The Kaifan Duwaniya

First off, a HUGE thank you to my Jam3a Buddies (yes, that’s what I call you guys;p) for being nice to H, from HAJS. We had a lot of fun, no spoilers. Wallah you guys are amazing. 7ada you make jam3a life so much more schezam. I love you all. Ok, not all, but you know whether or not I love you and how much;p.. Hehe, a7ebkuuuuuum;**.. A few shoutouts:
Sou: It was great seeing you today:)
F: Lol, I keep remembering Elmo and laughing;p
K: You can’t play without me;) I kill you:\
FJ: Shake the can;p
M: Elgebaaayel;D
I: You’re my sweetheart;*
D: Thanks for the doughnut ride;*
H: I’m not half;p
A: Don’t steal and eat doughnuts :\
S: Hit H mercilessly with Dana’s stick! You have me as back up. That doesn’t reassure you, does it?;p
For those of you whom I didn’t mention, you simply didn’t come to mind. Oh, and I wonder if my stalker will ever come across this. In case s/he does: STOP FREAKING ME OUT :\
H, I’m glad you enjoyed. 7ayach allah every week;p Hehe, I love you more than all of them;*
J, 7ada 6afich ;\

Now, onto more serious steamy issues. Steamy as in angering, not juicy. Imagine this:
I’m sitting in my linguistic class, and the professor brings up the topic of… Sexist Language! I raise my hand and tell him that we have not really taken all our rights in the English language. Not in my point of view, anyway. So, I trigger a discussion. One girl says that women have taken more than their deserved rights and that men should ask them for their rights since they now have everything they need and more! Grrrr! I raise my hand. I ask her what rights do we have that men don’t have? :@ I’m all angry, and I give her a very threatning look.
I know, I know! I should keep an open mind. I should respect everyone’s opinions. I know! I just can’t in this topic. I feel betrayed! Mn Seji! I don’t mind men attacking women’s rights, etc. I don’t hate men. Male chauvinists piss me off, but not a lot, because I am the female version of them. But women who see themselves as undeserving of equality and inferior to men really offend me. Yes, I feel offended, insulted, shocked, you name it!
As a woman, I feel like it is my duty to respect myself for being a woman. That’s enough reason for me to respect myself. Why see myself as inferior to men, when I can see myself as an equal? Why not ask for what I don’t have? Why not speak in the favor of my gender? I understand that sometimes women can be stupid, but so can men!
Khalas, I’m going to stop. I need to control myself. I don’t need anger management. I won’t cross the line. Deep breaths. I’m actually meditating. I’m looking at a spot on the wall and breathing in and out.
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16 Responses to “The Kaifan Duwaniya”

  1. 1 Speedo

    glad you had fun..

  2. 2 Amethyst

    Thank you.

  3. 3 Sou

    Yay! I loved the donughts! Can you bring some more tomorrow? PLEASE??? 😀

    Your friend H is really nice, bring her more often!

    Yalla, gtg read the poems for class tomorrow; see you in the morning!


  4. 4 Amethyst

    Hehe, 3alaich bel3afya 7bbti;* I can’t bring tomorrow because we have class at 8am. 7aram I wake the maids up at 5 to fry them.

    I’ll make sure she reads that;)

    Good luck!

  5. 5 chikapappi

    ahhhh Linguistics!! memories at the lab.. I wonder, does Dr. Helmi still teach there?!

  6. 6 N.

    3alekom bel 3afiya!

    Personally, I like waitresses (:p) and stewardesses are lovely human beings! Oh, and Policemen are cool too!

    Did I completely violate you there? :p I’m kidding, don’t get so burned up about it. Language will correct itself in time, it always happens! These things take a very long time. Chauvinists, men and women alike will always exist..

    I say, enjoy the sunlight, and your fruit cocktail ;P

  7. 7 Amethyst

    No, not that I now of.

    Allah y3afeek!

    Hehe, you mean police officers. Where’s your sense of equality?;p

    I can’t not get burned up, it’s in my blood.

    I’m enjoying the sun, breeze, and my pina colada:)

  8. 8 arch96madi

    omg! i had sooo much fun that day!!! 7adi i enjoyed meeting all ur friends!!! i lov them too!!! ma tiwa8a3t fee a7ad nafna ib ku!! hehe
    ya7lailhom! 7adhom iwansoon… i will soooooo come more often! kilma insawee pinup ra7 ayeen 3indikom:p,, hehe
    LUV U DIWANIYAT KAIFAAAAAANNN!!! ur my new jam3a frnds:*

  9. 9 Cat

    3alykom bel 3afya

  10. 10 Amethyst

    7ayach allah;D

    Hehe, wanasa.. I’m glad you like them because I love them! Yeah, ana ba3ad I didn’t think ako nafsna b KU.

    Luv u;*

    Allah y3afeech:)

  11. 11 Soud

    الله يديم المحبه بينكم

  12. 12 Amethyst


    Btw, I’m reading The Secret now, and next is The Witch of Portobello.

  13. 13 Soud

    I can’t wait till u finish the secret and start reading Witch of Portobello; I have the DVD for the secret 🙂

    I’m reading now
    الشخصية المحمدية

  14. 14 Amethyst

    I try to read Arabic books. I feel guilty. I don’t feel like I grasp everything like I do when I read English books. Next Arabic book I’m reading is the latest for Dr. Ahmad ElKhateeb.

    I can’t wait either. Is the DVD good?

  15. 15 Soud

    Yes good, I only watched the DVD and didn’t read the book

  16. 16 Amethyst

    The book is always better:)

    On a different note, nabi post ydeed on your blog;p

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