It’s late..

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My mom needs to stop forcing me to eat.
If I change my name and move to Mexico, would it make a difference?
How about.. if I traded my life with Plainly?
My minor turned out to be taught in Arabic.
Define criminal.
I realized that I look and act nothing like my dad’s side of the family. Actually, there is one thing, I share one eating habit with one of my uncles.
I wonder what the grandmother I never met would think of this blog.
I think a lot of people have a not so accurate idea of what it means to be liberal.
Ever wondered what you’re stereotyped as? And if you live up to it?
I share a calculator with my father.
Is it possible to steal feelings?
So, who doesn’t wear a mask?
Memory: I walk up a pedestrian road with my head down. Bag banging the side of my right leg, coffee in hand. The sun isn’t up, yet. It’s freezing. There’s a cold fog. I sense someone approaching me, and I look up. She talks to me in Swedish. I shrug. She takes out a brochure of a health clinic. I turn it over. Yes, I know where it is. I tell her to follow me. It’s on my way, anyway. We walk in silence. It was weird. When we got to the place, she smiled at me strangely and walked away. She didn’t say a word. I wonder what happened to her.
For the first time in my life, Pop Art made me cry!
I’ll use the 9 days of break to come to terms with my apparently psychotic self.
I’m listening to Savoretti intensively these days. I need to stop and try something new.

Finals have started. I’m so uncomfortable in that period. A break that isn’t really a break. Oh, and my first finals without coffee. I’m curious how that would go.

If only I could scream loud enough for the whole world to hear…

This video is amazing. I can’t stop watching it. The part where he wipes the tear, and the paint reappears… Damn! It’s just so satisfying!


34 Responses to “It’s late..”

  1. 1 The Masquerader

    ” I think a lot of people have a not so accurate idea of what it means to be liberal “

    fei nas 3indhom il’liberaly, kafir full stop,

    3indhom 7oryat ilray o il7athara, kofir

    m7asisena ena e7na ga3nakfir o ena e7na thid ilden, m7asisena ena ohma ilmoslmen o e7na man3arf alh,

    bas shagolich yakhoch? 3aqlyat waskha, yabelha format san3 t3adil fei ilafkar ilghabya ely ib balhom

    o shno ya3ny eslamy? ya3ny al7en law ana gilt eny mo eslamy ya3ny yady bo lahab mathlan? wila a6la3 bothy? .. ana agol law yba6lon mokh’hom shway chan e7na bkhair

    ana moslim ghasbin 3ala omin yabtik ya haly tgoli “ana eslamy” o laish m7achek yhody mathlan?

    .. shakhsyan lama a7ad ys’alny enta lbraly wila eslamy agolhom ana kuwaiti, man6qy .. full stop!

    ya3ny shtabon? btlabson bantna 3iby? labokom labo chalb, 3nibo darkom 3aib, walh 3aib, shilsalfa, ghasib lbsay 3abya, ma3tqid ena fei kuwaiti ma3nda qor’an ib baita! ely yaby yamshy 3ala shar3 alh yamshy wily mayaby yakhy kaifa! shako fei enta? raba foga oho ely byt7asab! .. wila 3ala chethy ta3al goly “aby qanon yalzim lawadim tsaly” .. wras omik?

    o ba3dain ta3al ta3al, ent min galik enk rasol 3laina? o min galik ena kil “estintajatik” 3adla, tara dena mafy aysar mina! ma tyiy ent aw ghairk ygoli shsawy wila masawy, wila bkaif omik tgoli hatha 7aram o hatha 7alal! latg3ad tafty 3ala afana,

    yakhy alh 3rafna bil3agil, o ayshay bilden mashro3 aw mo7ram lah sibab man6qy o ydish il3agil, fa la tyeny ent tser 3alay bo il3raif

    btgoli ana daris ilden o tsa6rily sh’hadatik agolik ro7 mot o nag3hom o eshrab mayhom

    ALH ely oho ALH 3rafna bil3agil o mo bilshahadat, yayny enta tgoli sh’hadaty? .. 7abeby, ilden yo3raf bil3agil o ilman6iq o fei ktab esma ilqor’an, ya3ny 3ady a6la3 ana afham mink bilden,

    common sense my friends common sense

    (sorry ame 6awalt bilcomment bas jad hal salfa wayd ba6a chabdy)

    and as for, “Is it possible to steal feelings?”
    yup, some even steal personalities

    “So, who doesn’t wear a mask?”
    nobody doesn’t wear a mask, some happen to not know it, thats all

  2. 2 Big Pearls

    make sure u let me know when u decide to leave to mexico, I wanna come!

  3. 3 Amethyst

    The Masquerader
    I know! The weird thing is ena ohma ma yjooz ykafroon w they do it!

    It’s true we are logical Kuwaitis. Plus, being Kuwaiti comes before anything else!

    Mako common sense, lo ako, chan e7na bkhair:)

    Steal personalities? How?

    I didn’t think I wore a mask until recently:)

    P.S. Don’t apologize. Read again what it says above my comment box;)

    Big Pearls
    I’ll let you know. We can even look for Joses;p

  4. 4 haj

    lovvve the video, love the song!!!!

  5. 5 Amethyst

    I know!

