Home Sweet Home

I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently. You know, when you’re so sleepy, but your eyes are wide open. That sort of thing which drives me nuts, and so now, I’m a very cranky psychotic young lady. Plus, I’m being extremely emotional. People I care about may have noticed the level of being sentinmental that I have reached. *SIGH*

Moving on, because I’m lying in bed with my eyes wide open, I’m thinking all kinds of things. Sharing is caring. Ya3ni sij elkwaiti can’t stop making me wonder. For example:

Kalb bn 16! (16 sheno?)

Ykaser merda7ech.. (Sheno ya3ni merda7 a9lan?!)

Rethaina bel bain w elbain ma retha fena.. (Elbain ma yadri 3ankum. You’re alive! W ghasben 3alaikum terthoun mu mn 6eebkum. Nonsense!)

Anyways, fa I decided to start questioning.. Fa eli 3enda a convincing explanation for these examples, let me know.

I have a problem using Kuwaiti sayings in the right context, so instead of sounding wise as intended, I sound stupid. I should stop that, sa7?;$

Randomly, this morning I had to go drive around and run a few errands. Being completely obsessed with my teeth, I went to the dentist for the second time in the last 3 weeks. I don’t like the dentist, but I go anyway because I l have this serious thing going on with my teeth. It was funny. The dentist kept poking around my teeth while staring at my eyes! I couldn’t giggle, and I couldn’t help but be worried;p

I don’t feel like writing about my birthday, but here’s a sneak peek;)



Thanks 6ab6abs (pics above), A (mako pics, I only had my phone with me, and I hate bad quality pics), and H (pics later if I feel like it). Oh, and I didn’t get any Valentine stuff this year.. just books, cake, diamonds, money, and other stuff I really wanted, so YAY!;*


16 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. 1 chika

    your birthday?! When! Happy Bday!? I hate you cuz of the cake picture! :@ ..

    When am lying there sleepless I have crazy day dreams :$

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Feb 2nd.. Check out the post called “Butterfly”;)


  3. 3 do0da

    arabic was never my strong point 😛 i think my blog made that much obvious

  4. 4 Kaileena

    I think 17 people insabbow ib theech ilsabba..the cursed person and 16 of his family 00; Guessing,though

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Lol, same here;p

    Hehe, kind of makes sense;p

  6. 6 suspic

    elkalam elkuwaiti tha3 bein hal enjleezi o 7achi b3th elnas.

  7. 7 kila ma6goog

    كلب بن الستعش

    hot dog

  8. 8 outkasty

    EL-KAIKA ET3AWIR IL-GALB! min wain!!!=E~~~~~

  9. 9 F.

    OMG! This cable thing is pissing me off…Internet has been functioning of its own accord, never doing what I want it to do!
    So, I’m so sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday on time 😦
    I’ve got lots to say, but I can’t access my blog anymore 😡 stupid cable thingie!
    I’m going to stop blabbering now…hope things get fixed soon so I can get back 🙂

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Look whose talking;p

    Kila Ma6goog

    Mr. Baker, and yes, it’s SO GOOD!

    Aaaawww! Thanks, hun;* It’s the thought that counts..

    I miss you more!

    Inshallah it’ll all be fixed soon, and you’ll be back;*

  11. 11 outkasty

    amy, shesim il-cake?

  12. 12 Bombay Bombshell

    Happy Birthday ;*
    I love kuwaiti sayings !

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Madry;\.. As2al w aredlich khabar:)

    Bombay Bombshell

  14. 14 N.

    yeah I don’t get the 16 either..

    not sure about the rest..

    I question a lot of kuwaiti (arabic) sayings, and it seems a lot of them are wrong.. contextually and linguistically! This is language though…

  15. 15 skinny bumblebee

    HAPPYBIRTHDAY MIT2akheeeer! ;*

    you and my cousin share the same birthday! weeeeeeeee ;D

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Yeah! It’s annoying;p

    Skinny Bumblebee
    Thank you;*

    Feb 2nd is a good birthday;)

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