“Life is sweetest before the feelings are awake – until one learns to know joy and pain.”


Thanks, J;*

23 Responses to “Forty-one!”

  1. 1 haj

    ur welcome 😉

  2. 2 Amethyst


  3. 3 Silver

    Can’t say i agree. It’s better when you feel both pain and joy than if you feel nothing at all and feeling indifferent. It’s like you’re not even living. Thats no fun;p

  4. 4 Big Pearls

    life is a mixture of feelings..

  5. 5 Hamitaf La B.

    it then becomes bitter sweet…?!!

    I’m sort of trying to be philosohpical… lol…

  6. 6 frogman

    i have a feeling i understood it differently than everyone else..

    i thought he meant that life is sweet before the feelings are awake, but once they are awake the sweetness disappears until you learn joy and pain.. 🙂

  7. 7 Amethyst

    You’re not really indifferent before you know joy and pain..

    Big Pearls
    It is:)

    Hamitaf La B.

    Don’t be sorry, it’s a free world;)

    It’s okay to interpret things differently.

    Here’s how I understood it:
    Life is all good until your feelings are awakened by knowing pain, and when you know pain, you understand what real joy is:)

  8. 8 FourMe

    I LOVE the pic!

  9. 9 FourMe

    momkin abog’ha ? :p

  10. 10 Squirreliya

    loved how it can be understood differently..

  11. 11 Amethyst

    Beautiful isn’t it?

    Yeah, bogay 3ala ra7tech.. Remember what it says over the comment box;)

    Yeah, that’s why it’s there. Maybe people will realize that it’s okay to have different interpretations along with different points of view;)

  12. 12 FourMe


    merci mon cheri :*

  13. 13 Amethyst


  14. 14 nQ

    baaiihhh @@ 3annhom my feelings ma gamaw! khaleehom yakhmidoon.

  15. 15 Amethyst


  16. 16 nyxxie

    that’s how you appreciate life dear..

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Seems like the opposite to me;)

  18. 18 Soul

    42 and we get all the answers..

    About the saying.. it simply means there is no superlative for life in terms of sweetness.

    Joy and pain are relative terms and the kind of perception of one defines the other.

    There is a saying i remember.. “An ideal man is a man who is untouched by joy and sorrow”

    Ofcourse ideal is unreal.

    ~ Soul

  19. 19 Amethyst

    I agree.

    Ideal is so unreal!

  20. 20 manutdfanatic

    I like how there are so many different ways to interpret this.

    Very true that joy is all the more magnified when one’s been through pain. Very true that life is indeed blissfully sweet when one hasn’t. And equally true that one’s feelings are in a slumber of sorts; that they never really do awaken until good old joy and sardonic pain comes along.

    ^Bittersweet; perfect word.

  21. 21 Amethyst

    All very true. Glad someone finally described it that way:)

  22. 22 Mohammed Alyatama

    Nice Blog 🙂

    Good Luck

  23. 23 Amethyst


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