Seven Deadly Sins

She lies on her back curling her messy unbrushed hair around her finger. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. She sees herself waking up, getting dressed, and grabbing the car keys as she rushes out the door. She sits in the car in complete silence for two minutes, then she hits a button and allows the music to soothe her. She drives around aimlessly allowing her mind to wander. She doesn’t want to lose that person. She doesn’t want to disobey that other person. She doesn’t want to be a commitment freak. She doesn’t want to compromise her life for someone either. She doesn’t want to give up on her hastily put together beliefs. She doesn’t want her life plans to go wrong. She doesn’t want to have a nervous breakdown. She doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t want a lot of things. She wants peace, serenity, and a revelation. She opens her eyes. She realizes that was yesterday. She takes another deep breath. She smiles. El7emdillah. She stares at the ceiling for a while just to clear her head. She curls another strand around her finger and puts her pencil between her teeth. Another deep breath. Her phone rings. She doesn’t even take a look to see who it is. She flips over to lie on her tummy. She sees a book her friend has lent her. She takes the pencil out of her mouth and puts it next to the book. She hesitates. She picks it up and starts reading. All her worries fly out the window. She knows that the moment she shuts the book, they’ll fly right back in. So, she keeps on reading until she falls asleep.


14 Responses to “Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. 1 Big Pearls

    is the drawing urs?

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    No, it’s Vincent van Gogh’s, Sunflowers.. One of my favorite:)

  3. 3 F.

    Ugh! I think something’s creeping up on us…like a mist of depression! ;(

  4. 4 Amethyst

    I wouldn’t be surprised:)

  5. 5 FourMe

    She is escaping reality ..

  6. 6 Purgatory

    and you call my post confusing ;p?

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Yes, for a while.. Just until she decides to shut the book:)

    You find this confusing? Maybe you’re too used to the comics you don’t have the capacity of focused reading on my blog;p

  8. 8 Kaos

    She should focus much less on what she doesn’t want and focus more on what she wants… That’ll make things easier since you only think positive thoughts w/ less negativity clutter. A good chiling session will wipe out disturbing thoughts and make you happy, so … start chilling

  9. 9 Amethyst

    She already knows what she wants. So, she made a list of what she doesn’t want:)

  10. 10 manutdfanatic

    …story of my life.

  11. 11 Grey

    Too many she’s ..

    BTE all is fare in Love and War … Go get what is yours tiger!

  12. 12 Moniker

    how come 7 seven deadly sins? :p

  13. 13 Amethyst


    It’s the same she throughout the whole piece:)

    My titles are always random. I was thinking wrath, which is one of the seven deadly sins;p

  14. 14 Bulletii

    beautiful post.

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