So, Outkasty (aka Very.Q8ya) wanted a post about Go Kart. I’m nice enough to write about my continual embarrassment on different Go Kart tracks. I’m not talented in driving anything, just so you know.
The most recent Go Kart experiences were during my trip to Egypt last Spring. Okay, people.. I did it twice. I should have said no after the first time. In Sharm, we started looking for things to do other than beach activities since they can’t be done in the evening. So, we found a Go Kart place. Lo adri ena byenga9 wayhi w batfashal, chan ma geltlehum about the place. Anyways, so we go in and get geared up. Suits, helmets, and karts.

So, all brave.. I get into my kart, bas sheno?! Ma a6ool the gas and brake! So, I have to like slide down in my kart because the guy didn’t have any pillows to offer. The guy explains the laps, and we set off… Al7een 7amadt rabi malyoun mara ena the track is lighted by red cones because it was huge w 3adi I get lost because I have no sense of direction. I had my foot on the gas all the way, braking only at the turns in case I flew out of the kart. The boys thought it would be funny if they would bump into me.. They did, and I did a gazillion turns before I could reach the brakes! W 7adi 3a9abt! I was FURIOUS because kan 3abali ena ra7 ad3am someone else on track. Oh and another thing, mako reverse, so you have to like deal with yourself after getting off the track by only going forward. So, after several minutes of getting back on track. I become vindictive.. Now, everyone’s wearing helmets w it’s belail fa you really can’t tell who’s who.. Shasawi?! I bumped into everyone until they were all struggling, while I completed my lap and made up for the time I lost earlier. Soon, everyone’s bumping into everyone w the guy 9ar maynoon bas ysarekh 3alaina..

Anyways, lama we were all done.. We had to strip down to our usual selves and go see the results. I CAME SECOND ;D!!! 7ada wanasa! Sij eni wayed tahaza2t bas lama da3amt kelman w I threw them off the track, I made up for the time well. Naturally, when we went to the amusement park, and I saw Go Kart, I was for it.. Ma ta3alamt mn eltede3em w the not reaching.. This time though, it’s not a professional track bas it’s big. I left my throne…

…and headed to the track. Nothing fancy: no suits or helmets, just karts. I go, and I pick a kart. Again, ma a6ool elgas or brake, and I have to do the sliding thing. Ya3ni 7adi ;\.. Elmuhim, lama we set off.. I hit the gas, wela elkart 7ad`ha garamba3 ma tamshi.. Kelman sawa malyoun lap w ana lil7een b my first cuz of my retarded kart! 7adi tenarfazt w I couldn’t just ditch it and go back walking! Fa I continued the lap w it was my first and last bema ena elkart 7ad`ha sakka w kan wedi I stop on it (bs I wasn’t big enough lel2asaf). Ee w by the way, b my very slow 3ayooza lap, my friends were bumping into me, fa the kart would stop… W kent lazem a3abel feha to get it to the highest speed it could go all over again!! Lesson learned: never leave the throne for Go Kart!

It’s fun though. If you can reach the gas and brake, you’ll be fine;p

P.S. The post before was for me to let things out.


16 Responses to “Migrane”

  1. 1 suspic

    I like how you let things out with a rhyme.

    About Go Kart, I despise it. Everytime I go I get the slowest car even though we choose randomly.

    It’s always nice seeing that 8 year old drive faster than you..

    When I do choose a fast one I try not to break at all, especially in turns. The problem is I apparoach it smoothly then I hear “AAAHAHAHA!” and get rammed from the back by my cousin.

  2. 2 Amethyst

    I rhyme?


    It’s not;(

    Wahaha! 3adi I get that a lot, too.

  3. 3 kella met2a5er

    Go karts ROCKS man..

    Im like the best and the craziest driver ever, I would go in the curves full speed, drifting..man it so cool..

    Tha faces on the helmets are freaky =/

  4. 4 outkasty

    LOOOOOL! awalan thanks for posting about it ;*

    thaneyan babrook! il-markaz il-taani ya ewleyyah? aih il-6a3ama deh πŸ˜›

    3ashiran, il-helmets a7es’hom r6oba=/

  5. 5 Noufa

    how tiny are you to not reach the gas thingie?!? πŸ˜›

  6. 6 N.

    Sure sounds like fun! I haven’t been go-carting in a while. I should probably consider it soon before I get too old :p

  7. 7 do0da

    2nd was a fluke πŸ˜› stop blaming the kart πŸ˜›

  8. 8 Amethyst

    kella met2a5er

    LOL! Yeah, I’m not experienced in that area;\


    YES!! Ashwa ma enga9 wayhi wayed;p

    Eff y2athoun! Kent abi afsakha w a6eg elrayal fi;p

    I’m not that tiny, but they were abusing me by giving me big karts I guess;(

    I’m 153cm, btw;p

    I’ll never be too old to go kart (a)

    Hey! Be nice! Lol, mn seji the kart kanat 7aywana ma tamshi;\
    I did one lap bas w elbaji khalesaw the whole thing!!!

  9. 9 Nymphadora

    I never tried Go Kart, i guess i’m too scared to try them πŸ˜€
    hope u had a good time

    love ur blog πŸ˜‰

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Go karting is fun. Give it a shot;)


  11. 11 eshda3wa

    i dont drive anything, not even a bike

    bs i think im gna give that go kart thingy a go!

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Let me know how it turns out;)

  13. 13 Purgatory

    posting your hands is dangerous, I can recognize them, ask people who posted body parts before ;p

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Lol, and what if you did?

  15. 15 Purgatory

    So you want to be recognized and hence you posted that, interesting

  16. 16 Amethyst

    I’ll be recognized from my hands? Yalla, we’ll see;)

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