You might as well chain your hands and legs and seal your lips. Don’t talk about politics. You’ll offend those who twist your words before they comprehend them. Don’t talk about religion. You’ll offend those who have different beliefs and narrow minds. Don’t call your parents with their first names. You’re immoral. Don’t run after someone you admire. You’re too daring. Don’t stay quiet. You’ll be asked what screwed up your day a gazillion times. Don’t snap at people. You’ll be accused of spreading negativity. Don’t talk about your personal issues. You’ll make people think you’re too trusting. Don’t advise anyone. You’ll be hired as a therapist whether you like it or not. Don’t smile too much. You’re making people think you’re flirty. Don’t tell people to carry their toothbrush around. You’re a clean freak. Don’t you dare think a person is hot. You’d be a pervert. Don’t raise your eyebrow. You’re a bitch. Don’t glance. You’d be staring. Don’t breathe. You’re existence is not welcome.
Don’t judge me. Don’t pretend you’re okay with me when I’m around. Don’t go bitching about me behind my back. You have better things to worry about. It’s okay. I know you’re tempted. So, I’ll just give you my back.


19 Responses to “Massage”

  1. 1 ..::Amu::..

    I hate people who bitch around!! :/

    I know how that feels…Hope you get of these people soon!

  2. 2 haj

    very deep!!!!

  3. 3 F.


  4. 4 Bulletii

    *hugs Amethyst tightly*

  5. 5 Rhombus Tigress

    *head bangin*

    HELL YAAAH!!!!!!!
    fuck them.

    cheers 🙂

  6. 6 NoNoWa

    People shud at least have enuf courage to just bitch to my face instead of behind my back!!!

    I hate ppl like that!! If u have sumthing to say- SAY IT!!!

  7. 7 Kaos

    pretty intense, well remember to do your own thing and not worry about their judgment. Judgmental people can’t really help it

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Lol, I bitch;p


    Very angry, too:)


    *hugs Bulletii back*

    Rhombus Tigress

    Might as well fcuk everything;p


    Take a bow:)

    That’s exactly what I’m doing. I just felt like letting it out:)

  9. 9 Ge6awEe

    aaaah the kuwaiti society, where people are clones of each other. we all hv to think act and dress the same.. individuality is not accepted . Alah y3eenich!

  10. 10 Amethyst

    It’s so hypocritically messed up;\

  11. 11 eshda3wa

    best move u can do!
    show em ur sexy behind
    they aint worth ur time

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Cheers ;D

  13. 13 Big Pearls

    illi mo 3ajbah ye6eg rasah bil 6oofaa lool

  14. 14 do0da

    let them judge all they want dont mean you have to care bout what they think

  15. 15 FourMe

    Put them all in their right place and tell them to Shut IT!

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Big Pearls
    W fi malyoun 6oufa;p

    Yeah, but venting feels great;p

    Their right place is insginificance, so I ignore them:)

  17. 17 kella met2a5er

    I never cared about what people think about me, at least in the major issues in my life, I never cared about their opinions or judgments..
    I’m what I’m, because Im living according to the way I please..

    I don’t give a damn about them, cuz they are just not me..And I’m not them, no body owns me, I’m the master of my own…

    My advantages and my flaws defines who am I..

    And I’m so damn proud of my self…despite their judgments.

  18. 18 Amethyst

    Kella Met2a5er
    I don’t care about what other people think, but they should have the courage to say it to my face.

  19. 19 N.

    No comic today (that day)! :/

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