice of lifestyle because of their gender. She seats herself before a blank document and places her female hands to type a response entitled The Transcendental Female. For once, she does not leave the title for last.

*One of my theory assignments for Z and N.

37 Responses to “Marx”

  1. 1 chika

    I love it!Yes I am no men hater, I love them! but it’s hard because we all have our insecurities.. i love this post!

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Hehe, thanks:)

  3. 3 FourMe

    I couldn’t stop laughing towards the paragraph before the last.. I was just imagining the look on all the males faces as they read it!

    You have outdone yourself with piece of writing. Even though its biased but it is simply magnificent from a woman’s point of view.

    Our little one is no herd follower and that’s how I believe all women should be. Each creating her own world and not falling into what is expected of her. But then you would be perceived as abnormal..

    Simply poshlusty πŸ™‚

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Hehe, good. I was giggling as I was typing it;p

    Thank you;*

    Abnormal is better than blending into the boring conformity of our society, no?

    Poshlusty, indeed;)

  5. 5 FourMe

    Do I need to give my opinion of which I prefer? πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait for the boys to comment would love to see what they come up with heheh πŸ˜›

  6. 6 Amethyst

    Hehe, not at all!

    I KNOW!

    *Impatiently shakes her foot*

  7. 7 purelyorchid

    Abnormal is good… it’s better than the uniform that society has decided to put on (so out of fashion;p)… amazing piece of writing mashalla!

  8. 8 Amethyst

    It’s excellent;)

    Not only is it out of fashion, it’s also patched and hastily sewn together.

    Thank you:)

  9. 9 Eulalia

    amethyst you speak my words :*

  10. 10 Γ‚me
  11. 11 Γ‚me

    Marx’s theory failed is a fact.

    Why it failed is questionable.

    Now another essay on feminism.

    Let me clarify first, that i am not a male chauvinist and would rather see things objectively.

    1. Males are stronger physically.
    2. Most of the societies are male dominated.
    3. Gender has its roles defined according to the body’s composition.
    4. Strong dominates the weak.
    5. Discrimination is human right to intelligence.

    For centuries these facts survived and processes were formed on them.

    Religious books spread gender discrimination partially*

    As world changed dramatically over past 3 centuries, new roles for work for each gender were defined.

    Adapting to such change is still at large, a failure when it comes to domestic life of men and women.
    –(can relate here that why divorce rates in urban cities are more than those of rural)

    And misconceptions created there spread into different spheres of life including work space.

    Gender role management while understanding changes is crucial, if at all there should be a balance.

    Men realize that they are idiots only later when they realize that women are as important as they are.

    ~ Soul

  12. 12 Anonymous

    amethyst its your cousin T.
    ma 3nde shay agoola.
    (mstanis tawne achik il 7rka ina agder i comment fa lama itkoon 3nde salfa i will comment)
    bye. πŸ˜‰

  13. 13 Amethyst

    I hope that goes for every girl out there!;)

    That’s not me in Kuwait Times:)

    I like this article. I love how there is an allusion to 1984. And I do agree with the fact that this is getting out of hand..

    On Marx, I’m glad his theory failed.

    Fact no. 3 is questionable. Gender roles are not determined by body composition, they are determined by society.

    “Men realize that they are idiots only later when they realize that women are as important as they are.”

    What if they do not realize it at all?

    Ahlain, 7ayak Allah. Mu chena taw elnass?

    Btw, if you comment under the Name/URL option, you can have T rather than AnonymousπŸ˜‰

  14. 14 do0da

    Why can’t the princess save herself?

    Cause then she won’t be able to get laid and live happily ever after !

    why does it always have to be the prince who picks the princess?

    not always in shrek the princess choose shrek over prince charming πŸ˜› HA !

    o and for every evil witch there’s and evil wizard =P ne more fairy tale questions i can answer ?

    one a more serious note; i’ve supported my fair share of feminists bes like everything ull always have a few who really are man haters. Just cuz i dont agree with a woman it doesnt mean im sexist ! i CANT stand those!

    o and all men are really just one man i wana hear em say that after meeting me :p

  15. 15 Amethyst

    She can live happily ever after without getting laid!

    Shrek wasn’t existent when I was 4!

    Name them! Name the wizards!

    Men haters are funny;p

    Hehe, ya enta. Yal theqa. I’m sure they’ll stick to their saying;p

  16. 16 Γ‚me

    They still continue to be idiots, if they dont.

    Fact 3 is justified scientifically based on our hormones and genetic makeup based on gender.

