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It truly feels like summer. Cold AC. Minimum clothing. Fresh bed covers. Good books. No routine. Just me in bed. Reading and sleeping without a sense of time. Until school happens.

I’ve been asked…

[Day of elections]

Woman: Why aren’t you married?

Me: I’ll marry when I can vote! *FAJ2A!*

Mom: Hathi benti.

Dr. N: Oh! *shocked look* Mashallah et`habel!

Me: Heh? *thinking why she’s surprised that I look good*

Girl: Laish ma tebtasmain?

Me: *Stares*

Girl: Hehehe, et`tha7keen!

Me: *Walks away thinking why strangers are asking weird questions*

Old lady: Bentech cham 3umirha? *looking at my cousin’s daughter*

Me: Hehe, bent bent khalti, kamelat 3yrs.

Old lady: Wentay wain e3yalech?

Me: Ana mu metzawja:)

Old lady: Haw, ya 7afeth, sh7aga? Elreyayeel 3emyan?!

Me: Taw elnass:)

Old lady: Laish taw elnass?! Ana youm kent kubrech kan 3endi 3ala elaqal 3 yahal…

Me: *Mental eye-rolling fiesta*

Lady: Hatha semach wela deyay? *pointing at something in the buffet*

Me: Deyay w dakhla sabanekh:)

Lady: Ya 7elwech bas!

Me: *Huh?*

My mom: Wayhech ta3ban.

Me: Adri.

My mom: Ee saway shay, tadreen w chethi 9ayer?

Me: Ee, cuz ma etyeeni nouma w wayed a7es 3endi ashya2.

My mom: Ee, namay!

Me: Ma etyeeni nouma!

My mom: Haw, ensad7ay befrashech w sakray 3ainech w betyeech elnouma bedal ma lazga elketab b wayhech w tegrain..

Me: Yumma, 7bbti, ana ma agra ela 3ugb ma ansede7 sa3a wana emsakra 3aini w ashouf eni mara7 anam. Kel wa7ed y3arf nafsa..

My mom: Betrou7een 7ag istiqbal ********?

Me: La:)

My mom: Laish? Mu ahalech?!

Me: Embala ahali, fi blood bas ma a3arefhum.. Arou7 abarek 7g meno?

My mom: Haw, rou7ay w ta3arefay!

Me: Mabi azeed my circle of acquaintances, mashkoooooooora. Khasa mn 6araf ahalech, law sema7tay. Kelkum etsawoun 3azayem ezyada 3n el lezoum. Mabi an3ezem;\

My mom: Madry entay 6al3a 3ala meno!

Me: Uuuhhh, ana adri! Athakrech b da3wat omech?

Complete stranger: I like your shoes.

Me: Thank you *quizzical glance*

Complete stranger: What do you study?

Me: Literature *friendly smile*

Complete stranger: Thought so:)

Me: How come?

Complete stranger: Your shoes! *like it’s obvious and I’m stupid for not getting it*

Me: *Nervous laugh* Right! *Walks away hoping we’re not introduced later on*


26 Responses to “Indifferent, really”

  1. 1 Fastidious Babe

    lool hilarious!

  2. 2 Aj

    Get some rest.. please.

  3. 3 haj

    LOOOOOOL you don’t understand how entertaining that was for me ;p

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this one:

    Girl: Laish ma tebtasmain?
    Me: *Stares*
    Girl: Hehehe, et`tha7keen!
    Me: *Walks away thinking why strangers are asking weird questions

    LOOOL!!! too good too good …

  4. 4 A Journal Entry

    hehehehhe ur mom sounds like my mom!

  5. 5 kila ma6goog

    نفهم من هالبوست انج حلوة؟

  6. 6 FourMe

    How does your shoes tell your major?! eb ay logic hatha! Weirdos..

  7. 7 nyxxie

    lol this post really made me laugh. your blog is sooooo different i LUV it!

  8. 8 Big Pearls

    You need to need to find a way…you have to!

  9. 9 Moniker

    what kind of shoes were you wearing? :p i’m trying to figure that last one out!

