Anxiety Pills – Pills

Have you ever felt that you’ve been born into the wrong family because of how different you are? But then again, our family is pretty much randomly put together. If you picked strangers off the street and put them in a house, they’d have more things in common than my family does. I mean, not that I don’t like it. I do most of the time, but it gets annoying not most of the time.

I don’t watch TV, but the rest of the house does. So, when we’re all sitting in the living room, they all have their eyes glued to the screen while I sit their lacking company. I end up leaving, and later on I get told that I don’t spend enough time with them. Great. Let’s give that a shot:

Amethyst: You know, my friend linked me to this website of this British graffiti artist…
Bro: So?
Amethyst: He’s so cool! You want to see some of his work?
Bro: No, not really..

Amethyst: I’m reading this book about language use and censorship. There’s this idea presented where-
Bro: Why do I care again?
Amethyst: Right.
Bro: You wanna watch a movie?
Amethyst *rolls eyes*: Sure!

Dad: What are you doing?
Amethyst: Chatting and looking at artwork. Ta3al, I wanna show you something!
Dad: Okay..
Amethyst: Look, here.. Do you get the message? There should be more nature in the urban areas..
Dad: Oh, hmm..
Amethyst: And look here.. Look familiar?
Dad: No, not really..;\
Amethyst: What?! Dad! We saw this when we went to Sweden remember?
Dad: We saw THAT?! Where?!

Okay, at least they try, right? I mean, they asked for me to spend time with them, and when I do, I’d rather listen than talk because I don’t want to bore them. But you know what really gets to me? Meals..
7bbti: Why aren’t you eating?
Amethyst: I ate this morning.. I’ll have salad or something..
7bbti: You ate this morning at 8. It’s 1, now. You should be hungry. All you had was toast, anyway.
Amethyst: Okay, umm.. Salad?

Bro2: They all piss me off! This school has way too many rules!
Amethyst: I told you to leave earlier on. It’s too late, now. Exact same uniform, good grades, polished shoes, same smiles, all is polite.. Sounds like you’re robots!
Bro2 *stares blankly*
Amethyst: And what’s with the rule that says if you get restless it’s “inappropriate behavior”.. In what world?
Bro1: I went through that. It was pretty harsh.
Amethyst: Reminds me of 1984 and The Giver;\
Bro1 + Bro2: Yeah, we know exactly what you’re talking about.. What?.. Because we so read those!

Amethyst cracks a joke. They all stare at her while her spoon is suspended in mid-air.
7bbti: Sheno ya3ni?
Dad: Ma fahamt, 3eeday..
Bro1: Haha?
Bro2: Maleqni..

Amethyst: My blog got over 20,000 hits!
7bbti: M hmm..
Dad: That’s nice!
Bro1: So?
Bro2: I don’t like your blog..

Amethyst: Can I have the mayonnaise?
Bro2: Why do you eat mayonnaise with everything?
7bbti: Tara ymaten!
Amethyst: Can I have the mayonnaise?
Bro2: You’re gross!
7bbti: It’s extras you don’t need.
Amethyst: Can I have the mayonnaise?
Bro2: Why do you eat it with everything?
7bbti: You eat too much mayonnaise!

Amethyst gets up to get the mayonnaise herself.

Meals are the death of me in this house. Oh, and whether I eat just salad or a couple of plates of food, I still haven’t eaten according to my mother. It’s a thing with my aunts, as well.
Let’s hope I leave the house some time soon so that they get rid of me. Oh, and let’s hope I leave the house to a place where people will share my interests. And let’s hope I don’t lose it one day. It seems very likely at the moment.

38 Responses to “Anxiety Pills – Pills”

  1. 1 Eulalia

    LOOOOL! “Amethyst: Can I have the mayonnaise?” mayonnaise never sounded funnier!

    by the way i have the same situation with my family so i can connect.

  2. 2 Harlow

    I know how you feel.. I’m living in the same situation as yours too…. *hugs*

  3. 3 nyxxie

    To have things in common doesn’t mean people have to share the same thoughts and interests. Children in the family are raised by the same parents, their childhoods are quite similar, they often have similar values. You read a lot. They watch a lot of tv. People like different methods of exposure.

  4. 4 jesterat314

    hehe, The Giver lool
    And with the jokes; do like me and develop a ‘laughed at laugh’. You know, those people who tell awful jokes but you tend to laugh at the way they laugh afterwards. I think you might even learn it off the internet, god bless technology 😛

  5. 5 Amethyst




    We get along, but we just can’t do stuff together.

    Btw, our parents didn’t raise us the traditional way. That’s why we’re so different.

    Lol! What?! A laughed at laugh?! Isn’t just shutting up afterwards better?

