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I really need to mark this as a landmark in my university life:

Adventures of Having Classes with Sou.

Prof: I really can’t explain this (The Cooperative Principle in Discourse Analysis) to a five year old.
Sou: Yeah, unless he’s a prodigy or something..
Prof: From India perhaps!
*Sou turns around and shares a look with Amethyst who gasps, then they both start laughing*

Prof is explaining something about pronounciation in Phonetics and says a word we don’t know. Sou takes out her dictionary and points out “viagra.”

Sou: Why do we have viagra in the dictionary?
Amethyst: Because there’s people who might not know what it is!
Sou: Men have something similar to PMS!
Me: WHAAAT?! Where?
*Sou points out IMS in her dictionary. Both share a look of pure evil then laugh.*

Amethyst has been trying to tell Sou an incident for ten minutes, wedging in a sentence every pause in the discussion. Near the end of the salfa:

Amethyst: So the text message says, “I wish I could just smell your panties.”
*Sou turns around to face Amethyst and has the equivalent of a gasp on her face. They both crack up until they are out of breath continuously for the next ten minutes.*

Phonetics, again.

Amethyst: Sir, fronting a back vowel and vice versa? Huh? I don’t get it.
Prof: Yes, for example: oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo… *looking ridiculous*
Amethyst: Sounds like an ambulance!
*Sou turns around and gives Amethyst a you-did-not-just-say-that look and both crack up*

Prof (addressing Sou): I feel sorry for the man who’s going to end up with you.
Sou: That was mean and hurtful, but I’m going to continue making my point. Whoo-sah. So, as I was saying..

Prof: Playwrighter‘s of that age blah blah blah..
*Amethyst thinking, “playwrightER?!” turns to Sou*
Sou: Shut up.
Amethyst: I didn’t say anything!
Sou: But you were going to.
Amethyst: No, I wasn’t!
Sou: Well, you thought it!

Walking out of class.

Amethyst: UGH! Mali khelg I do the response. Did you see how many pages we have to read?
Sou: Did you see the size of the text?! It’s insanely small! Teez el-namla!

Regarding teez el-namla, in class:

Prof: …being part of an ant colony…
*Amethyst shares a look with The Archer. Both crack up. Amethyst looks at Sou, “Psst, ANT colony?” Sou cracks up.*

Prof: You need to learn how to dress (hint goes to student wearing a t-shirt with a practically naked man on it) and talk (hint goes to Sou and Amethyst) appropriately in class.
Sou (talking to the student wearing the t-shirt with the muscled man wearing briefs and standing on a ball): Yeah, why are you wearing that?
Student: It’s Marc Jacobs.
Sou: Right. It’s Marc Jacobs. But it doesn’t say Marc Jacobs, who would know?
Student: I would.

There are definitely more and more to come, but I’ll stop here;p
Today, prof asks a question:
Student: Let’s go and talk about it on coffee.
Amethyst *to Sou*: Yeah, so let’s get sacks of coffee, sit on them, and talk.
Sou: No, we should get our actual mugs and sit on them!
Amethyst: Yeah, cuz they won’t be up our @$$3#!
Regarding, teez el-namla (again), prof is talking about writing a poem about an ant:
Prof: It’s an ant. I can’t write about an ant!
Sou *looking through the textbook at the insanely small text*: I can write about ants.
Amethyst: No, you can write about certain parts of ants.
Regarding Indian child prodigy, different class:
Student: You know, on the news there was this 9 year old Indian boy who can perform surgeries…
*Amethyst and Sou share a knowing look and burst into laughter*

29 Responses to “Big Bean”

  1. 1 chika

    lol! she’s hilarious! who’s the prof.?! Helmi?!

  2. 2 nq

    it would be funnier if the man was sitting on two balls

  3. 3 Amethyst

    Which one? Not all of the incidents happened with the same prof;p

    Lol. Would it? Hmm..

  4. 4 Cat

    funnnnnny 7adha !

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Hehe, I love her;p

  6. 6 Anonymous

    ur writing makes me cringe.

  7. 7 3baid

    Sou’s one of a kind ;P

  8. 8 Anonymous


  9. 9 Purgatory

    I could not figure this cartoon

  10. 10 The Archer


    I milked the SALFA out of someone (6) hehehehe.. At least Mr. Wordvomit is more demented than I am.

    Sou niktah.. :p~ I can’t stop laughing! bas bas..

  11. 11 V!Ce...

    I <3 U PPL.. seriously, am so jealous i ddn't take a smmr crs ):

    Wordvomit, 9ij 9ij…. WORD VOMIT bleekh * gags.. shivers*

    … hmm, the “Unknown” seems touched.

  12. 12 The Archer

    lol! 7addah right? :p

  13. 13 FourMe

    Keep’em rollin daaaaamn hilarious! You’re making me miss school days :/

    Sou: That was mean and hurtful, but I’m going to continue making my point. Whoo-sah. So, as I was saying..

    NICE ONE!!

  14. 14 eshda3wa

    if i were ur professor i would have kicked u out with all that giggling going on!

  15. 15 Big Pearls

    loool that is funny

  16. 16 Coconut

    lol twansoon.

    btw i dnt get the cartoon :S

  17. 17 F.

    Gosh! I miss you guys like hell…

    Would you look at that…I just said “Gosh!”…and “hell”…sigh!

  18. 18 floweriya

    sorry bs i didnt get it,,:S whats woo-sah?:P

  19. 19 Amethyst

    She is!;p

    Don’t read it then:)

    Don’t read into it too deeply;p

    The Archer
    Whatever. Everything here is anonymous.

    I’m going to update with today’s;p

    Be very very jealous..

    Blekh it is;\


    Ee, elprof 7ada endegar. Yestahel;p

    They are different professors, and the class wouldn’t be as fun without us. No one would do the discussing/participating.

    Big Pearls
    I’m glad;p


    You don’t have to;p

    We miss you, too!

    Stop saying such things and pay us a visit!


    Ya3ni she’s taking a deep meditating breath;p

  20. 20 iRise

    Wow! Did this all happen in one day…?!


  21. 21 Amethyst

    No, not in one day.

    The last three happened today;p

  22. 22 FourMe

    not rude at all every prof I had told me that :p

  23. 23 Amethyst


    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it:)

  24. 24 Don Juan

    9 yrs old surgeon!
    another good reason for segregation so you won’t have such guys around ;p
    God! sitting alone in the class was better than having such conversation with a girl ;/
    you should have give him a kick for being ,, ewwww ;p

  25. 25 ..::Amu::..

    lol @ do men have something similar to PMS??? :DDDDD

  26. 26 haj

    hahha lovvve the quotes!

  27. 27 Amethyst

    Don Juan
    I’m lost. Ma fahamt;\

    They do;p

    Me too!;p

  28. 28 Sou

    You know Amethyst, the classes I don’t take with you are insanely boring!

    We’ll have to keep a record of our shinnanagins in classes from now on! Haha! 😀 about we talk about things “on coffee”?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yes, we’re mean, very, very mean. 😉

  29. 29 Amethyst

    Lol! Same here..

    We are. I am, anyways. Mentally;p

    We’re not mean. We’re witty!;*

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