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Bored, I remembered High School… No one did it like we did, especially our last year. We went crazy. We outdid it. I cracked up at almost every photo I had. I have literally thousands of photos from my high school years, so why not share a small fraction? As for my high school buddies.. In my speech at graduation, I said, “and after us there is no more…” I mean it you guys. Remember…

Remember our “Reward Day”?
Remember the newspaper? Now that I’m done with it, I tried to make it a record of our days..

Remember “our” locker?

Remember “The Na7sha”?

Remember “The Gatherings”?

Remember those days? ;p

Remember the food?

Remember more food?

Remember Coach?

Remember more food again?

Remember the parties?

Remember “Depression Day” and my suffering through Hamlet?

Remember 3arabi? ;p

Remember THE locker? 😉

Remember the little birthday surprises?

Remember bathrooming during parties?

Remember Storm’s class?

Remember our very creative presentations?

Remember this? H, we missed you that day;*

Remember the rip-off sales?

Remember… LOL?!

Remember the parties at the very end?

And the memories remain;*

P.S. The library has been updated;)

Oh! And for those of you who enjoy Art…

21 Responses to “The rest is still unwritten..”

  1. 1 chika

    I LOVED IT!! LOL at the pictures 🙂

  2. 2 Amethyst


  3. 3 OpeRon®

    Gosh, It is amazing how pictures of objects can reflect how happy you were.. how fun it was

    I think you are one that had one hell of high school .. I love how u still remember them till for me, it is ANCIENT history, 9 years ago

    wish I can have pics like u do

    P.S. Typically arab, Food in every occasion!

  4. 4 suspic

    Define bathrooming, it seems oddly too friendly and disgusting.

    Especially in standing position.

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Yeah, it was great..

    9 years is ancient? Lol;p

    That’s why my camera is with me all the time;)

    Definitely typical:)

    LOL! As in going to the bathroom to put on make up and fix hair.

    Get your mind wired;p

  6. 6 do0da

    =| id so trade me final year of uni for another year like me final year in highschool

  7. 7 Amethyst


    Madry, I’ll update you when I live through my final year at uni;p

  8. 8 Biznscheya


  9. 9 Amethyst

    Ayaaam ra7at;)

  10. 10 haj

    I remember every single picture like it was yesterday!!!

    Miss the good old days .. We had a blast!

  11. 11 Amethyst

    Me too:)


  12. 12 Kaileena

    Aaah Highschool..those days were simply incredible..even though we were in a government school, we had a blast!

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Doesn’t matter what school.. It’s those wild high school days;)

  14. 14 Libitina

    High school rocked.
    Uni is boring, too serious :/ but going out after classes is fun 🙂

  15. 15 Amethyst


    Not as fun as high school;p

  16. 16 N.

    The weird kinda funny kinda cool thing is that there’s always a food picture between every two pictures lol!

  17. 17 Amethyst

    I’m a very food obsessed person;p

    Actually, our whole class was!;)

  18. 18 Purgatory

    Nice to have posts with food pictures, but scary you have saved historical pictures from high school of food!

  19. 19 Amethyst

    LOL! The people in the picture were cropped off;p

  20. 20 Tasneem Abul

    absolutely beauttttifffful 😀 😀 really touching =)
    im a photo freak ;p so i get you here ..yep high school days we have pictures of tissues, a smushed ciggie and a piece of gum…lol the memories behind each one is enormous and perfect 😉

  21. 21 Amethyst

    Yeah, high school memories will never be forgotten.. Sij we had the time of our lives:)

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