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My urge to blog is half dead.

So, this morning I went to the clinic to check on something, and I’m not big on going to doctors unless it’s the dentist. I have this fear of heading to the clinic all alone. Don’t ask. It’s just there. Anyway, so I went and asked for a female doctor, but I got a male doctor instead. I had to go back to the reception and emphasize that I wanted a female doctor. So, I got annoyed that I wasn’t given much importance the first time I asked.

In the waiting area, people kept turning to see if the number flashing on the screen changed everytime the elevator ding-dong sound rang out. You just heard the frickin’ sound that tells you that the number changed! It’s a prolonged beep not a ding-dong! Testahbeloun?! Everything was ten times more annoying because I was freaking out.

When it was finally my turn, I stepped in, and the doctor was… scary? She looked plastic. She had bright orange nails! And when I explained to her that I had a rash and what not, she got up to lock the door, so I could take off my shirt and show her the rash. I had images of her scraping it off with her long bright orange nails.

I think that was the very last time I go to see a doctor alone. Seriously. Annoyances and suspense multiplies and add to my nonsensical phobia. It’s just not okay. I need to breathe.

33 Responses to “Wall & Piece”

  1. 1 ..::Amu::..

    y do doctors have to put nail polish? I dont think its hygenic, is it?

  2. 2 Amethyst

    I have no idea, but bright orange on long nails?;\

  3. 3 manutdfanatic

    Funny, mine is too. I wanted to blog about a number of things the last few days actually, but each time I’d sign in and try to get myself to put them down, there you go…an excess of I don’t know what. =/

    Bright orange. Long nails. Tacky.

    So, what was the rash about? An allergic reaction?

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Yes! I know exactly how you feel.



  5. 5 KTDP

    I trained in a place where it was policy not to wear make-up, nail polish or fragrances. Piercings were allowed though (only studs).

    I then came over to this place where everyday is like a fashion show …..

  6. 6 Amethyst

    Life’s cruel like that;p

  7. 7 Grey

    SO you took your shirt off right?

  8. 8 Amethyst


  9. 9 Balqees


    is itok if i laugh?? i’m not laughing it just … no i’m laughing at u looooool *jk*

    but that was really funny u should read it again and u’ll findit funny u know

    but don’t worry tra ana kman a5af from the doctors m3 eno i go to them all the time 3shan ana marrah awswe when i feel sick so kl youm na6ah 3ndhom 😛

    anyhoo slamat o ma teshoofeen shar and hope that rash goes

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Hehe, hey!

    I don’t find it funny! Kanat 7ad`ha etkhare3 weya her nails.


    Allah ysalmech;*

  11. 11 kila ma6goog

    also in kuwait

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Of course:)

  13. 13 haj

    Just reading about you going there made me feel weird. I hate going to the doctors. Worst place ;/

  14. 14 Amethyst


  15. 15 Eulalia

    i have doctorphobia seriously i hate going to the doc. alon whether it was a man or a woman…its just…ekh!

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Yeah, there’s some kind of violation..

  17. 17 eshda3wa

    there should be a very strict dress code for docs..
    image matters

  18. 18 Amethyst

    It does!

  19. 19 Big Pearls

    I hate wearing nail polish for work..especially bright colors..this is one of the reasong I rarely use nail polish.

  20. 20 Aurouus

    doctors are not supposed to wear nail polish!!!!
    Why don’t they just understand that it’s bad for their image!!

  21. 21 V!Ce...

    u poor babe ;**
    ma9adig u prefer the dentist ovr others… shit tht place is…. HELL.. all of thm… no freakin exceptions ):

    althu i like it lama my mouth is all numb and tht thing drills in and i am not feeling a thing…

  22. 22 likeairillrise

    Ahhhhh…the bright orange nails scratching your rash…. (I’m a very visual person)

  23. 23 The Archer

    Yaaaaay. You went. Wa a5eeeran 😀

    Umm.. scraping the rash off with her nails. Honey. I’m not the only one who’s demented anymore :p~

    I’m sorry for your bad experience. 😦

    You need to RELAX Ame’s. You’re too young for this much stress. Bassich!

    *knows that Ame’s is staring blankly at him*

    *The Archer smiles and pretends nothing is happening*

  24. 24 Ruby Woo

    i’m wearing orange nailpolish thank you very much

  25. 25 Silver

    looool…sorry but its funny;p;p

    u know…my urge to blog is slowly decaying as well.. :/

    is it blogger syndrome?

  26. 26 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    Good for you!

    They just don’t;\

    A7eb eldentist. Teeth obsession.

    Enough said;p

    I know! Sa7?! 7ada AAAAAHHH!

    The Archer
    Ee, I went..

    I’ll never be as demented as you are!



    *Continues to stare blankly through you*

    Ruby Woo
    Everyone is suddenly wearing orange nail polish!

    It’s not;(


    Big possibility!

  27. 27 Hamitaf La B

    Wow… I hate doctors too…. its like a traumatizing experience… especially when they ask you to strip… they don’t say it nicely… they just go … “ESHLA7EE”!!


  28. 28 Amethyst

    Hamitaf La B
    Lol! ESHLA7EE!

  29. 29 Ruby Woo

    mine look pretty. My nails are not hookerish long.

  30. 30 Um Mit3ib

    aseerrlich ur urge to blog ;p

  31. 31 Amethyst

    Ruby Woo
    Hehe, that I knew without you having to tell me;p

    Ya after my liver;p

  32. 32 do0da

    goin alone is not that bad, ive been to the hospital alone during 3eed when i was in dbai kan za7ma o na6irooni 2 hrs 3ala dori but they had cartoon network on so i didnt mind 😛 not to mention i actually like the whole hospital smell ive been there so many times theres no way for me to not like it 😛

    oo and wats with highlighter like nail polish ?? In me last semester a few girls were wearing colors like that didnt think it would actually catch on =|

  33. 33 Amethyst

    Why am I not surprised? This just adds to you already acquired weirdness;p

    Madry! Today one of the girls in class had bright orange nail polish on one hand, bright pink nail polish on the other hand, and bright turquoise nail polish on one foot.. I didn’t see the other foot. Ew?

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