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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Bkel sara7a.. Sh`hal maskhara eli sayra?! Awalan, deeratna netfa! Kuwait is tiny. Ma tet7amal hal suwalef eli based on crap. The majority thed qanoon elfar3eyat. Ee, they have the right to stop elfar3eyat. We get where you’re coming from. BUT.. Elasaleeb elwaskha eli ga3ed et9eer kelish malha da3i! Sheno ya3ni tedkheloun 3aza w bs 3shan 3aza fi e3yal qebayel you demand proof ena it’s a 3aza?! Mn sejkum?! 3AZA?! Mashallah, you went to the right place. 3aini 3alaikum bardah. Okay, khalasna mn el3aza, ma etshofoun shar.. Al7een ma etgolounli, sheno eli yathbet ena ay tajamu3 ma3nata ena ga3ed et9eer far3eyat?! Nezal 3alaikum ethbat mn elsema.. Shetsawoon?! Etyeboun lekum helicopters w qanabel museela leldmoo3 w rubber bullets w et6egoun feha e3yal baladna?! Laish ma etnadoun 9a7eb elduwaneya wela eli emnathem hal tajamu3 w et7aqeqoun ma3ah?! Tara ana mu bdeweya, wala I believe in all the 6a2efeya bullshit. Bel nehaya kelna kwaityeen w hathaila eli entharraw e3yal elkwait! Lama etyoun entaw e3yal eldeera w tahjemoun 3ala ekhwankum la w wain?! B byout`hum w duwaweenhum.. Hatha shesamouna?! You’re trespassing on private property.. Ana ma artha unexpected people that I know ydeshoun baitna.. Hal door ba3ad yayeen emdar3emeen et6egoun w et7athfoun qanabel w tarmoun b rubber bullets, w tabounhum yasketoun ba3ad?! 7ilfaw bas?! Tara la7ad ygoul hatha elqanoon 3shan amn eldawla, la.. Ma asadeg`ha 3ugb eli shefta ilyoum.. Sa7ee7 ena the people attacked have previously done government officials wrong, bas ma net3amal weya ba3ath bhal 6areeqa.. Ma adkhal 3ala elawadem b byout`hum w a7athefhum wana ma 3endi daleel 3ala ena ohma emkhalfeen qanoon elfar3eyat.. Shay ma 9ar! Hal qanoon ga3ed yu6abaq with the wrong intentions.. Ta6beeq mu le amn eldawla wala shay.. 3adatan, ma7eb atkalam bhal muwathee3 le2ana elsalfa et6oul w kel wa7ed 3abala ena elthani ga3ed yahjem 3alaih.. Kel wa7ed la raya, bas ana hal mawthoo3 ghaseb batkalam fi le2ana deeratna sgheera. Elkhelafat eli ga3ed et9eer bain bado w 7athar w she3a w sena w ghairhum, hathi et`ther the hope for we7da wa6aneya.. Wetha ekbarat hal khelafat tara 3adi deeratna etrou7 feha. W athen ma7ad fena yabi hal shay.. Wela shraykum?! Mas2alat ena I launch a battle of rubber bullets and helicopters against people mn deerti without proof ena ohma emkhalfeen shay hathi mu dasha 3agli abadan.. 3al 3moom, khal kel wa7ed fena y7e6 deerta gabel ma9ala7a elshakhseya eli malha awal wala tali gabel la y9eer fi deeratna shay.. Athen elmafrooth elkwait gabel ay shay 3nd elkwaityeen..


17 Responses to “Scary Weather”

  1. 1 Big Pearls

    Kuwait needs a desperate make over!

