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The whole room lights up when he walks in. I smile with every part of my body. I feel gratitude pushing to express itself through my eyes. I feel at ease. Despite all our ups and downs, he knows how to make me happy. He knows how to make me feel special in a subtle way. The many unspoken secrets we share bond us. I’ve never really had someone acknowledge and praise me for being the outcast in the family as much as he has. He admires my courage to speak up and say something that may shock whoever is listening. He allows me to express everything and anything I believe in, even if he doesn’t believe in them himself. Things are always okay and right as long as they aren’t wrong. What’s right to me isn’t always right to him, but we’ve learned to compromise. I know I haven’t been able to spend time with him lately. It’s been a mess. I know I’ll regret this later, but I like learning the hard way.

I promise you things will be back the way they were once what I’m going through is over. I love you, Dad;*

23 Responses to “Parmesan”

  1. 1 Big Pearls

    oooh that’s so sweeet

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Big Pearls

  3. 3 Rhombus Tigress


  4. 4 kila ma6goog

    lucky u 🙂

    or him?

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Rhombus Tigress

    Kila Ma6goog
    Maybe both?

  6. 6 haj


  7. 7 Amethyst


  8. 8 outkasty

    3aaash il-walid ;*

  9. 9 Moniker

    i always envy ppl that have such good relationships with their parents! :p

    mashAllaah 😀

  10. 10 Bulletii

    Allah la ya7remkom menah w ye6awil ib 3omrah ya raab.

  11. 11 Vixen

    allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah :*

  12. 12 um-miT3ib

    3a6ene raqma.. ana asolif ma3a 3ala ma u get over ur business:P

  13. 13 Amethyst


    Lol! Be nice;p



    Um Mit3ib
    In this case, sharing is NOT caring;p

  14. 14 G and L

    aww..inshalla things get better:)

  15. 15 Amethyst

    G and L

  16. 16 manutdfanatic

    ..hey, where’d my comment go?!

  17. 17 Amethyst

    What comment?

  18. 18 manutdfanatic

    I remember posting a comment on this post; something short and simple along the lines of “Inshallah”.

    Ah well, Blogger ate it up, I suppose.

    Inshallah, anyway. =)

  19. 19 Amethyst

    Hehe, Blogger seems to be getting hungry these days;p


  20. 20 suspic

    The intro is misleading, and you did it on purpose.

    Anyway, it’s nice to know some people care about their parents.

  21. 21 Amethyst


  22. 22 Kaileena

    Allah ykhaleeh lukum inshalla =D

  23. 23 Amethyst


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