Styled Hair


I just got back from a party, so excuse the ramble.

Today, a friend of mine lent me a complete audio file of the second rally that I couldn’t go to. Thank you 7Q;* I sat in the department’s corridor, and I listened. I couldn’t help but remember all the people that keep saying that there is no hope for our country. That it will be overwhelmed by narrow-mindedness and uniformity. The people who spoke at the rally are people that are making a difference. And we all can. Even by having blogs to express our opinions, we are making a difference. There are silent readers at home who are reading these very words. Our country is our pride. What would we be without the identity it gives us? We would be nothing without its history. Why not fight for it? I know people who keep saying, “Why should we show up at a rally? It’s just talk.. Kalam fathi men ghair action!” Excuse you! Your presence makes a difference, and if you can’t understand that then… Well, then madry I’m sorry you feel that it doesn’t! Ya nass, hathi deeratna. This is our home. The home of our kids ba3ad. Don’t you want the best for it? Do not let the claws of the monstrous e9la7 in disguise close around it. You know what scares me? Has anyone read The Giver? 1984? Persepolis (2)? Reading Lolita in Tehran? Anything about the uniformity of people and people being punished for being themselves? This is what will happen if things go wrong. Not only that, our people will focus on our differences and forget everything we have in common. I love my country. And I see hope in our future. Our generation will make a difference. It will. To answer the question in White Wings‘ header, there is light. And it will become brighter with time:)

10 Responses to “Styled Hair”

  1. 1 Vixen

    I really do hope that hope you see spreads soon : )

  2. 2 david santos

    Really beautiful!
    have a good weekend

  3. 3 Ge6awEe

    I’m speechless.. 9ij i’m nut in kuwait.. bas walah ga3da here o mayta 7arah 3ala deeratna! .. there is hope if el wa6aniya that we used to hv cumz bak to ppl.. i really hope they feel it soon.

  4. 4 do0da

    its kinda funny they said kids like us have no national pride 😛 i wana see them say that again

  5. 5 Cat

    Its sad !

    Hopefully things will go better and our generation will make some good !

  6. 6 Amethyst

    It will if you let it:)

    David Santos
    Thank you:)

    I hope so, too:)


    Yes, it is.

    Inshallah, and we can’t just stand there and watch;)

  7. 7 eshda3wa

    ofcourse there is light!

    sure it mite seem dim every now and then

    but as long as its there we will make sure it shines bright!

  8. 8 Amethyst


  9. 9 N.

    kalaaaam 7elo!

  10. 10 Amethyst

    7alat denyak:)

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