Teez El-namla

I’ll never ever put myself in the state I’m in now. I danced all night. When I got home, I read thirteen pages of philosophy. Now, I am going to complete the assignment by writing a five hundred word response to what I read. I’m exhausted. I shouldn’t have danced. I probably shouldn’t have gone to that party. And I have class in less than seven hours.

Recent ANNOYING dialogues.

S: Are you half?
Amethyst: Half what?
S: Half Asian?
Amethyst: No.. *thinking that she does NOT look Asian*
S: Are you half Kuwaiti, then?
Amethyst: I’m Kuwaiti from both sides.
S: Oh, you don’t look it.
Amethyst: *Fake smile*

Girl: Do you go to this college?
Amethyst: No, I study English.
Girl: Really?
Amethyst: Uuhh, yeah?
Girl: You seem smart, I thought you’d be in this college.
Amethyst: So smart people only study Science? *Walks away*

Amethyst: Hey, you!
A: Hey..
Amethyst: What’s up?
A: Hey..
Amethyst: Are you okay?
A: Hey.. Yeah, I’m fine. *Pause* Aloo?
Amethyst: Yeah?
A: Hey.. When do you finish classes?
Amethyst: 4..
A: Aloo?!
Amethyst: What?!
A: Why are you so quiet? I can’t think like this!

Amethyst: I’m in this fitting room!
7bbti: Ha?
Amethyst: The dark one is too big, and the light one is too small.
7bbti: Ba3ad jesmech madry shloun 9ayer..
Amethyst: Haw! Sheno ya3ni?!;\
7bbti: Ya3ni shloun ma enred baitna?
Amethyst: A9lan we’re not going back home, goolay you3ana w khalas!
7bbti: You3ana!

Amethyst: Hi, Dad!
Dad: How do you want your name spelled?
Amethyst: With a “c” please and thank you!;D
Dad: The lady at the counter says it’s weird.
Amethyst: Why does she care?
Dad: I don’t want you spelling your name weird!
Amethyst: I do!

I’ll go back to doing my assignment, now..

29 Responses to “Teez El-namla”

  1. 1 Don Juan

    that’s true ,, studying English does not mean that you’re nothing but a faliure, lazy student ,, on the other hand studying engineering or accounting does not make a SUPER HERO out of you ;/

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Don Juan
    People are shallow, though;\

  3. 3 Harlow

    I agree with Don Juan. Embala kila 3abalhom eli studying English ya3ni lazy w chose hal major malah 5elg. Ma3ana 9a3eb mo sahil.

    A9lan a’3lab eli ye’6ar6on chethe w their majors accounting wela shay thani telgain met5arij ib 1.00GPA.

    Ako subject 3endokom chena math bs kilah ib letters. I forgot shesemha.

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Sa3eb w it’s challenging because you need to be creative!

    Yeah, that I know;p

    Esemha Syntax:)

  5. 5 Ruby Woo

    People always assume that if you’re smart, then you should go study something sciencey or something that has to do with numbers. I for one study finance and see English as so hard, I can barely get a B! So ignore the ignorance that person holds.

    Lol and your mom and dad are hilarious!

    Goodluck on the paper thing!

  6. 6 Big Pearls

    it’s a shame but ppl do think the not so smart study english or social studies ..

  7. 7 OpeRon®

    How come you go through all those starnge situations 🙂

  8. 8 frogman

    lol i love how you say you are going to go back to your studying, yet you replied to the first few comments 3ala 6ool..

    in terms of the state your in.. its good for you to do something crazy every once in a while.. you can sleep after you hand your paper in.. but at least you had a fun night.. 🙂

  9. 9 Don Juan

    Such ” shallow ” people should register in one of the literature courses if they want to examine their creativity ,, they won’t stand a week ;p

  10. 10 Cat


    hal kind of conversations zaydeen hal ayam every wer !

    goodluck with ur assignment :*

  11. 11 Balqees

    ana gaylah i love ur dad he is sooooooo funny ya 7liilah

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Ruby Woo
    English demands creativity, unlike the Sciences..

    Hehe, they are?


    Big Pearls
    A shame, indeed;\

    Bad luck?

    Actually, it’s a strange world..

    Lol, I was typing, might as well reply;p

    Yeah, but seriously, after the struggle of not falling asleep during classes all day today, I’ll pass on that;p

    Don Juan
    They won’t stand a day.

    Shay mu 6abe3i, etsadgeen?;\


    Lol! I remember;p

  13. 13 purelyorchid

    heheheh that was funny;p… hope u did well with the assignment!

  14. 14 The Archer

    LOL 7addah random :p You’re gonna have to explain a few things though…

    Light/Dark. LOL!!!
    3asa wakalteeha bas? :p

  15. 15 Amethyst

    I hope so, too;p

    The Archer
    Explain a few things? Like?

    Hehe, dark jeans and light jeans;p

    Yeah, it was the Johnny Rockets day. Hehe;p

  16. 16 mazeofthoughts

    dancing is good for your health..:P

  17. 17 Amethyst

    That I know;p

  18. 18 haj

    hahahaha lovve the quote with ur dad! 😛

  19. 19 Amethyst


  20. 20 PaLoMiNo

    if u need help with the assignment 7athreen mama ;-D

    shtaby S?? ma legaat ela asian?? khal tgleb wayha zain ;p Girl also ma 3indha salfa ;p bas 3ad A 7adha mthy3a ;p

    o i’m trying to think eb esm that is spelled with a C!! bas mo yaay shy 3ala balee ;X chena sj it’s weird ;Pp

  21. 21 Squirreliya

    good luck in ur assignments..

    weird stuff and situations happen with all except me, madri laish!

  22. 22 loco

    ee walla 100%

  23. 23 A Journal Entry

    a7saan bee unique with ur name =)

  24. 24 F.

    I love those dialogues you hate!

    When I read them I remember you ;*

  25. 25 Amethyst

    The assignment is done:)


    A is always like that when recently awoken from sleep;p

    It doesn’t start with a C. My name is already somewhere on this blog. Care to look for it?


    A7sanlech! Trust me!

    100% annoying? Wela what?

    A Journal Entry
    I know. Yay!;D


    Ba3ad 3umri, I miss you!;*

  26. 26 Âme

    It starts with A… Palomino.

    Hint: To save you of the trouble of searching… look at the early posts of this blog.

    ~ Soul

  27. 27 Amethyst


  28. 28 rawr

    😛 ya weird name speller ente!

  29. 29 Amethyst

    3ad it really isn’t weird!;p

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