  6. 6 The Masquerader

    mo 3an bas cause i kinda wrote a whole new post in ur comment area ;p .. thanks


    “Steal personalities? How?”

    hathy mo yabelha a new post ;p yabelha a new blog ;p

    3moman, they do, they become one’s personality and then they beat em up with it,

    eg. ana 3jabtny shkhsyat a7ad lets call him X, then i work hard on becoming that same personality, and what i do is eny aro7 7ag X wakarha 3eshta bhal shakhsya until he quits it

    so, i end up having his personalty and rippin it away from him

    i dont think u got what i mean, a7taj ashra7 akthar, bas adry eny ba6awil so 4get it;p


    “I didn’t think I wore a mask until recently”

    u probably did, u just didn’t know it,
    i personally believe that everybody does

  7. 7 The Masquerader

    and oh yea, I LOVED the video

  8. 8 Amethyst

    The Masquerader
    Hehe, still.. It’s a free world;)

    Oh, I get what you mean. But by feelings, I meant it differently. For example, if I’m really really really happy, and suddenly, I forget how it feels to be happy because someone deprived me of it. Would they be stealing it?

    I disagree on the mask thing;p

    The video is exceptional. I can’t stop watching it!

  9. 9 The Masquerader

    nop, thats not some1 stealing ur feelings thats u stealing ur own feelings,

    stealing some1s feeling goes exactly the way personalities are stolen, with slight different details

  10. 10 Amethyst

    The Maquerader
    Oh, well. I’m confusing myself;\

  11. 11 The Masquerader

    well dont, i mean if all it does is confuse u and wont make u any good, why think about it?

  12. 12 Amethyst

    The Masquerader
    Cuz all I do is think about stuff that won’t do me any good;p

  13. 13 shahad

    luved reading ur randoms !

    the vedio was nice 5a9a il ending wayedd satisfying got it right sis ! bss il song not that much

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Thank you!

    Yeah, but I still love the song;p

  15. 15 nyxxie

    about the liberal idea, it’s a relative term so people have different views on it.

    loved the video

    loved the post

    you’re one of my most favorite bloggers fel 3alam ;p

  16. 16 jesterat314

    what name would you choose if you get to change yours? 🙂

  17. 17 frogman

    * i agree with nyxxi on liberal part, its relative.

    * I always wonder what i’m stereotyped as, i don’t like living up to it in fear that it will eventually define me.

    * Everyone wears a mask, but its fun to take it off everyone once in a while to see what it feels like.

    * finals will always suck, good luck 😀

    * The song was AMAZING.. the video was AMAZING..

  18. 18 frogman

    oh yeah.. he reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz.. try finding these songs:
    You and I both (acoustic)

  19. 19 Amethyst

    Being politically liberal isn’t relative. I’ll link you to a very informative post as soon as I have the time to find it;)


    Thank you. That really means a lot;*

    I have no idea.. Amethyst?

    Kidding, maybe Fajer?

    Again, I’ll link you guys to the post.

    That’s why after defining yourself and making sure you have an identity you like, you build a wall around yourself;)


    Yes, I love it!;D

    Will check him out, thanks!

  20. 20 N.

    and people say I think too much! 😛

  21. 21 Amethyst

    Haha, they haven’t met me;)

  22. 22 Amethyst

    Nyxxie & Frogman

    A post from Kila Ma6goog’s blog that explains the concept of being liberal:


  23. 23 frogman

    amethyst my dear,

    in your original post you didn’t make it clear that you were talking about being “politically” liberal, you just said liberal leaving it to interpretation.

    When i read “liberal” i just thought of the “liberals” we have in Saudi, or Kuwait. The so called liberals who believe that our countries are doing everything wrong by mixing culture, with religion and politics. The ones that always talk about reform, and in their bright reformed future, there is no place for religion.

    i hope that explains what i meant by relative seeing that each of our beloved arabian gulf liberals has his own definition to being a liberal.

    I totally agree with the definitions in the article.

    i think you’ve inspired me to write something about this.

  24. 24 Hamitaf La B.

    Maybe if you change ur name… it would make a difference with the people who knew you… and will know you… but will it make a difference for you…?!

    Finals are hectic…. and wish you good luck with that

    And… everyone wears a mask… everyone is always hiding one thing or another…. 🙂

  25. 25 Amethyst

    Yeah, I should clarify my thoughts instead of typing them straight from my head.

    And the “liberals” you mentioned seem political to me;p

    Write away! I want to read:)

    Hamitaf La B.
    I’m still wondering. My name is meaningless. Maybe having a meaningful name would change something for me?

    Thanks, I’ll need it!

    Really? I didn’t hide anything until recently..

  26. 26 Soul

    Do you have revenge in your heart ?

    ~ Soul

  27. 27 um-miT3ib

    kuwait doesnt know wht liberal really means;p

  28. 28 Amethyst


    Um Mit3ib
    You’re right..

  29. 29 Soul

    I have a strong feeling that you do.

    ~ Soul

  30. 30 Amethyst

    Well, I assure you with utmost confidence that I don’t:)

  31. 31 Soul


    ~ Soul

  32. 32 Amethyst


  33. 33 HQ

    My mom keeps asking me if ate
    i would love to move to cali
    you should never wish to trade llives with someone no matter what happens, god gave u this life and appreciate it. yeah people have their ups and downs but thats life.

    criminal is someone who decieves and lies and has no feelings.

    in my opinion its not to steal feelings but you can copy someone elses to be accepted

    about the liberal thing, everyone has their own beliefs and has the rite to do wat they want but they should know that at the end they have to deal with god and its between god and them

  34. 34 Amethyst

    I’m not saying that I wish to trade lives with anyone. I’m asking if it would make a difference. I appreciate my life because I make it what it is.

    Criminals have feelings. Believe me.

    Again, I’m saying that people don’t understand what being liberal means. It’s a free world. Everyone has their right to their own beliefs and lifestyles. Keep in mind though that some don’t believe in God;)

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