Low Battery

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In my head, there is an image of a line of straight men waiting their turn to be spit on by myself.

Men vs. Women? Check THIS out;p

She’s just too cute;*

Does anyone have a recipe to undepress yourself? I’ve tried eating depression food, dancing, being busy, and pouring my heart out. Any other suggestions?


22 Responses to “Low Battery”

  1. 1 um-miT3ib

    haw shyayich?

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Um Mit3ib
    Madry, shay ghareeb;\

  3. 3 Hasan.B

    LOL!! For both the clip o the two stupid guys! Hmmm the best solution I know is food aw therapy;s

  4. 4 Purgatory

    I was wondering why you wanted a recipe to undress yourself ;p

  5. 5 nymphadora86

    try screeeeeeeeeming you head off. breaking stuff helps too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. 6 Noufa

    to undepress:

    watch willy wanka (the original) or listen to Meds πŸ˜›

    it works for me!

    or tying watching some really depressing movie. so you’ll undepress yourself by depressing yourself even more.

  7. 7 Noufa

    Oh, and I guess it’s time for your period. that’s why you are feeling depressed.

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Hasan B.

    My therapist is busy;\


    I’m not the crazy type;p

    The depressing movie sounds like a good diea!

    It’s so not time for my period. It’s in around two weeks;\

  9. 9 Glitter

    What is it with you and spits?

    A line of men to spit on??
    and now when I wanted to write a comment it says “Just spit it out” ?!!

  10. 10 Vixen

    get together with some friends and ask for hugs *Hug* or even better, meet new people πŸ˜›

  11. 11 suspic

    I can just imagine one of the straight guys going “3asal..!” after you spit in his face.

  12. 12 Kaileena

    Mmmm..count your blessings.

  13. 13 um-miT3ib

    akhaf it7ibeen ?

  14. 14 eshda3wa

    theres talking about it, and dealing with it.

  15. 15 FourMe

    depress yourself to the max and you’re bound to bounce back sooner or later..

  16. 16 Big Pearls


  17. 17 N.

    Try something fun and exciting that will give you a rush.. (yet safe..)

  18. 18 ..::Amu::..

    I like this post πŸ™‚ esp the pic!!

  19. 19 falantan

    best way to “un”depress myself I found was to say il7amdella then try to do something useful

  20. 20 outkasty

    rikbay saikal lol

  21. 21 haj

    haha the video about stereotypes was entertaining ;p

    and of course our obsession with chineese kids LOOL .. WA2AAVERRR!!!

    How many times do I have to tell you this? COUNT UR BLESSINGS! … stop stuffing ur face with food, stop ignoring the problems, stop trying to keep urself busy and just,, COUNT UR BLESSINGS!!!!!

  22. 22 Amethyst

    Lol! Okay:

    The line of men: it’s the simplest yet most offensive thing (in my opinion) to do if you want to insult someone.

    The comment box: so that whoever wants to comment understands that they can say whatever they want.. You know? Like when someone hesitates, you just want them to say it!

    Hehe, I already hug wayed;p


    Uuuhh, ew?!

    I do that everyday before I sleep:)

    Entay ma geltay hal shay ela wentay mu shayfa wayhi;p

    Lol, la.. I’m positive. Kelish mu mal 7ub ana;\

    Done talking, how do I deal with it?

    Will do next time;)

    Big Pearls

    Something came my way today: next post;p




    Lol, yeah!


    I do that everyday!

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