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Fastidious Babe
    Hehe, imagine yourself in these situations;p

    I’m rested:)

    I had a feeling you’d have a good laugh.

    Ghathatni hathi, and my mom gave her my phone number;\

    A Journal Entry
    Aren’t we lucky?;)

    Kila Ma6goog
    It’s a free world. You can perceive it as that if you want. I don’t judge myself;p

    Too weird!

    Hehe, I’m glad;D


    Big Pearls
    I am sleeping these days, not as well as I hope to, but I’m thankful:)

    P.S. I’ve been robbed of my sleeping pills:)

    Black peep toes..

    There’s only one thing to figure out:
    It’s funny now, but at the moment it was FREAKY!;p

  11. 11 Kaos

    LoooL damn that was a good way to start the day 🙂
    Bas it is amazing that women among each other can just start conversations and get emotionally involved even as complete strangers 🙂

  12. 12 Kaos

    and oh btw, do we infer that your done w/ exams by now?

  13. 13 Silver

    ohwa wierd o bas..? ;p

  14. 14 pocketfullofsunshine

    LOOL!!! Aham shay the one about the shoes!! 😛

  15. 15 shahad

    looooool am studing and ath7aak oo az3ij ily ma3ay

    like il dr… lool yeah why do we always act shock when some one dughter is pretty ya33ny shno tara intay hola oo bintich 7lwa:Pp

    and whats with the shoe:P ok joty il 3amel ibayen kila ighbara yimkin bss ur major or any other is the shoe now a days related to our majors 0i WEIRD

  16. 16 Purgatory

    ok I do not get the cartoon.

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Hehe, I’m glad.

    The Complete Stranger was a dude;p

    Ma ebtesamt, no:)

    I haven’t even started exams. I’ll be done in around two weeks;p

    Lol, shdarani?! 7ada it’s a strange world;p

    Weirdo, I freaked out;p

    Lol! Shush la y6eboun 3alaich;p

    Ee! Elmeshkela ena I look exactly like my mom, so she shouldn’t be surprised!

    Hehe, etsadgeen 7ata jouti el3amel mu shar6 ena 3amel;p

    3adi, I don’t get your drawings:)

  18. 18 AnGeL

    looool hilarious 7adhom…especially the ones with ur mom, tyanin..
    the lady asking u about ur kids looool to7fa

    the shoe sone is just weird…trying to act smart ma3a il wyah !! :p

  19. 19 manutdfanatic

    Just like innumerable other silly things like clothes, hair, purses, cellphones yada yada yada, shoes do tell an awful lot of things about people. Things every bit as silly as the silly things people look at to judge; first looks are deceiving, dwelling on them is foolhardy.

    Gibberish. 🙂

  20. 20 Amethyst

    The one with my mom is hilarious? Chena la..

    Hathi mal kaf 3ala 3ainha! Ghaseb I’m a disappointment cuz ma 3endi e3yal.. Haw!

    Lol, hatha b 3alam brou7a. I think he was trying to flirt bas ma3araf shegoul;p

    Not gibberish:)

    I was wearing black peep toes. Does that mean that everyone with a pair of shoes exactly like mine studies English Lit? That was plain freaky!;p

  21. 21 Glitter

    Abbaaaaaiih,… AY SHY!!!

  22. 22 Amethyst

    Lol, I’m not even going to ask sheno eli ay shay;p

  23. 23 F.

    Dunno why I missed this post…

    1. I don’t get the comic strip…

    2. Your mum is just too cute!

    3. I love the last convo…it has a mysterious matter-of-fact cool/casual air to it…if that stranger was a guy, and you were me (or I was you [*confusion*]) I would SO fall in love.

  24. 24 Amethyst

    1. Don’t think too much;p

    2. She is?

    3. He freaked me out. No chance of falling in love AT ALL!

  25. 25 N.

    nas 3ajeba ghareba..

    I thought your mom doesn’t like 3azayem either :p

  26. 26 Amethyst


    With my mom, it depends on the people, but she makes me go even if she’s not going;\

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