An Uncomforting Rash

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A girl is parked at a cafe next to her college. She sits in her car, her friend accompanying her in the passenger seat. They’re waiting for a friend. The friend parks next to them. Why bother getting a table at the cafe when she has to run an errand and come back again? They’ll just say good morning in the car. Her friend joins them and sits in the back seat. They start talking. It won’t take long. The friend has class in a bit.

A police car parks behind her. The cop leans on her window. She brings it down. He asks for their IDs. They hand over their IDs. He asks the friend to leave the car. He gives them a lecture on morality and ethics. He threatens to drag them to the police office and get them expelled from university. He insists that if their fathers found out, they would slap them senseless. Apparently, they are violating their religion. Apparently, they are violating the laws of their country. Apparently, the cop is not a hypocrite. She sits there, taking control of her anger to make sure they pull through.

Two girls and a guy parked in public to say good morning and have a chat. Infidels. Shame on them. Shame. How dare they? How can they look past their respectable families? How can they think it normal to do such a thing? A scandal! That’s what it is. Shame.

Since when is saying good morning a violation?

53 Responses to “An Uncomforting Rash”

  1. 1 A Journal Entry

    he was spreading his muscles (yafrid 3athalatah ;p)…and he was probably bored!

  2. 2 Amethyst

    A Journal Entry

  3. 3 KTDP

    you should have slapped him …. that would have been cool ….

  4. 4 FourMe

    screw’em! Let them practice what they preach first than start picking on people! If I was you I would of said fine lets go to the station and I wanna be charged for whatever my crime was!

  5. 5 do0da

    I didn’t knw they still do that 😛 alllaaah o with the way our lovely parliment is going we’ll be seeing more of this =]

    i agree with the he was prolly bored thou, i doubt he did it for any other reason.

  6. 6 Dandoon

    what?! shyabee hatha?! ohwa wain o ethics o morality wain itha igoolihum their fathers will slap them senseless o oslooba chithee?

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Hehe, it would have:)

    One has to be considerate of other people involved in the situation:)

    Lol, what would make them stop doing that?

    Yeah, mn shaf lajnat elthawaher eldakheela;p

    Dirty pig.

    Eslooba methel wayha. Ma yeste7i. Hathaila eli they are trying to make our country a better place:)

  8. 8 The Archer

    More demented comics! 😀 I could NOT be more proud.

    *slaps the cop senseless*

  9. 9 Amethyst

    The Archer

    *Sits back to watch and grin*

  10. 10 purelyorchid

    since times have changed… o people think they have a right to uninvited-ly judge ur life and how u live it because they happen to have a beard.

  11. 11 Amethyst

    It’s a screwed up life then:)

  12. 12 enchanteurs

    waaaaaaai3 ! ay shay ;/ narfazni shako feekom !

  13. 13 Amethyst

    What to do?

  14. 14 Don Juan

    beside the lecture and all the bullshit

    he was doing his job which is LAW ENFORCEMENT 🙂

    God blame who blame him on that

  15. 15 Amethyst

    Don Juan
    I do blame him.

    These three friends were parked in a public place. It wasn’t a guy and a girl alone. Even if it was, the setting isn’t right for anything suspicious; broad daylight in a very pulic place.

    When you enforce the law, you do it professionally. You don’t give attitude. Make people want to follow the rules.

    I’m pretty sure most of these officers preach things they don’t believe in:)

  16. 16 aurousxpages

    I suppose females should only talk to females and males to males. @@
    Only then everything will be alright!

  17. 17 Amethyst

    That would turns us into homsexuals;p

    I guess it won’t ever be alright..

  18. 18 Don Juan

    I said before that no need for any lectures or speeches about morals and ehtics because most of them are immoral

    but the problem is ,, you were in the sacred area ,, The Street

    you can’t blame him for doing his job ,, he could have warned you guys and walk away ,, yet because of his ” smart ass ” way of dealing with such stuff ,, you have the right not just to blame him but also to kick his ass 🙂

  19. 19 Amethyst

    Don Juan
    How is the street a scared area?

  20. 20 Big Pearls

    what is wrong with ppl!

  21. 21 jessyz

    Can they do that? Is there some sort of law that prevents people of the opposite sex being in a car together? I understand that certain acts of indecency should be reprimanded but these all include some form of nudity, otherwise people should be free to do as they please.

  22. 22 eshda3wa

    r u serious!

    a9lan he has no rite to stop u for just sitting there

    only if u were physical
    otherwise malah shighl

  23. 23 Don Juan

    well ,, it’s sacred because police men can annoy you at anytime they want just because you’re on the street ,, and you can’t say a single word about it ,, why ,, because ” again ” they are doing there job unless they went too far beyond the borders

    i’m not against you and i’m not the one who judges you ,, it’s just that it goes like that in Kuwait when it comes to law enforcement ,, 🙂

  24. 24 AJ

    So you think you can mime? That was the question flying in my head lol.

    Anyways, those bastards shall die..

  25. 25 Kay Knight

    Why am I not Surprised.

