What Say You?


Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
abi asafer
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
lol..where 2..?
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
me 2..
i jst wanna leave hereee

Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
and when i cm bk, i want2c everyone happy and my uncle back in kuwait
7ada BLEKH!

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
that wudnt happen sa7?
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
nothn good ever happens

Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
*insert shocked face*
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
so dnt keep ur hopes up sweets
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
ur so negative!
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
im not..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
im the most optemistic perso ull ever knw
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
i dnt hv my hopes up bs im expecting good2happen always
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
but thats life..
they tell u ina ita a haapy endn fairytalleee..
bs kilaa chithbb
oO always expect good..
that kkeeeps u goin..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
its not a happy ending fairy tale thing
not for everyone
its how u choose to end it

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
bs sometimes u cnt choose wut u want..

Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
u can always choose wut u want
*insert smile*

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
i dnt thnk so..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
if i decide mn il7een ena i want2b happy, i cn easily do that
i just wnt allow upsetting things2get me, ill just look at the positives
for ex, friend has problems and the next day is his/her bday = s/he will appreciate his/her bday fun more bcuz it got his/her mind off things

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
i guess..
bs still..
i dnt believe in th choosing part..
its fucked up..

Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
how so?
didnt u choose2b u?

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
well,, i cnt choose wut i want
not becuz i dnt want 2, but becuz itll hurt 2 many ppl i knw ..
n im not willing 2 take that risk..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
im sorry reemy, but 2hell with ppl..
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
so the thing i want most i cnt have..
2 hell with ppl, not when it comes 2 ur family..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
u hv2think of urself b4 u think of anyone else bcuz if ur not satisfied, u wont be able 2b good 2them
depends on the family part.. depends on wut u want that they dnt want u2hv
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
well, wuteverrr..
at the end of the day we have 2 live the next day..
it dosnt matterrr..

Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
at the end of the day, we have to live the next day how we choose to live it
and it does matter darling! wallah it does! try it n it’ll flip the script..

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
alaa kareem
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
hey! do u mind if i save n post this?
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
hehe good;p
•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
tara walla life is funnyy..
it can be so painful as welll…
oO its tough…
but u knw wut,,
its not that bad..
i mena like,, so much bad happens all the time, but its the little things that keep u going..
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:
ur life is different than mine

•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:
Aїсна [Dad’s Butterfly] says:

I believe that life is what you want it to be. If you expect good, good will come. The bad is just there to create a balance, and eventually, it’ll pass. You get to choose how you live each day. Basically, everything’s in your hands. What do you think?

Have your say..

P.S. Reemy, love you;*


17 Responses to “What Say You?”

  1. 1 chikapappi

    well! People tell me to take a break & come back fresh & positive bas I think nothing will change :/

  2. 2 haj

    it’s hard to always be what you wana be and to do whatever you wana do in the society we live in ..

    it’s just reality i guess

  3. 3 Amethyst

    You thinking that nothing will change eliminates the possibility of anything changing. Even if everything does become better, you will not notice it because you have already nurtured the thought of nothing changing. Take a break and expect coming back to something poshlusty!

    It’s never difficult to be who you want to be, darling. It’s alway difficult to try and repress who you really are and reveal an image you have created for yourself in order to satisfy society. In the society we live in, it’s not hard to be who you really are or do whatever you want to do; it’s hard to make people understand why you are who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

    Reality is never an excuse, it’s a motivation;)

  4. 4 ..::Fast Lane::..

    I totally agree with you, we have to change our life to make it gud..we can always rem the bad but then its just the worse. Positive thinking leads to positive life 🙂

  5. 5 Amethyst

    You can’t really change your life. You have to change yourself, and with time, your life will change. Look at the positive side of the bad, and you will only have good.

  6. 6 suspic

    It’s about conviction, really. If you’re satisfied with your limits and achievements then all will be good, if not, then everything you do won’t be enough.

    elqna3a kanzon la yafna, and all that shit. Think it’s a happy day and it’ll be one, because you’ll see things differently with a happy prespective.

    “المتشاؤم احمق لانه يحرم نفسه من لذه الحياة ، والمتفاؤل بكثرة غافل عن حقيقة الحياة.”

    ..so sometimes you have to give in to reality, and not be naive about it.

    *realizes his post’s long and falsafchi and ends it*

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Creating a balance is important.

    I wonder where you would have gone if you didn’t end it there;p

  8. 8 Purgatory

    butterfly ;p

  9. 9 Amethyst

    Typical Purg, leaves the whole post and comments on the less obvious.

    Dad’s Butterfly, any inquiries? ;p

  10. 10 Purgatory

    Nope, that is what I could get out of the post.

  11. 11 Amethyst

    You amaze me by the post/comment;p

  12. 12 suspic

    I probably would’ve moved on to suggesting a clan-like mass suicide.

  13. 13 Amethyst

    Is that how you moved onto this life?

  14. 14 Purgatory

    Maybe one day you will be amazed by the way I eat ;p

  15. 15 Amethyst

    Lol, as in you stuff your mouth in a strange way or eat a lot?

    If it’s the latter, all good. We’ll amaze each other;p

  16. 16 Cat

    Life is not always fair .. bs it has some positives.

  17. 17 Amethyst

    Nothing is always fair. It’s full of positives;)

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