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Today is the first day of torture after three weeks of bliss. I’m killing myself this semester with seven classes, but I couldn’t drop anything because the classes are all taught by the professors of my choice. Unfortunately, I only have one literature class;(

It’s great being back home on the @#!$*& (to ensure that I am not stalked;p). Everyone is just the way I left them which is good. I’ve been told I lost weight so YAY!

My Statistics professor 7ada mu sij! Nikta hal ensan.. Umbaih he’s a very old man: bends over, gray hairs, thick glasses, etc. He GIGGLES, people! GIGGLES! It’s just too funny. Quoting him,

“Ana di elsana el28 leya b gam3et elkuweet. Yeb2a ana mush 2ad aboki, ana 2ad gedek! E7taremi nafsek w e7taremi elragul eli byou2af 2o9adek!”

“Mush banat mekyaj, eli howa elmake up. Kanu banat 3elm fe3lan!”

“Eli 2a3detli 2odam w 3amlatli a7mar zay keda *points four fingers at his mouth* ka2enaha makla om ewlad`ha yeb2a tukhrug bara!”

7ada comic relief! Thank goodness;p

Onto more important topics, what’s up with shameless girls? I don’t understand them! Ya3ni okay a guy turns you down, why are you still after him?! For example, and this a true example, guy is with girl for three years. Her family is okay with him and all. Suddenly, he’s in college, and he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. He even tells her mom, “Khalti ana mabi bentich!”

What does the girl do? Does she slap him around and tell him to go to hell? Does she remind him that he will never find someone better than her? Does she pretend he never existed in her life and move on? Does she save her pride and dignity and let the bum bask in his guilt?
NO! She stalks him! “Adeg 3alaik ma etred 3alay..” Get the hint! Come on, sheno ya3ni? You’d think his continuing rejections and put downs would stop her, but ham NO! Prepare yourself for the schock… Ready? SHE LITERALLY BEGGED HIM ON HER KNEES!

Laish?! I will never understand! He doesn’t want her anymore. Mu ghaseb! Laish she makes herself worthless? Laish mu fahma ena if she ignores him, he might run after her? Why make a fool out of yourself when you can save face and do better?
…And why go around telling everyone your story? Mu fashla? Wa7ed 7agrich wentay tarketheen wara..

I don’t care what other people say, but in my opinion, these girls are a shame to the entire female race!

17 Responses to “Chasing Cars”

  1. 1 chika

    LOL @ that ostath!! he’s funny, I’d crack up laughing in front of him!

  2. 2 arch96madi

    honey,,,, those gurls are a shame to all of humanity.. to the existance of homo-sapiens in this world since forever… all i can say is il7imdilla… i can only wonder wut the hell went wrong in her life for her to become THAT low!!!! alla la yableena ya rab oo yaster 3alayna oo 3ala 3yalna inshala.. cuz seriously, she makes me sick!
    luv u

  3. 3 arch96madi

    looooooooooool! i wanna meet him!!!! kaaak! tara thts helarious!5osh proffessor, 6ab feekom min awal yoom! loooool! i cnt stop laughing!

  4. 4 Amethyst

    That’s what I did! He smiled at me! Katkooot;*

    Someone needs to knock some sense into her head. Maybe if you ignore her, she’ll realize how pathetic she is;\


    LOL! Nikta! Umbaih 7ada the comic relief of the day, especially since I have long school days;p

  5. 5 Purgatory

    I have had my share of stalkers, trying to avoid them with time, but does not always work.

  6. 6 do0da

    ana 4.5 classes o ga3d at7al6am 😛 SAB3A !! SAB3A !!

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Well, I can’t do anything else about it;p

    Lol! Gool mashallah w allah y3adehum 3ala khair.. La etsawounli hal 7arakat tara 3adi abchi;p

  8. 8 haj

    LOOOOOOOL the professor ;p .. i dono how ur gona learn with that kind of professor in front of u lool thi7ik wallah

  9. 9 Amethyst

    Hehe, yeah.. The prof aside, it’s Statistics in ARABIC!!!;\

  10. 10 F.

    As much as I want this semester to take it’s time seeing as it’s my last…Inshallah i3addi 3ala 5air :/

    You do look thinner by the way, I couldn’t tell you at the time cuz I was stuffing my face 😀

    Whatever happened to playing hard to get?!

  11. 11 Amethyst

    Yeah, 7ada allah y3adi 3ala khair;\

    Thank you!;D Bel3afya;*

    Let’s keep playing hard to get for us.. But then again, maybe that’s why we’ve always been single;p

  12. 12 suspic

    Scientifically speaking, teens get together, teens go to college, teens get exposed to a new social scene, teens find each other lame and old wanting something fresh.

    Your professor seems interesting, considering how he saw the generations slowly change into the current one. Maybe there’s an underground bidding on when he’ll die?

  13. 13 eshda3wa

    his ur dr named galal?

  14. 14 haj

    ewww in ARABIC? laaa laaa min9ijiich??? are u gona understand?

  15. 15 Amethyst

    I agree.

    Lol! I heard there is such a bidding, but it’s not underground;)

    La2a, mush howa da;p Esmu Dr. 3adel Bargal;p

    Umm.. Madry, they don’t offer it in English fa I really can’t do anything about it;(

  16. 16 F.

    I’d rather be single than be called another “s” word…

    do i need to elaborate? 😛

  17. 17 Amethyst


    Same here:)

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