  26. 26 Balqees

    LOOOOOOOOL @ the comic ya5i it was FUUUNNAAAAAY 😛

    anyhoo well u know 3ndna 3adat o t8aleed so i think eno 3aib alwa7d yesool m3 wa7dah in the middle of the street u know, really if the girls moms saw them wesh btgool ??

    bs ana 3an nafsee i don’t think eno feeha shay

  27. 27 N.

    I thought that was strawberry! :p

    About the incident, yeah the officer probably felt a moment of holier than thou. Don’t let it get to you. Obviously he has no right to tell you anything because you weren’t doing anything wrong. He couldn’t even have taken you to the station.

  28. 28 Hamitaf La B

    The police shmuck had no right to ask for the ids…. it wasn’t like something imoral was taking place like say… a make out session…
    PLUS PLUS… it could be a cousin…. a family friend… what the hell…. I would have given that ars hole a piece of my mind!

  29. 29 likeairillrise

    Ma asadig!!!

    This country is so backwards. These close-minded people need to open their eyes and smell the bloody roses!

    As long as you and your family know you haven’t done anything wrong, then to hell with this idiot who probably looks like a twig anyway.

  30. 30 Âme


    The question,
    “Since when is saying good morning a violation?”, excludes a lot of details for it to be specific.

    Its not a violation, however, one cannot expect a conservative society to think in causal ways.

    That explains why you were considerate with your friends by not speaking your mind to the police officer.

    ~ Soul

  31. 31 sweetd

    thats the police for u in kuwait 😉 I just suggest u be more careful next time 😛 I can’t tell u how much I hate them!!! Yesteryday I stopped to order juice from cop wouldnt let me order!! I got sooo mad..anyways…;) live your life the way you want and don’t let things like this effect you 😀

  32. 32 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    I don’t know.

    Apparently there is during late at night. So, the setting was appropriate for them. They didn’t know that though:)

    I’m serious.

    What to do?

    Don Juan
    Their job is sacred. They should do it well.


    I doubt that:)

    Kay Knight
    Like Dr. H said earlier, “no matter how immune to this you think you are, it always hits you hard.”

    She’s right:)


    The mom would join in the conversation.

    As long as they are not hurting other people, this shouldn’t have happened.

    It’s cherry;p

    Sheer annoyance;\

    I know!


    I somewhat feel bad for our society..

    It’s like that.

    It affects me because it goes against everything I believe in..

  33. 33 Amethyst

    Hamitaf La B.
    Oh, well.. What to do?

    There are no roses to them, only thorns.

  34. 34 Harlow

    Qemat il tenerfiz hal salfa.

  35. 35 F.

    Crazy police officer…!

  36. 36 Amethyst

    W qemat elwaqa7a!;\

    I know!

  37. 37 V!Ce...

    WTF was that all about?!!…
    honestly, it’s our pathetic law force that needs EDUCATION on MORALS >__<

  38. 38 ĐǻñĎõøðñ

    amethyst my dear entay mo fahma elsalfa,

    the cop considered it a violation because they said good morning and not salam3laikom which is the offfical ta7eya islamiya,

    and since they didnt use the official ta7eya islamiya, then theyre obviously kuffar

    hence the big deal


  39. 39 Jawa

    mara thanya raf3ay eldiresha o emshay 3annah ;p
    ma yin3a6on wayh elshir6a hal ayam!

  40. 40 Amethyst

    It’s sad. We want so much for our country, and here they are doing all this crap..

    Salam Sister:)

    He blocked her way, or she would have done just that..

  41. 41 ..::Amu::..

    tell me about it!!! they are just fucked up…

  42. 42 Amethyst

    I know;\

  43. 43 Eulalia

    madri i think i understand where hes cumin from ya3ni il 9ara7a mo 7ilwa any guy wether its a friend or not ina yishofonhom this way.

  44. 44 sourire

    I would’ve slapped him!

  45. 45 Amethyst

    Mu 7elwa to who?

    When people get together in any way, they risk being seen, especially since they were out in broad daylight near their college campus which is full of people. If they don’t care, why should he?

    I understand your frustration. Trust me:)

  46. 46 manutdfanatic

    If you think that’s sad, picture this; a brother and a sister mistaken for an overly friendly couple just because she’s hugging him before he disappears into a crowd of sleepy edgy passengers at the airport. I was so upset I actually called the lovely policeman in question a….errr, never mind.

    But that’s Saudi for you; I understand how sad it is to have something like that in Kuwait. Pigs, the lot of them.

    Off-topic, or perhaps not; strawberries and cherries…yum! 😉

  47. 47 Amethyst

    What a… err, nevermind;)

    That’s how it is, unfortuantely.
    Pigs, indeed;\

    Hehe, I don’t like either;p

  48. 48 manutdfanatic

    No way. That, is a violation.

    You would admit that they are cute to look at though, right? =P

  49. 49 Amethyst

    Hehe, cherries not strawberries. Strawberries are ugly;p

  50. 50 manutdfanatic

    They’re not.

    Cartoon illustrations are always cuter, but strawberries are cute anyway.

    Boo you. :p

  51. 51 Amethyst

    They are!


    I’m amused;D

  52. 52 The Queen of Mayhem

    Don’tcha just love hypocrisy.. :))

  53. 53 Amethyst

    The Queen of Mayhem

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