    (Did you know that female brain is much more developed than male brain)

    ~ Soul

  17. 17 do0da

    I didnt say she couldnt im just saying she wants both or else why wait ? When a princess stays kidnapped its just her way of saying im officially on the market for a princecharming πŸ˜›

    Ok so shrek is a bit too old bes its there now so see theyr fixing it πŸ˜› ooo ok ok Beauty choose the beast !! he didnt think he could have her she choose him shes no princess i knw bes still πŸ˜›

    wizards; the wizard of oz wasnt exactly a good guy πŸ˜› he was scamming everyone and yes they had an evil witch but they also had a good witch πŸ˜›

    and if i may generalize and call out bad guys instead of wizards il say the guy who took Pinocchio and extorted his talents

    oo and when i wrote that line i was thinking of the smurfs he does count as a wizard doesn’t he sharshabeel rox :p

    oo and in the end i was refering to my weirdness more than anything else πŸ˜›

  18. 18 Amethyst

    I’m not convinced. All your arguments fail to make me budge mentally, but I’m amused;p

    Mako 3ala Hans Christian Andersen: no damsels in distress, no happily ever afters, just a story that will make you think!

    Lol, your weirdness? Dude, all men are weird. I think you just got a bit more than the others. The saying still stands;p

  19. 19 do0da

    fine πŸ˜› if u think my weirdness is normal il let u believe that =P

  20. 20 Amethyst

    I didn’t say it was normal. I said you got a bit more than the others. Fi farg;p

  21. 21 Z

    Thanks, Amethyst;-)

  22. 22 Nas Chethi

    Dooda said:

    “Why can’t the princess save herself?

    Cause then she won’t be able to get laid and live happily ever after”

    If anything, your comment shows that you are just like the majority of men πŸ™‚

    Sorry, but you failed to step out of the stereotypical box.

    if you believe that being saved will lead to “getting laid” and therefore “happinesS” then, young man, you really need to rethink.

    First of all, why wouldn’t a woman (or princess in this context) get laid if she saved herself? Is it because this will just push the man away because she is no longer “passive” or “receptive” or “weak”?

    Second off, why do you think that being laid is the path to happiness? Do you think that her happiness is only realized with a man?

    You need to be careful when you “attempt” to answer such questions. Don’t if you are not well-informed about this topic. You are just reproducing what the blogger Amethyst and others are trying to deconstruct.

    Sorry. No hard feelings. Just had to explain this to you.

  23. 23 do0da

    to Nas Chethi

    first off its a joke

    2ndly i also said with regards to the She can live happily ever after without getting laid!

    I didnt say she couldnt im just saying she wants both or else why wait ? When a princess stays kidnapped its just her way of saying im officially on the market for a princecharming πŸ˜›

    so seee joke you cant possibly take that seriously and come up with a personality analysis! besides when it comes to talkin about sex with regards to fairy tale princesses i find it kind of hard to take such a conversation seriously and therefore be careful about it.

    But to simply kill my boredome i will answer ur questions:

    1) i didnt link happiness and getting laid i said she wanted both meaning the woman just wants to get laid she knws she can have the happily ever after no reason why not opt to get laid during it

    2)She can save herself and then look for a man nothing wrong with that bes why go look for one when u can wait for a prince charming to come knocking at ur doorstep

    3) Again i said she wants to get laid kaifha 5o witha man witha woman ana mali shu’3l put a lesbo princess ina fairytale and have her go after a woman its not my fault they end with a happily ever after or if she wants to be single all her life than she can just save herself instead of stay in the tower waiting for prince or in the lesbo case princess charming

    n dont worry no hard feelings taken and i understand if u ignored all this drivel cuz in the end thats all i was doing here but if i were to point one thing out thou u need to be carefull when u call ppl out over a useless conv such as hypothetical fairytale princess since it can really give the wrong impression of u being one of the man haters i was talking about. Just cause i mention one case of a woman needing a man to save her n then her desire to get laid doesnt mean i think ALL women are weak. especially since i didnt think it necessary to be well informed to answer hypothetical fairytale questions

  24. 24 Nas chethi


    No need to be prickly πŸ˜‰ and what’s up with “man haters?” lol what does this have to do with anything?
    I was just trying to exchange ideas with someone who claims to be an open minded and maybe “feminists supporter” man.

    “useless conv such as hypothetical fairytale princess”

    Useless? lol and hypothetical fairy tales? Really? Sorry! I’m tongue-tied!!!! Have you ever read or come across The Madwoman in The Attic? it’s one of the most prominent and complicated books in the feminist world and guess what? It is based on fairy tales. I recommend it though it might take ages to read it!

