Singing in the Rain


Upon her request, ways for Sou‘s husband to send her back to where she came from:

1. Change the locks and leave her things on the doorstep with a note that says: LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU PSYCHOTIC WOMAN!
2. Leave her on her family’s doorstep in a cage with a note that says: Because I was too nice to kill her..
3. Bring over to her parents with her hands tied and duct tape over her mouth saying, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get myself to stab her.”
4. Add glass walls to the house and laugh every time she walks into one.
5. Break her Axis of Evil DVD into a gazillion little pieces purposely but pretend it was an accident.
6. Prevent her from listening to Mika and Savoretti.
7. When introducing her to other people, “This is Sou, my wife.” Then whispers (audible), “She adds coffee to her sugar, that’s why she’s a bit loopy in the head.”
8. Criticize her hair, her shoes, her fashion sense, the stickers on her wallet, her gay friends, and tell her she’s a racist and hypocrite in one breath ON HER BAD DAYS.
9. Insist that she should be on a leash.
10. Force her to sit through opera after opera.

I’m sure there’s loads more ways, but I could only come up with these for this post;p.. AND I LOVE YOU;**

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12 Responses to “Singing in the Rain”

  1. 1 William

    “8. Criticize her hair, her shoes, her fashion sense, the stickers on her wallet, her gay friends, and tell her she’s a racist and hypocrite in one breath ON HER BAD DAYS.”

    No no no! That’s a way to make Sou kill someone, not leave!

  2. 2 Sou


    My poor husband to be, whoever that unfortunate soul will be should totally read this.

    Glass walls, touché ya kalba :p lol

    Break my Axis DVD? WHY WOMAN, WHY?

    NO MIKA AND SAVO?! *gasps in horror*

    I see you’ve been inspired by Aron Kader, “coffee in her sugar.” LOL

    Number 8 made me gasp, like seriously gasp!

    10 made me cringe…gahhhh!! Yes, I’m ill-cultured, leave me the hell alone!

    I see you’ve chosen a picture of me on one of my sane days. lol

  3. 3 Amethyst

    LOL! Doesn’t seem far-fetched at all;)

    My darling!


    He should!

    So you ditch him?


    Yes, yes:)

    LOL! I knew it would!

    I KNOW! ;p

    No, no.. On your VERY sane days. No coffee in your sugar that day at all. Not a grain of sugar;)

  4. 4 Vixen

    LOL all this, and he hasn’t even arrived yet!!

    Nice song btw 😛

  5. 5 3baid

    Set her freeee XD

  6. 6 OpeRon®

    LOL, that’s very interesting .. I loved the post.. I think if anyone did any of these to sou, she would die lew7daha 😛

    P.S. I am one of sou’s gay friends 😛

  7. 7 suspic

    She seems awesome, marrying her seems to be a lucky man’s ticket to heaven. through hell bel dinya and all.

    *realizes he’s in strange lands*


    I keed, I keed!

  8. 8 Cat

    He is lucky to have her I guess 🙂

  9. 9 ..::Amu::..


  10. 10 AnGeL

    LoL i loved the second one lol Sou i love you 🙂

  11. 11 chikapappi

    🙂 LOL

  12. 12 Amethyst

    YES!! We need save him before he arrives;p

    She is free. That’s why she’s also this insane;p

    Wahaha! True;p

    Nice to meet you:)

    Heaven? Yeah, if you live in a cartoonish world;p

    He should be. She’s amazing:)


    Lol! Yeah, I keep reading it and cracking up;p

    That’s Sou! ;D

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