Scared of Puking

I didn’t find this one funny…

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… and please don’t try this at home (as in don’t stick things up your behind)

I haven’t been feeling great physically recently. So, yesterday I decided to go out, and see if I feel better. I didn’t… until I bought a new black leather shiny handbag with gold buckles! OMG! A moment of epiphany! I’m materialistic! I remembered every single time stuff got me to feel better. I remembered how I so disagree with the money doesn’t buy happiness thing. AAAAHH!! Should I be burned at the stake?!

But then again, isn’t that the job of new stuff?! Doesn’t everyone feel better when they get something they simply want rather than need? I don’t know.. It always makes me feel better. Next on the list is diamonds;)

This is the bag:


20 Responses to “Scared of Puking”

  1. 1 kila ma6goog

    همم أذواقنا تختلف

  2. 2 Noufa

    why are you scared of puking?

    that’s not being materialistic, that’s being a woman lol!
    buying shoes, bags, make up etc always gives us a high.

    If it was a in red, I would have liked it 😛

  3. 3 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog

    I don’t know. I just am;\

    LOL! Partly true;p

    Hmm.. Yeah, red would work!

  4. 4 Hussain

    so now you’re anti anal action? tsk tsk, how limiting to human freedom (and dir-taaaaaay)

    you over-use the word ‘stuff’, it indicates your limited human diction; cute!
    and you’re not materialistic, you just read coehlo ..
    (mean enough? :-p you know i love you …)

    [side note: i brought donuts to people in the office, as an attempt to be nice and .. all.. so no one eats anything, see what i mean about being nice? it’s bad]

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Typical of you.

    2 is overuse? I do NOT have limited human diction. I’m in literature! And Coelho is not for your type;p

    Maybe you don’t know how to publicize the fact that you brought donuts. I bring donuts every week to school, and they always finish..

  6. 6 Hussain

    that’s because you let everyone know that they’re with ritu .. plus, taz and the rest of the girls enjoy hogging over the tray so yeah..
    i’m nice.

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Well, where else would I leave them? I trust Ritu because she won’t eat them all!

    You’re just jealous people eat my donuts and leave yours;p

  8. 8 chika

    I love it how shopping fixes everything 😀

  9. 9 Amethyst

    Me 2! ;D

  10. 10 Kaileena

    I like the fan behind the bag!

  11. 11 do0da

    money does buy happiness, give a guy a million dollars and i wana see him not be happy about it.. but then u have to take it away cuz its more fun to watch him cry over losing it =]

  12. 12 Amethyst

    Its a wooden umbrella of Thai culture:)

    I agree, but how harsh can you get?

  13. 13 haj

    congrats on the new bag! its so you!!!

    and why did u put the comic if u didnt think it was funny ;p

  14. 14 Amethyst

    Thank you:)

    Because madry.. It’s not funny! Lazem a7e6ha 3shan I show people ena it’s not funny.. Sa7?

    Wait! I have a better reason… It’s so Purg doesn’t say that there is no comic..?!


  15. 15 F.

    I feel happy when I buy “stuff” too ;P

    I love the bag!

    I hope you feel better dear ;*

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Who doesn’t?!

    Me 2! ;D

    I do. I felt better after the bag;p

  17. 17 do0da

    as harsh as i can get away with 😛

  18. 18 Amethyst

    Lol, you can get away with taking a million dollars from a guy? On second thought.. Yeah, you can;p

  19. 19 suspic

    I laughed..out loud too..not one of those mental laughs where you just say “umm..funny..”.

    You women enjoy your shopping, we men enjoy this moment..

    I don’t like your bag.

    *waits for amethyst to tear up*

    Anyhoo, throwing up is bad..but why do people always look at themselves in the mirror when they do it?

    “BLAAAAARRRGHHH..ahh WHY ME? BLAAAARRRGGHHHH..ooh look veiny red eyes…BLAAAAARGGGH..i did have eggs today!..BLAAAAAAA..ooh just little chunks now, almost lied to me stomach..BLAA..bitch!”

    what. the. hell.

    I’ll leave for good, I apologize.

  20. 20 Amethyst

    I won’t cry if you don’t like my bag. Why would that matter to me? Why would I care?

    I think you’re the only one who looks in the mirror while they are throwing up..

    It’s okay. I understand your psychotic side. You’re welcome to stay;p

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