I still miss Sou

I feel weird. I haven’t eaten anything since the afternoon, like 5 or so hours ago, and I just finished watching Becoming Jane and crying my eyes out. Everything feels misplaced. Oh, and my heart feels misplaced. Chena mukana wayed ghala6 w it’s beating all wrong;\
4O minutes later..
I just had a meal with my mom, who is beginning to believe that I am anorexic.. AGAIN! We’ve been having a few irregular ups and downs lately, but this conversation reminds me why I love her so much. She didn’t make the weird feeing go away. Neither did the Chinese food I just ate;\
You know, my grandmother from my mom’s side (the one I’m named after but died before I was brought into this cruel world) prayed that each child of hers would have a child who is exactly like their parent. I’m that blessing. I’m my mom. Really.
I look like her. I talk like her (with more gestures). I smile like her. I laugh like her. I play with my hair like her. I steal her stuff like she steals mine (but I don’t deny it like she does). I sip tea like her. I even wear my rings on the same fingers she does. It’s strange.
But what was my grandmother really thinking? I mean, did she only want us to act the same? Shouldn’t she have wanted us to think the same? When it comes to our minds, we’re worlds apart. It scares people. It scares us. It scars our relationship. Again, it’s strange.
It’s a small world. Yesterday, I found out that one of my fellow blogger friends is the cousin of my friend. Today, I hang out with someone who is with H in her department. I don’t think I like that it’s a small world. Everyone knows everyone. That’s boring.
I have homework and a quiz. I don’t feel like neither. I want to read, but the book I’m reading now is so slow. I feel like curling my hair, as well. Oh, and I’m cutting my hair after tomorrow.
Ya nass, wain Bulletii? Seriously! Did I miss something?
English Day is coming up. You’re all invited;p

28 Responses to “I still miss Sou”

  1. 1 Hasan.B

    Hmm wont be there in the first of may!? And who the hell is DR. Maynouna Al-sabah?!

  2. 2 Hasan.B

    ah maymouna, okay 3raft`ha, my mistake!

  3. 3 Silver

    LOOOOL at hasan;p ee ana ba3ad im wondering about bulletti???!

  4. 4 FourMe

    I like mommies 7adhom eywansoon.. but to be honest I wouldn’t want my daughter or grandchildren to be like me.. I’m too screwed up for my own good :/

  5. 5 Ahmed©

    too much drama woman 😛

    as for bulletii, shaklah he screwed the HTML in his blog..AGAIN 😛

  6. 6 :::ShoSho:::

    poor me, my kids look or act nothing like me lol,, they are very social, am not and lookwise, it’s like I am not their mum looool! I just know they are mine because I was there where I had them in the delivary room looool! Allah Kareem shasawwi!

    LoL you are both so cute, you are your mum.. i love it but girls look like their mums..

  7. 7 Skinny Bumblebee

    Ambail walla i think theres a phase were all humanbeings feel the same exact way! like a season
    this is scary!

    Well if you’re similar to your mom it will decrease the mother daughter conflicts there for it’s a good wish. Ya7lilha.

  8. 8 Ge6awEe

    umbaih the movie becoming jane.. when i was watching it a7es jane is you, madrii leesh ma3ana i only kno u trough your blog, bas a7es shes like your personality. enshalah t9eren a big writer like hur one day.

  9. 9 haj

    abe ashoof Becoming Jane. If it’s yours, im borrowing it!

  10. 10 manutdfanatic

    Becoming Jane; it keeps slipping off my mind to watch it. I don’t feel like crying much though; doubt I will, so now’s a good time to watch it.

    So you’re like your mum are you? I’m the exact opposite as far as that goes; we don’t even look very related, heheh. My dad’s a different story; he’s my inner mirror image, or is it the other way around? =P

  11. 11 Amethyst


    He’s wanted;\

    I wouldn’t mind having a daughter like me;p


    I hope it’s nothing worse;\

    Slap your husband for overlapping your genes;p

    Hehe, thanks;*

    Skinny B
    Yeah! I’ve been saying that for a while!

    Hehe, if only you knew;p

    Hehe, a7rajteni! Thanks;D

    Even if it’s not mine, you have to watch it!


    I think it’s the other way round;)

  12. 12 Ms Loala

    Talking about reading!
    I still have a pile of books to read, so far i’ve only skimmed through the first couple of pages for each .. how sad :\

  13. 13 Big Pearls

    I am like my mom too in so many ways..and I feel great when ppl comment on how much we are alike:)

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Ms. Loala
    I always have a pile of books to read;\

    Don’t skim, dive;p

    Big Pearls

  15. 15 eshda3wa

    ur mom thinkx ur anorexic
    my mama thinks im a bottomless pit


    goodluck with ur upcoming quiz

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Lol! Bel3afya, babe;*

    I aced it;)

  17. 17 The Archer

    1. Allah y5aleelich omich wahalich kilohom, we5aleech lehom inshallah!

    2.Na3eeman moqadaman!

    3. *hug*

  18. 18 Amethyst

    The Archer
    1. Same to you:)

    2. Allah yen3am b7alek

    3. *Hug*

    4. Ee, I added a four. I didn’t see you today!;(

  19. 19 Ge6awEe

    bas 3ad is e7sasii 9a7, are u like hur?

  20. 20 Amethyst

    Well, madry.. I did relate to her in a lot of ways while I was watcing the movie, but I don’t know..

  21. 21 Kaos

    Being like your mom I bet is a good thing, things shoulsn’t feel misplaced, everything is gonna be alright.
    Well the world is small and thats not such a bad thing, teachs you a lot about people.
    And you’ll do well in school too so cheer up aight? peace

  22. 22 Kaos

    And English day sounds soo interesting, I’ve been told it was the main event. The performances in mishref were like a demo or something?

  23. 23 Amethyst

    Will do:)

    Uuumm, the concert at Mishref had nothing to do with English Day except for Madea. So, it’s a big event. You should come:)

  24. 24 Sou

    Ahhh….I’ve blessed the title of your post again. I like, I like :p

  25. 25 vogue

    i am NOTHING like my mother lol. unfortunately.

    & i hate that feeling too! psh.

  26. 26 Amethyst



    I know;\

  27. 27 Bulletii

    aww u wrote a post about me. 7adich adorable w cute!

    loool a7med he cracked me up and silver and amethyst. i’m here bs i’ll be back b3ad few days inshallah.

  28. 28 Amethyst

    You better get back to posting normally la kaf 3ala wayhek! I miss you!;\

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