    Anyway, thanks for your comment and good night, dooda.

    Sorry Amethyst for this. I should keep my ideas to myself.

  25. 25 do0da

    i didnt read the book nor did i mention it i was talking about amethysts 4 yr old questions

    again my bad for thinking such questions are useless had i known people actually cared about the sex lives of fairy tale princesses i wouldve avoided the topic bes i had a feeling amethyst would get the joke :p

    as for the man hater comment im just saying u cant pick out one meaningless conversation ( ok so the meaninglessness of this conv is debatable ) and then go on coming up with analysis of a how i might think a woman is to weak to save her self and how her happiness is only linked with “the powerful man”. Im just saying u cant thru such accusations based on a line said in jest. Regardless of how shitty my humor is πŸ˜›

    And you dont have to keep ur ideas to yourself, bil3ax as prickly as my comment may have come over i dont mind debating this adri its not the place ( we’ll get out of ur hair pretty soon amethyst πŸ˜› ) but o well. Good night.

  26. 26 Nas chethi

    I didn’t know you were ‘joking’ because you sounded serious plus the ‘line said in jest’ was elaborated and extended by you in your second comment to Amethyst! lol! So how would I know?

    And excuse my annoying analytical mood, but it’s not about “the sex lives of princess” as you just said. Princesses are metaphorical πŸ™‚ they represent women. They represent the image of woman that is established in us since childhood . Still, even though it is metaphorical, it does not mean the “sex lives” of women. It’s more like a view of the patriarchal society. A very general and constructive one. Nothing against men.

    Anyway, next time I will make sure to ask the person whether they were joking or not before I discuss anything.

    Yeah, so again, good night and thanks for this interesting discussion.

  27. 27 F.

    I miss you ;*

    I don’t really like being labeled as feminist…
    I call for equality between the sexes.

  28. 28 nyxxie

    Hilarious parag. before the last

    Dooda – you’re such a typical guy.

  29. 29 Amethyst


    Nas Chethi
    You can have all the discussions you want here. Why else would I have my blog open to anonymous commentators?;)

    I got the joke. But you suffer the consequences of those who don’t;p

    I miss you, too;*

    This is it. A feminist calls for equality between the sexes:)


    Tara a7eb Do0da!

  30. 30 do0da

    to nyxxie,

    il tell u you wat i told my friend; min mita was snow whites sex life so important to the history of the feminist movement ?

    if that makes me a typical guy then so be it πŸ˜› il still make fun of princesses for being just princesses rather than representations of what women should be like cuz u sure as hell wont see me prancing around in a white horse pretending to be an accurate representation of prince charming.

  31. 31 do0da

    sadly its my fault, and to think i lasted this long without mentioning how much i bet Beauty was a little sad she never got to do it with the beast b4 he turned human. Can you imagine the consequences of that πŸ˜› ?

  32. 32 Amethyst

    Lol! You’re a perv!

  33. 33 do0da

    gilt beauty was a bit sad mo ana πŸ˜›
    ana mali shu’3l feeha o her suppossed fantasy πŸ˜›

  34. 34 Amethyst

    Yeah, cuz you didn’t come up with that fantasy for her;p

  35. 35 Nas chethi

    I came back to see if there are any additions to our discussion and now i read this directed to yet another person:
    “min mita was snow whites sex life so important to the history of the feminist movement ?”

    Know what? I regret wasting my precious time on you Dooda πŸ™‚ You contradict yourself. You don’t make sense. You are worse than men. You even fail to see the symbolism and metaphor of all this. You lack many skills of analysis. The men I know are very educated and and very good conversationalists. Now I know why you insisted that it’s about “men haters” it seems that you have issues with women and you hate them. Grow up. Eat your vegetables. And READ.

    I know this might make Amethyst change her mind about Anonymous option but I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry. I am just making up for the time i wasted on him by wasting another min on the truth that must be said.

  36. 36 Amethyst

    Nas Chethi
    I hope I don’t regret this later, but I’ll never change my mind about the Anonymous option.

    You’re welcome to make any comments you feel you want to make:)

  37. 37 do0da

    so now i hate women cuz i make fun of snow whites sex life πŸ˜›

    Again i repeat i dont care about the symbolism and metaphors in these stories cause i didn’t talk about the stories themselves! i was talking about their sex lives unless u’ve read a different X rated snow white who actually had a sex life then fine call me a dumb ass woman hater but i doubt they sell those so lighten up take a joke and not every sentence is an attack. It is clear my way of humor shoots right over ur head so if they keep offending you this much ignore me lana im bound to make fun of beauty and the beast one last time.

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