  6. 6 kila ma6goog

    Bro2: I don’t like your blog..

    whats his blog link?

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    He doesn’t have one.

    Nice brother I got there, no?

  8. 8 manutdfanatic

    The *cough* variety…adds life to life.

  9. 9 Hamitaf La B.


    Well…. to fit in with my brothers I burp… well cuz they burp all the time… so I burp along with them… and then they call me gross…

    Also… my sis and my cousin always call me an OLD HAG because they say Im boring…

    So…yeah.. not fitting in… yup… I have that too!!

  10. 10 enchanteurs

    loool!! that was so cute!!!;p ehheeh yala ma3alaih boys will be boys, and brothers will be brothers ;p in other words they are jerks sometimes ;p

  11. 11 Amethyst


    Hamitaf La B.

    Don’t burp!;O

    There you go!;D

    Lol, I guess;p

  12. 12 ..::Amu::..

    good atleast u dont eat too much ketchup 😀

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Ketchup is not my thing;p

  14. 14 A Journal Entry

    when i don’t understand ajoke i just laugh anyway! .. y let them think ena mafahamt’ha?! this way both parties end up happy!;P

  15. 15 Amethyst

    A Journal Entry
    Hahaha, you should have a meal with us one day;p

  16. 16 Kaos

    Ahh Amethyst… I think your taking it too intensely… Things are good, your communication infact has a lot of back n forth and its healthy I’d say.
    But ya, it is nice to leave too I understand that

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Leaving sounds a bit too much like heaven;p

  18. 18 outkasty


  19. 19 haj

    mmm mayonnaise!!!! best thing in the world ..

  20. 20 Amethyst

    I did that tag;p

    Shoofay under The Details: 6 Quirks of Mine!

    Miss you;*

    I know!

  21. 21 Balqees

    well u know when u wrote it kinda souned as if u had a funny family LOOOOOOL

    ur dad is FUNNY loooool
    a7sk 6ool alwagt ga3dah blbait m3ahoom 7aymah kabdk :p

  22. 22 Amethyst

    Lol, I guess that’s relative;p

    Hehehe, he is?

  23. 23 ~ Dreamzy ~

    you made me squeeze my mind for things in common!

    * does nejra count? lol

  24. 24 Amethyst


    If it did, then the whole world would have something in common;p

  25. 25 Balqees

    Dad: What are you doing?

    Amethyst: Chatting and looking at artwork. Ta3al, I wanna show you something!

    Dad: Okay..

    Amethyst: Look, here.. Do you get the message? There should be more nature in the urban areas..

    Dad: Oh, hmm..

    Amethyst: And look here.. Look familiar?

    Dad: No, not really..;\

    Amethyst: What?! Dad! We saw this when we went to Sweden remember?

    Dad: We saw THAT?! Where?!

    come on don’t tell me that thats not funny LOOOOOOL
    ya 7liiah

  26. 26 Amethyst

    Lol, I guess it is, now that I’m reading it while in a good mood;p

  27. 27 Anonymous

    You’re welcome, Amethyst:-)

  28. 28 purelyorchid

    will the words “your not alone” make you feel better?;p… you won’t forget these days… enjoy them while they last;p

  29. 29 Kaos

    Really? How far away your willing to leave ;)?

  30. 30 Amethyst

    What did I thank you for?:)

    Hehe, possibly;p

    I am enjoying them. My family is truly one of a kind!:D

    Far enough for me to finish my studies:)

  31. 31 Rawr

    I DOOOO!!!
    MARAAA!!!! 😐

    Are we sisters or something? ;P

  32. 32 Amethyst

    Lol, I’m positive I don’t have any sisters, but maybe we should have been;p

  33. 33 F.

    I fell that way with some of my extended family…

    My mum, dad, sisters and brother do crack jokes about me being a nerd, and reading all the time…but the get me. They know it’s who I am…

    But I know how you feel…it IS frustrating. I’m sure they all love you though 🙂

  34. 34 Amethyst

    Extended family.. Let’s NOT go there;p

    They know it’s who I am, but I guess they should like it a bit more than they do now..

    And I’m just as sure that I love them all back:)

  35. 35 Soul

    I love and live with my family, even though i am very distinctly obviously different from them.

    I realized that life is much better to live with differences than similarities.

    ~ Soul

  36. 36 Amethyst

    I love and live with mine, but I only partially agree with the second statement.

    It would be fun if I could get my parents or my brothers to join in something I like to do instead of having to get out of the house to have company that shares my interests.

  37. 37 Soul

    Another perspective !

    You will realize it too.
    Hang on..

    ~ Soul

  38. 38 Amethyst


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