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Did you hear that? If not, listen to him! Okay, his voice is amazing. It’s so soothing! The song is heartbreaking, but his voice 3ajeeeb! Mu 6abe3i esmillah 3alaih! J, I’m addicted now;p

Aghba phone conversation beldenya, lama you’re talking about something and the person on the otehr end is talking about something else. Mu bas chethi, you’re not really listening to each other 3shan you find out ena you’re not exactly conversing. Ya3ni wa7ed yetkalam 3an music w elthani yetkalam 3an digestion. LAISH?!

I’m proud of myself for surviving until now. J, I feel like I’m neglecting you. I’m sorry;*

Happy Belated Birthday, T;p


14 Responses to “Food Belghaseb”

  1. 1 outkasty

    شسالفة المحادثات الهاتفيه؟

    LOL shrayech bi-tarjama il-7arfeya, and e happy birthday T-ea

  2. 2 haj

    I toold you he’s an amazing singer 😀 .. listen to ‘Oh mamma’ .. i forgot if i put it on the CD, if not download it or i can send it to u ;p

    Why do you fee like you’re neglecting me?

  3. 3 Amethyst

    LOL! La la la! Please! 3endi chethi ytarjemoun wayed;p

    Will do;*

    I just explained;\

    I miss you;*

  4. 4 eshda3wa

    u know i have alot of these fone talks but not conversations
    like today i was talking to my friend about a very disgusting dental procedure
    and she was talking to me about craving machboos

  5. 5 Broke Saudi

    Happy Bday T!

    I’m naturally nosy, sorry! haha

  6. 6 Bulletii

    my friend mara chethe gelt salfa 6weeela. then they’re like, “u tried il new meal min mcdonald’s?”

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Lol, and you’d think we’d find it strange;p

    Broke Saudi
    Lol, np;p

    Hehehe, 3adi.. I guess we should get used to it;p

  8. 8 Kaos

    Interesting thing about your posts, they’re generally multi-topical.

    The comic was hillarious, can’t vew media stuff at work ;p
    Ahht the phone conversation lol, its entertaining ain’t it ;p?

  9. 9 Amethyst

    I’m random like that;p

    Hehe, I love the comics, and the video is a must see, or rather, a must listen to;p

    Lol, surprisingly;)

  10. 10 falantan

    best thing is I get to catch up on explosm comics here 🙂

  11. 11 Big Pearls

    that phone conversation…It happens to me a lot bas face to face..imagine!

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Lol! How nice of you;p

    Big Pearls
    Now, that’s much worse!

  13. 13 FourMe

    OMG 7aram the pigeons ! his voice is amazing, who is he?

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Justin Nozuka:)

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