“I like life. It’s something to do.”

Ronnie Shakes

19 Responses to “Butterfly”

  1. 1 arch96madi

    the other day my sis n i were discussing how my frnds changed me… when ur turn came i said “she opened my mind, she taught me not to judge and to accept ppl as they r especially when they r not like me” and thats wut u did… u affected me so much, 5alayteeni afaker outside the box, oo mo bs 5alayteeni i accept other ppl, 5alayteeni i accept myself, and thts more than ill ever ask for…
    i love you sis
    happy birthday

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Laish kela etkhalouni abchi?! But at least it’s not a waterfall methel lama you gave me the letters;$

    What I do for you is less than you deserve, H. Come on, you guys became my sisters ghasben 3ala wayhi.. And your sisters did the same:)

    I love you more;*

    Thanks for existing, it’s more than I should ask of you..

  3. 3 outkasty

    haBBy bairzday! “again” ke7ke7 =p

    I wish you all the best on your 19th birthday! ;*mwa

  4. 4 Noufa

    Happy birthday 😀

  5. 5 suspic

    Happy birthday, muchacha!

  6. 6 kila ma6goog

    i am old:(

    happy birthday

    enjoy the teens:)

  7. 7 kila ma6goog

    i am old:(

    happy birthday

    enjoy the teens:)

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Hehe, merci awi;*

    Thank you ;D

    Thank you, muchacha;p

    Kila Ma6goog
    Hehe, you’re not old yet;p

    Thanks, will do:)

  9. 9 'Grey'

    Many Many Happy returns of the day , And wishing you all the Happyness in the world ..and a bright future.

  10. 10 um-miT3ib

    enjoy 19 coz 20 bityeey ba3ad shway w ib titrabi3ain w tabcheen 😛

  11. 11 Amethyst

    Many thanks:)

  12. 12 Amethyst

    La la laaaa!!! Lol, 3ala goulat F. ana 7ayeshni the Peter Pan Syndrome. Be nice;p

  13. 13 haj

    You’re the kind of friend everyone needs in their lives, and im thankful i have you in my life. I’ve realized that you’re not just any friend thats just there in my life, I actually NEED you.
    Happy birthday baby, I hope you have the most amazing year!!!!! ;* i love you more than you can imagine!!!!


  14. 14 do0da

    yala 1 year closer to 50 =D

    happy bday :p

  15. 15 Purgatory

    Happy bday kiddo, and many more 2 come

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Za3lana 3alaich ana;p

    Hey, you’re more than just a friend 7bbti w inshallah I’ll always be there whether you need me or not. I love you more;*

    Lol! And is 50 scary?


    Thank you, 3ami;p

  17. 17 do0da

    no i like 50 😛 u get to boss ppl around and ur too old for them to tell u off 😛

  18. 18 haj

    waaaat? laish za3lana 3laaay? ;p

  19. 19 Amethyst

    Lol! Evil;p

    You know why;p

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