Stop making a fool out of me…

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I love my old template, but it’s time for change. As for the music, I decided that it’s staying until I feel like removing it because I like the new song;p

Onto a more serious topic.. I was lying around in the living room aimlessly yesterday trying to avoid studying, and I came across a newspaper headline. So, I pick the paper up, and I read… only to be disappointed. The article was about a group of people who broke into and destroyed bookshops which sold Islamic material. Why? Most probably, the criminals are from a different sect, but whether they are or not, there is no reason for them to do that. It angers me that they put their opinions, emotions, and beliefs before their own country. This is an event which will effect the unity between citizens, even if only on the small scale. Being different shouldn’t induce anger. This is absurd. I can’t help but wonder what events such as this one will trigger in the future..

Dr. Ya3youni’s final tomorrow. Allah yaster;\

16 Responses to “Stop making a fool out of me…”

  1. 1 kila ma6goog


  2. 2 Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Me7na nag9een;\

  3. 3 Purgatory

    hahahahah i like the facebook cartoon.

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Yeah, hehe;p

  5. 5 Kaileena

    Nice layout, I like that symbol!

  6. 6 'Grey'

    LMAO on cartoon ! nice layout

  7. 7 Amethyst


    Hehe, yeah.. Thanks:)

  8. 8 haj

    LOVEE the new layout!

  9. 9 Amethyst


  10. 10 Vixen

    cuuute el cartoon strip : ) i hope you did well in your exam..

    7adda fitna we dont wanna be like iraq allah yaster !

  11. 11 do0da

    I heard random music playing, its from a blog bes not urs damn i thought the music finally worked o well 😛

  12. 12 suspic

    Terribly sorry, but the sidebar should be on the left. It looks like when you’re typing English but Word is set on right-to-left writing, y’know?

    Umm..ironically I’m wondering and skipping around like red cape girl in my room trying to avoid studying right now.

    I swear clipping my nails is a must now, it seems more important than studying..

  13. 13 Noufa

    Template, I like. I love customized blogs and let’s face it blogger “default” templates are crap!

    Instead of studying for my Ethics final, I’m reading blogs and commenting :/ I study all year but avoid it when it’s time for finals!

    about the bookstore, SHIT :/ people are fucking insane!

  14. 14 ..::Amu::..

    the cartoon is kewl!

  15. 15 N.

    Allah ewafjech on your exam!

  16. 16 Amethyst

    Hehe, yeah..

    Ee, agoulich;\ Allah yaster..

    Lol! The player is under the blogroll before the counter;p

    Lol, I know, but that’s the way the template is. It’s different.

    I do that all the time.

    Nails are more important than studying at all times.

    This is a shitty blogger “default”;p

    Yeah, that’s good tara.

    They are, unfortunately.


    Thanks. It was weird. I wrote four pages of theories and examples, but I don’t remember anything now;p

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