Outline: Deconstructing Andersen

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I wish I could spend the weekend sleeping, reading, and watching movies.

More adventures in class with Sou

*Amethyst hasn’t slept for more than twenty four hours and has been working her behind off to get things in before deadlines. Class is extremely boring.*

Sou: Amethyst?

Amethyst: Hmm? Hmm? What?

Sou *staring at Amethyst*: You look like you fell asleep.

Amethyst: I did… with my eyes open.

Sou: Did you know that Khaldeya have big ants? Which means they have bigger asses, and you can see them!

Amethyst: I don’t want to know.

*The example being discussed in class for analyzing felicity conditions is “There is an ant coming towards you.”*

Sou: If an ant was coming towards me, I’d be like: “Hello, what color is your thong today?”

Amethyst: LOL!

What is the Kuwaiti equivalent of the word cute?


42 Responses to “Outline: Deconstructing Andersen”

  1. 1 do0da

    LOL 😛 i once slept with my eyes open kint ib bait 3amy 😛 faj2a my cousin sees me freaks out and they all come in and stare at me then they all left 😛 They told me this the following morning =/ its like ATLEAST take a pic or something i feel bad i missed it :r

    oh u dont honestly expect me to help u out with an arabic related question 😛

  2. 2 Purgatory

    What with your ant fetish! it is always about ants, ants and ants.

    And wtf! two guys having sex cartoon ;p

  3. 3 Amethyst

    Lol! Yeah, you have the right to see what you looked like!


    It’s an inside joke web;p

    Hehe, yeah. This is probably my “unconscious” being affected by reading Freud late at night and early dawn;p

  4. 4 FourMe

    cute= e7laiwa ??

    your blog is turning into the Chronicles of an Ant’s Arse lol

    dear get some sleep before you collapse!

  5. 5 Anonymous

    cute = eshaaaaaaaawig

  6. 6 Amethyst

    Not quite

    Hehe, I know! I blame it on Sou!;p

    I slept for an hour, back to working now:)

    Eshawig = appealing

  7. 7 haj


  8. 8 Amethyst

    Lol, that’s what first came to my mind, too;p

  9. 9 brown-suger

    😛 madry cute is cute i guess.. 😛 ana agool instead KATKOOT lol

  10. 10 Amethyst

    I use that, too;p

  11. 11 Eulalia

    cute= mdamlog..i think thts how they say it.

  12. 12 Amethyst

    I can’t even pronounce that!;O

  13. 13 Eulalia


  14. 14 Amethyst

    Mdalgam is cute? 3abali ya3ni it’s small/petite..

  15. 15 Eulalia

    I CANT BELIEVE YOU CAN TURN ANTS INTO SOMETHING DIRTY!!….the human mind never seizes to surprise me :p

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Hehe, we’re not perverted.

    It’s a long story. Read the first part about adventures of having classes with Sou. You’ll get it;p

  17. 17 Eulalia

    oh i think u can use it for both.

  18. 18 Amethyst

    Hmm, possibly..

  19. 19 likeairillrise

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ityanin” the only “cute” equivalent that I could think of.:)

  20. 20 jesterat314

    The ant story deserves a post alone !!
    cute = zoaqa

  21. 21 kila ma6goog


  22. 22 Silver

    u have the most..interesting..conversations;p

    i think cute= eshawig? or zoqa?

  23. 23 Jawa

    I wonder where you and your friend come up with these ideas;p
    Cute.. definitely Zoqa

  24. 24 Princess

    madre wat cute is in arabic :S and shloon nayma oo ur eyes open????

  25. 25 ..::Amu::..

    lol the pic is hilarious…. i never used to be a big fan of these comic and now i just love them!

  26. 26 purelyorchid

    hehehehe haven’t we all tried the sleeping with our eyes open;p… isn’t the translation ishawig?

  27. 27 Amethyst


    I know! But it hasn’t ended yet;)

    Kila Ma6goog
    How very original;p

    I know!;)

    Hehe, from our minds. This is what literature does to people. It broadens all of your horizons, regardless;p

    Wala ana;p

    Ee, you’re not awake w your eyes are open!

    I’m glad!;p

    But only Do0da and I nailed it!;D


  28. 28 Big Pearls

    hmm never thought about cute in arabic,,when I need the word I just say cute..I think it would be katkoota:p

  29. 29 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    Lol, I use that, too!;p

  30. 30 Sou

    Chronicles of an Ant’s Arse?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Amethyst, they think ants’ arses are taking it too far; I don’t think they’ll cope very well with the other things we talk about. :p

  31. 31 Feminist™

    “I wish I could spend the weekend sleeping, reading, and watching movies.”

    thats my life ,, wanna exchange ;p ?

    lol the comic is funny ;p

  32. 32 Amethyst


    I know! Keep those where they belong;p

    Hehe, only for a weekend:)

  33. 33 kella met2a5er

    Cute=ya7lealha……if its a guy talking!!

    Cute=yeshawwig…….it its a girl talking!!

    You are welcome =)

  34. 34 Amethyst

    Kella Met2a5er
    Hehe, la2a;p

  35. 35 enchanteurs

    loool!! i gotta see those 5aldiya ants ! 😛

  36. 36 Amethyst

    I’m sure Sou would recreate them for you in Dr. H’s office;p

  37. 37 Um Mit3ib

    eshaaaaaaaaaaaweg 😛 is the equivalent;p

  38. 38 Amethyst

    Um Mit3ib
    Lol, even though I use it, it’s not the equivalent;p

  39. 39 N.

    The khaldiya have had contact with some chemical in the science dpt, and have been modified using bioengineering from the engineering dept =p

    Things appear in an all new light now!

    Cute is like “nice”, it is too generic to have an Arabic meaning. Our knowledge of Arabic is just lacking and I’m sure we could find more descriptive words that fit the meaning of cute better.

    (hmm rereading what I wrote, did I just say we don’t know the Arabic word for cute but in a complex way? :p)

  40. 40 Amethyst

    Lol, very possible;p

    Hehe, yeah, you did.. But that’s just cute;)

  41. 41 Lone Ranger'ess

    cute is cute, but if necessary then i’d go with mamloo7, only cuz jameel is for pretty..

    and “mdalgum” means a bit chubby..

    hope ur feeling better;)

  42. 42 Amethyst

    Lone Ranger’ess
    Cute is cute, and jameel is hot to me;p

    I’m feeling better:)

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