Poshlusty Purple

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I’m always wondering what you guys want to know about me.

Take a shot.

Only one question each.

37 Responses to “Poshlusty Purple”

  1. 1 Ge6awEe

    do u hv dark curly hair and wear glasses?

  2. 2 Shalfoo7

    Whats your favorite scary movie?

  3. 3 Aj

    Whats the best thing you have? “think deeper”

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Lol! It’s not black, but it tends to curl when I don’t brush it. Yes, I wear glasses, but not all the time:)

    Shalfoo7 + Aj
    I don’t watch scary movies.

    The best thing I have is an open mind.

  5. 5 kila ma6goog

    are u kuwaiti?


  6. 6 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Lol, yes!


  7. 7 outkasty

    hmmm 3indi asayed, bas aham as’eltey ohwa


  8. 8 outkasty

    a7! shofay “asayed” ohwa mokhtasar mofeed 7ag (wayed as’ela) lol

    shofay badleyati shlon tharba =]

  9. 9 outkasty

    zain mayseer afakir o aridlich khabar taaleeey? 7addi yo3ana brb

  10. 10 Amethyst

    I’m good;p

    Chakait elbadleya w estaw3abt`ha;D

    Hehe, 3ala ra7tech.. Tyt, bel3afya;*

  11. 11 haj

    meno ur favorite men HAJS?! ;););)

    haha jkkkk … (but u better of said me ;p)

    umm… what’s one thing you would change about yourself? … not physically!

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Lol! I love you all unconditionally;*

    I’d be less dramatic these days:)

  13. 13 outkasty

    what’s your fav car?

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Gold Lexus coupe:)

  15. 15 G and L

    wat do u study?

  16. 16 Grey

    Why do you post cartoons that are not related to the topic?

    * now don’t stop posting the trademark poshlust cartoons*

    and Why Poshlust ? what does it mean?

  17. 17 nQ


  18. 18 suspic

    When did your coffee addiction start, and why? =O

  19. 19 Moniker

    what inspires you?

  20. 20 FourMe

    hMmm interesting..

    Why did you chose the name ‘amethyst’?

  21. 21 Big Pearls

    Tell me anything u wanna tell me about urself, lol:)

  22. 22 Amethyst

    G and L
    English Literature:)

    My titles aren’t related to the topic either. I’m random on my blog. And because they make me laugh, and I like making people laugh;p

    Poshlust is defined in my first post on this blog. Check it out:)

    I want to teach at KU and present people with a different perspective while doing so:)

    Back in High School, I had to stay up to finish a book, homework, or study.

    Very different people with extremely different backgrounds, perspective, etc. respecting each other

    It’s my birthstone. It’s purple. Purple is my favorite color. It’s catchy. It has an interesting story behind it:)

    Big Pearls
    Hmmm.. I’m loving Justin Nozuka! His voice soothes me:)

    Aj (again)
    Hey, I thought deeply. I decided that I don’t have the best of anything. Things can always become better. Bs el7emdillah I’m content because at the same time, I have the best of everything I have at the moment.

  23. 23 Aj

    Finally you came up with something.. now.. Think deeper.. 😉

  24. 24 Amethyst

    It doesn’t get any deeper in my world;)

  25. 25 do0da

    you can judge how interesting a person is thru questions asked from a post like this 😛

    and so to give u something that may equate ur interesting-nes my question would have to be..

    did u have that pasta yet ? 😛

  26. 26 Amethyst



  27. 27 Broke Saudi

    A book that you can read over and over again?

  28. 28 Purgatory

    So when will you meet ThePurg?

  29. 29 eshda3wa

    wats ur deepest darkest secret?

  30. 30 Bulletii

    who is your idol?

  31. 31 Almost There

    I love you :***
    Do you love me?
    I don’t have any questions, 3aib .. I posted for you. And read the article, I emailed it.

  32. 32 N.

    Do you believe a person can/would change parts of themselves for the sake of those who deeply love them? I’m trying to go deep here;p

  33. 33 ..::Amu::..

    mmm your favorite drink?

  34. 34 nQ

    what do you want to teach?

  35. 35 Amethyst

    Broke Saudi
    The Giver, Lois Lowry

    I don’t know;p

    I don’t have one. I’m very open:)

    Mmm.. My mom. I know it’s typical, but still:)

    Almost There
    I love you, too.

    I loved the article:)

    I’ll check after I post this comment;p

    I believe they can, but I wouldn’t:)

    Coffee, but I quit that. So, uuummmm? Pineapple juice I guess:)

    Literature in general, and specifically, the portrayal/role of women in literature:)

  36. 36 nQ


  37. 37 Amethyst


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