  2. 2 AnGeL

    alla yaster
    alla y7afi’6 il kuwait oo ahal ha
    goloo ameen

  3. 3 Bulletii

    Il Kuwait deerat ba6ee5.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    if there is a drug dealer in a house would you go in? intekhabat far3eya is the same
    you have to catch them while they are in the act. if they went down to such a level of doing it in different homes just to get away with it then they deserve what has happen

    what is the benefit of calling them for investigation and them denying?

    who said they do not have proof? believe me they do

    what these people are doing is purely racist, and racism should be prevented

    we finally are seeing a government acting, hope it does not change

  5. 5 Amethyst


    Bas sha3b elkwait mu ba6eekh.. Gad`ha inshallah:)

    I am not against the fact that the far3eyat are wrong. I am against the fact that they are attacking these people with no proof. Having a funeral has nothing to do with entekhabat far3eya. Even if they did have proof, this not a civilized way to take them in.

    The benefit of calling them in for investigation is the fact that the world will know that they have proof. Of course, they cannot call them in for an investigation without proof.

    There is nothing racist in having a get together with people of the same background. Where is the racism? They have the freedom of choosing who they want to vote for. It’s a free country.

    We are seeing the government acting wrong. I hope that changes.


  6. 6 FourMe

    Oh my god I just the news on KTV what the hell is going on ?! that is so wrong.. where is the freedom of speech where is the right to vote for whoever you want ?? Shocking! Shocking!!

    How can they oppress voting?! It can’t be done!

  7. 7 Amethyst

    I’m not against qanoon elfar3eyat. I’m against the way this is being handled;\

  8. 8 FourMe

    with or against is not the issue now.. the issue is how its being handled and it is beyond wrong. The way they are handling will cause more harm than reaching solutions.

  9. 9 Amethyst

    I agree. It’ll harm the whole country ba3ad mu bas ohma;\

  10. 10 kila ma6goog

    لبسي خوذة باجر

  11. 11 Ge6awEe

    people need to learn sumthin called adab o a5laaq.. its nut just the way the law is being handled.. its also the way hal murasha7een on tv talk to one another, its rude and disrespectful! e7na matrabaina 3ala chithiii! democracy isn’t bas about giving you opinion a voice, its about respecting the opinions and thoughts of others, people don’t seem to get that! all they care about is their personal gain.. eff ana ertefa3 thaq6ii eb galbii wayed 7achii bas 5alonii sakta.

  12. 12 Anonymous

    “There is nothing racist in having a get together with people of the same background. Where is the racism? They have the freedom of choosing who they want to vote for. It’s a free country”

    we have a law that was carried out by OUR parlement than banded such elections. Examples of people with the same back rounds is “alta7alof alwa6ani” or the democratic or republic party in the states. people with DIFFERENT family names, with DIFFERENT cultures gathering together to vote for the person with the good QUALITIES.

    these people are gathering JUST because they have the SAME family name, and NOTHING to do with the person’s qualities. even within the same tribe, people vote for those related to them and each group within the same tribe demands more people representing them JUST because they have the HIGHER number of people. y3ni EXACTLY what is happening in lebanon and iraq. finally these elections were banned by the parlement and NOT by the government, NO by the parlement etself, and by some people who are still participating in these elections

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Khootha 7g sheno wela 7g sheno:)

    Respect for our country is all we need right now;\

    People are free to vote for whoever they feel will represent them. If they believe that someone of the same background will represent them better, it’s up to them. I am against elfar3eyat, and I’ve made that clear. I understand that there is a law, but the law is not being executed correctly. It’s only being executed on the bedouins. What about the rest? Isn’t that racism?

    Again, the attacks that were made on these people were without evidence that they were discussing who to elect. My main concern is clear in the post. I am not concerned with how they vote. I am concerned with how this so called law is being executed. It’s biased. Since when has people of Kuwait fighting each other without good reason been okay?

  14. 14 suspic

    Paragraphs are your friend, especially if it’s in Arabinglish.


  15. 15 Amethyst

    Lol, I was too pissed off to think;\

  16. 16 N.

    I totally agree with suspic. Seriously.

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    I’M SO SORRY;\

    Tawni ashoof your comment! And I totally agree;*

    Lol, I know;p

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