I want to…

But instead I…

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33 Responses to “Morphology&Syntax?”

  1. 1 Soul

    The strain and position of the thumb says a lot..

    ~ Soul

  2. 2 Amethyst

    A conceptual image:)

  3. 3 Desert-Roses

    u put that word scream in red…
    made it the sec focal point after the pic..
    u made lot of confusion …specially that the pic dosen’t really represents scream..

    yeah I know what ur thinking now..$#%&^*%## 😛
    but u confused me…not all ppl shal see it from the same perspective **giggles

    Welcome to a mind of designer…


  4. 4 Amethyst

    There is no confusion.

    “specially that the pic dosen’t really represents scream..”

    That’s why there’s a “but” right after SCREAM:)

    No one will see it from the same perspective because no two perspective are the same.

  5. 5 The Masquerader

    eheh, i loved the way u replied to Desert-Roses, with all due respect sis.

    and as for ur post, im guessing thats one of the masks ure wearing now, yea?

  6. 6 Amethyst

    The Masquerader


  7. 7 Big Pearls

    scream, let it all out.

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    I can’t. It’ll hurt too many people.

  9. 9 Soul

    It does represent a SCREAM !

    A thumb strained at right angles to the pointing finger indicates ANGER at the verge of exploding.

    But a smile on it does represent a mask.

    ~ Soul

  10. 10 The Masquerader

    well, dont wear too long, it gets tighter and tighter and’ll eventually kill u,

  11. 11 Vixen

    Scream alone then.. don’t let it hurt others, but if you don’t it’ll eventually hurt you!

  12. 12 Amethyst


    The Masquerader
    Don’t worry;p

    Sometimes, you have to hurt yourself to protect other people’s feelings:)

  13. 13 Soul

    The profile images can be reduced in size so that they could load faster and also retain their clarity.

    Amethyst – (629 bytes)

    Big Pearls – (735 bytes)

    FourMe – (1.38 kb)

    ~ Soul

  14. 14 Amethyst


  15. 15 Soul

    Oops i did change the clarity just 2 min back.

    You replied before i remodified it.

    Its 1.64 Kb now for you Amethyst.

    ~ Soul

  16. 16 Moniker

    somebody having a linguistics final? :p

    you made me think of timbaland, lol.

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Madry laish still clarity is not good;\

    Done! I think I did well..


  18. 18 nyxxie

    noooooo never hurt yourself for anyone else they’ll walk all over you darling

  19. 19 Soul

    Control + F5

    ~ Soul

  20. 20 falantan

    screaming would seem like a relief.
    but after you have screamed, it would be no more than a shameful act of weak restraint, then it would burden you even more with guilt.

    and you’d be no closer to relief than you were.

    I prefer humility and patience. and as you said, thinking of other people’s feelings is a more worthy purpose than illusory relief.

    But to actually achieve relief and comfort. I suggest thinking of the reward from God for your restraint.

    Good luck with that.

  21. 21 Hamitaf La B.

    I want to cry… instead… I choke…. :$

  22. 22 A Journal Entry

    don’t hold it in.. scream through a pillow it will feel much better..

  23. 23 Amethyst

    They won’t. Let’s say it’s a special case;)

    Will do:)

    Patience it is:)

    Hamitaf La B.
    Oh, I have no problems crying. Tust me;p

    Try watching a movie or reading something really sad..

    A Journal Entry
    Except I won’t..

  24. 24 manutdfanatic

    Patience, albeit rewarding, can be torturous.

  25. 25 Amethyst

    Oh, well.. I’ll still go for torturous patience.

  26. 26 eshda3wa

    put ur head in a pillow and scream ur lungs out

  27. 27 Amethyst

    Can’t be done:)

  28. 28 Soul

    Any progress on the essay about Genpets ?

    Keep us updated please !

    ~ Soul

  29. 29 manutdfanatic

    That’s what I meant. =)

    Good luck.

  30. 30 Squirreliya

    i love your posts images yin6ibiQ 3allaihum elmathal eli ygool “A picture speaks 1000 words”

    mm, i’d say don’t overload urself for the sake of others..

  31. 31 Amethyst

    It’s done. I’ll post the second part soon:)

    Thanks, I’ll need it;)

    They’re all picked for that reason;)

    No choice, really..

  32. 32 N.

    graphic, but works.

  33. 33 Amethyst

    It wouldn’t be up there if it doesn’t;p

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