I can feel it in the beat!

I’m back. Not in full force. Spilled coffee is gone. Stains are strictly emotional. The world isn’t as flowery with birds chirping in the background as I thought it to be. Whatever, here’s the post:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

And so she danced. With every leg lift, she kicked one of her sorrows out the window. She smiled because none were big or heavy enough to break the glass. And so she danced. Her eyes shut off reality. She absorbed the music and let it float in her mind. Think of nothing, she told herself. She kept reminding herself that it was only her and the music… until her phone rang. She silenced the music with her toe. Hello? Hey! I miss you, too. Everything’s been great. What about you? Really? Good different or bad different? Not really, no. I’m fine. Nothing. Ma feni shay. Hehehe.. All’s well. Sure. Why wouldn’t I? Okay. Bye. She smirked. She never really thought it was that easy to cover things up. And so she danced. She couldn’t get the coffee stains out. Again, it’s her and the music. She could only wipe the spill off the surface. Let the music fill her mind. She couldn’t even set the mug upright. Music. She opened her eyes and stared at a random spot on the wall. She cleared her head of everything but the music. And so she danced. She danced until she couldn’t move. Then, she realized how much of a coward she really is.
A, I’m sorry. I know. And I’m sorry;*
Bulletii w Outkasty w Ge6awEe;*

20 Responses to “I can feel it in the beat!”

  1. 1 Bulletii

    hal isbou3 tara a6waal isbou3 ib 7ayati! china u’ve been gone (min ‘3air shar. inshallah 3adoowenich gone FOREVER) since centuries.

    theba7t il refresh ana malyoon mara i go to ur blog. sometimes i log in bs to check if ur back then i switch off the pc!

    don’t do that again!! :[

  2. 2 Amethyst


    That’s so sweet of you!

    Inshallah, bas lel2asaf kanat nafseti shway madry shloun hal 10 days fa kent lazem I take a break.

  3. 3 OpeRon®

    It’s so sad.. reminds me of a scene of the arabic movie “7’ally balak mn zozo”.. u know when so3ad hosny danced while crying cos they were mocking her mother .. *Sigh*brings me to tears

  4. 4 Amethyst


    I don’t watch Arabic movies;\

  5. 5 haj


    GLAD UR BACK ;*****

  6. 6 Purgatory

    That 2nd cartoon was funny 🙂

    So you could not resist, you had to come back, now if only I can convince you to be chubbier 😛

  7. 7 Grey

    Good to have you back ! anyways now that you are feeling better …. try tea instead .

  8. 8 Ahmed©

    i like the drawings, very simple but yet, great.

  9. 9 Amethyst


    Lol! 7allaaa;p You really do live in your own world;p

    I’m on tea. It’s fake coffee:)

    That’s Cyanide & Happiness for you:)

  10. 10 Ge6awEe

    YAAAAAAAAAAY!! ur baack! :*

    oh and about the coffee stain.. it never really comes out, with time it just fades, you’ll get used to it, it’ll be a part of you that you wont notice anymore.

    So whatever it is, it’ll take time, everything takes time, just keep on dancing to the music called life.. and you’re definitely not a coward! Some thinks in life just need to be worked out on their own instead of us facing them.

    bas it’s great your back! missed u..

  11. 11 Ge6awEe

    thinks= things
    your= you’re

  12. 12 Amethyst


    It’s already a part of me:)

    In a sense, I kind of am.

    I missed you guys, too!

  13. 13 Big Pearls

    So sweet.. glad to have u back:)

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    Thank you:)

  15. 15 Dr.paula

    welcome back girl:) aaah i feel relax when i read it though so sad i can feel you really

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Dr. Paula
    Thank you:)

  17. 17 N.

    Welcome back..
    what is it with C&H and tentacle arms? Are they hot or something ?=p

  18. 18 Amethyst


    Lol, I don’t know, but they’re funny;p

  19. 19 F.


    How come I don’t know u’re back until now?!?!

    Maybe it’s cuz I haven’t blogged till now…


    I hope you’ve come out of this stronger ;* Glad to have you back love!

  20. 20 Amethyst



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