Strange World


So, the other day I was sitting in a gathering which included my aunties, their cousins, and family friends. I was half-listening. I wasn’t interested in other people’s crap. I’m a woman. I love gossip, but only when it’s about someone who directly affects my life. My mom nudged me, so I listened.
They were talking about this lady (I know her personally). She’s one of those very social, always kashkha, always in heels even if they make her wobble ladies. Anyway, her son divorced his wife a couple of years ago. He has a few kids. I can’t remember how many. Their mother doesn’t want them around. He fell for this girl. The girl is known to be a witch (replace the “w” with a “b”). His mom kept asking him whether or not he was involved with her because she heard rumors. Nosy ladies were telling her that it was true. Her son denied everything. A couple of months later, he married the girl. His mother disowned him. No inheritance. Nothing. I can see why it would be interesting to some people, but I wasn’t interested because I don’t give two shits what happens with them. The guy isn’t my cousin. The girl isn’t my friend. The lady is just there. The ladies at the gathering get a first hand account of the story from the lady.
The ladies at the gathering were gasping and exclaiming on how guilty and shameful the son must be for embarrassing his mother? WTF?! The lady brought the embarrassment to herself! I mean, she could’ve minimized the effect of the story by at least ten times. She could have ignored the rumors and pretend that she wasn’t bothered by them. She could have kept the confrontations she had with her son private. She could have pretended to be okay with her son marrying that girl. The disowning and all that could have stayed private. Why did this lady have to go and tell and retell the story to all her friends? Why did she have to tell everyone about disowning her son? I say it’s all her fault. She brought all the attention to herself. She encouraged people to talk about this sad story. Her son married a girl he loves. Try and accept it instead of showing the public how negative it is! Shame on you, lady. Shame.
I said all of this to my mom. She didn’t completely agree. I asked her why she nudged me. Why did she want me to listen to the story? She said it was so I would understand that the world is strange. Yes, but the question is: Could get any stranger? A lady is advertising the shame of her family for people to discuss. Could it get any stranger? This just doesn’t make sense to me.

10 Responses to “Strange World”

  1. 1 Amu

    Ahh there are alot of other out there advertising there families on the tables of other houses..with no shame on them. I wonder where are we going to end up one day..

  2. 2 Soud

    الغلطه غلطه امه من البدايه

  3. 3 Amethyst

    We’re going to end up as a discussion on someone’s dining table;p

    I totally agree:)

  4. 4 Blue Dress

    Lol seems you are interested in the story after all, not completely though….

    Why is it shame?
    they are mere facts, I don’t think they are shameful.

    Gossip is a bitch walla!
    wai3 its disgusting… if you have nothing to say to the person sitting in front of you just simply stay quite mo lazim yetkalmoon 3al nas. plus the fact that the mother talked about it doesn’t give the listeners the right to spread the story for gossip purposes…

    Hmmm did I go over bored hell sorry
    It’s just sad.

    Good thing that you don’t listen, keep it up; p

  5. 5 Amethyst

    Hehe, I wasn’t interested when they started talking. I got interested when my mom nudged me:)

    It’s a shame she’s encouraging people to talk about her son in a negative way! Why would she want people to know her problems with her son a9lan?

    I do listen when it’s someone I like. *covers face in shame*

  6. 6 arch96madi

    ya3ni il mom 6al3a feeha 6al3a! tabi itbayin inha mo ra’6ya bil ‘3la6 ili wildha ga3d itsawee… ma tadri ina bil msayas oo il tarbiya il 9a7 she can get wutever she wants without being 3ilch bi7looj il nas!!!! hathi moshkilat il awadim… they r so closeminded…. mo in a deen way,, in a way ina may3arfoon shloon ita3amiloon ib a7san 6aree8a mawjooda ma3a il moshkila ili ga3d iwajhoonha!!!! dayman 3abalhom il hwash oo il hay9a ihya il 7al i wa7id… ppl r so stupid….
    p.s. i think gossip is fun eventhough its abt ppl i dnt know,,, cuz gossip only comes from stupid moves other ppl do, and if u r stupid enough to do a move that is … stupid… then u deserve to be gossiped about:p
    luv u CHAJS:*

  7. 7 haj

    There is one thing I am sure of, HATING GOSSIP! I am sure 99% of the time gossip is not true. My dilemma has been, what to do when I hear gossip that will ruin a person reputation. I wonder if I should let the person know that gossip is going around about them. Then I wonder if it could be true. SO, I decided to keep my mouth shut until I find out what is true. Then I will keep a humble attitude about it. I am not in control and I should not judge. That is for God to do.
    HAJS+C OUT! ;p

  8. 8 Anonymous

    You don’t write like an 18 y/o. Great blog.

  9. 9 Soud

    Hmmm, I’m the only person who writes Arabic 🙂

    It’s his mother fault from beginning

    If he wants to marry some girl its up to him, why she makes problems to both so he will divorce her?

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Maynoona the mom. She exposed a negative image of her family;\

    Stupid? Sometimes it’s just a mistake. 7aram, no one deserves to be gossiped about.

    Always keep your mouth shut. Unless you’re warning people;p

    Thank you very much:)

    اكتب باللغة اللي تعجبك

    نعم، الغلطة غلطة الأم.. لو هي ساكته و متقبلة الوضع جان ما صارت الفضايح اللي مالها داعي:)

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